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Item ID up Summary Status Assigned to Submitted on
 #56469 Misleading move display None None 2019-06-09
 #54940 play whitout gammon / backgammon None None 2018-11-02
 #54359 Cash offer to fix fullscreen (F11) bug None None 2018-07-23
 #54320 How to explicitly import gnubg modules? None None 2018-07-16
 #54148 How to display dice after Python's gnubg.navigate command? None None 2018-06-19
 #53976 Could a Python script advance the display to the next comment entry? None None 2018-05-25
 #53533 GnuBug Freezes on OS X High Sierra 10.13.3 None None 2018-03-31
 #51449 Simplify Tutor UI when the Hint feature is used None None 2017-07-12
 #51126 Crash After Analyze and starting a new game None None 2017-05-27
 #51119 The hint window does not appear. None None 2017-05-26
 #50964 Error box occurs at every start None None 2017-05-07
 #50150 3D board still not working with Core M processors None None 2017-01-25
 #50131 Gnubg crashes/freezes on Mac OS X 10.12.2 with Xquartz None None 2017-01-24
 #49638 crashes unpredictably after game has started None None 2016-11-17
 #49142 GNU UI unresponsive for a second after each click None None 2016-09-20
 #47204 Workaround to Windows 10 update problem (new windows open under existing ones) None None 2016-02-19
 #46965 Crash when asking GNU to perform Analysis when Cube decision pending None None 2016-01-25
 #46604 Using larger fonts on Windows machines (including Windows 10) None None 2015-12-04
 #45814 Play automatically when moves are forced but doubling is technically still an option None None 2015-08-24
 #45618 resign (normal) isn't accepted when it should be Confirmed None 2015-07-24
 #45245 with OS X Yosemite, minimizing/unminimizing the gnubg window hangs the UI None None 2015-06-02
 #44758 gnubg links against cairo, pango, freetype, libpng and canberra even if configured with --without-gtk None None 2015-04-07
 #44652 Program crashes when saving None None 2015-03-27
 #44256 In Edit mode, when changing the doubling cube back to 64, the edited position is reset/lost None None 2015-02-15
 #44038 Hard to go to the next game (during a match) after reviewed the game we just finished None None 2015-01-18
 #43621 Create faster shortcuts for basic play None None 2014-11-15
 #43060 Show ranking of a play made when reviewing a session None None 2014-08-24
 #42919 Request: Auto analyse, auto display , auto add to db & auto save option toggles None None 2014-08-05
 #42786 Failure to import .mat files containing a specific type of legal move None None 2014-07-16
 #42518 display glitch None None 2014-06-06
 #42174 Assenza di suono e perdita di velocit√†/No sound and speed loss Need Info None 2014-04-23
 #41877 Handle Windows 7's medium to large text settings None None 2014-03-16
 #41232 GNU GUI often opens blank when double clicked Confirmed mdpetch 2014-01-14
 #41164 Simplifying the review of saved sessions None None 2014-01-09
 #40928 Board Area Not Refreshing None None 2013-12-16
 #40758 After File|Open Commands, the file chooser window remains displayed None None 2013-11-30
 #40476 If checker error occurs when you also failed to cube, no dice are shown and Show is disabled None None 2013-11-04
 #40475 Saved cube decision position is flipped after deeper evaluation and save Need Info None 2013-11-04
 #40474 Screen resized incorrectly after exiting full-screen mode None None 2013-11-04
 #40399 Odd anomaly in gammon chances None None 2013-10-28
 #40340 The File|Match information command fails if the "comments" field is large None None 2013-10-21
 #39812 Port usage of gethostbyname() to getaddrinfo() In Progress mdpetch 2013-08-19
 #39756 the gui from gnubg-release-1_02_000-20130728 can not start on my surface pro None None 2013-08-11
 #39544 3D board lighting bugs None None 2013-07-21
 #38946 GNU Backgammon does not save settings None mdpetch 2013-05-09
 #37783 3D screen background imposes itself on game board at odd angles None None 2012-11-20
 #37729 GNUBG appears to get stuck thinking, closing can produce an error or freeze Confirmed None 2012-11-13
 #37439 Bug: Refused resign gives a free dice roll Confirmed None 2012-09-24
 #37217 Rollout output should include JSD of plays and why rollout stopped None None 2012-08-28

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