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 #40275 Inconsistent glyph names of russian characters Fix posted Stevan_White 2013-10-15
 #50848 "'blws' local forms in Devanagari for Sanskrit-klrp" Fix posted Stevan_White 2017-04-21
 #51007 "'blws' subscript cons on ra via ZWJ in Kannada" is never applied Fix posted Stevan_White 2017-05-11
 #50569 'c2sc' applies to U+04E1, a lowercase letter Fix posted Stevan_White 2017-03-17
 #51064 'c2sc' converts some capitals to lowercase, not small caps Fix posted Stevan_White 2017-05-18
 #47634 /sfd/Makefile error Need info Stevan_White 2016-04-07
 #46838 A few characters to complete two ranges Need info Stevan_White 2016-01-07
 #46157 A kerning glitch for Serbian glyph for CYRILLIC BE Fix posted Stevan_White 2015-10-08
 #52143 Add 'BASE' table Postponed Stevan_White 2017-09-29
 #44120 Add Cambrian sign Fix posted Stevan_White 2015-01-29
 #36462 add Limbu range Postponed Stevan_White 2012-05-13
 #35176 Add missing circled letters and numbers Fix posted Stevan_White 2011-12-26
 #35129 Add missing latin capital letter sharp s in FreeMono Fix posted Stevan_White 2011-12-20
 #35128 Add white forwing, smiling face and CCCP-sign to FreeSans Fix posted Stevan_White 2011-12-20
 #46552 Alternate shape for Russian Ya Need info Stevan_White 2015-11-27
 #46144 Alternate shape of ĸra and kappa Proceeding Stevan_White 2015-10-07
 #46508 Alternate shapes for Pinyin Need info Stevan_White 2015-11-24
 #38802 Alternative glyphs in Greek Fix posted Stevan_White 2013-04-22
 #42399 Alternative shape for capital Q Won't fix Stevan_White 2014-05-21
 #44677 Alternative shape for TZ-Ligatur Works for me Stevan_White 2015-03-31
 #50798 Anchor points for phonetic characters in FreeSerif Postponed Stevan_White 2017-04-13
 #50981 Arabic combining arrowheads are too low Fix posted Stevan_White 2017-05-09
 #50984 Arabic combining marks U+06DF, U+06E0, and U+06E1 Fix posted Stevan_White 2017-05-09
 #48994 Arabic kaf lacks positional forms Fix posted Stevan_White 2016-09-03
 #53954 Arabic lam-alef ligature and diacritics Fixed Stevan_White 2018-05-21
 #36267 Arabic letter 'heh' should have shape depending on language Postponed Stevan_White 2012-04-21
 #36339 Arabic letter sheen initial form Need info Stevan_White 2012-04-29
 #39918 Arabic ligature middle YEH+REH-like letters Proceeding Stevan_White 2013-09-01
 #39110 Arabic ligatures misbehave in different browsers Fix posted Stevan_White 2013-05-28
 #49370 Arabic localized forms Postponed Stevan_White 2016-10-17
 #48546 Arabic U+06BD dots: too many and positioned wrong Fix posted Stevan_White 2016-07-17
 #46249 Armenian kerning Fix posted Stevan_White 2015-10-19
 #49063 Asymmetrical U+237D SHOULDERED OPEN BOX Fix posted Stevan_White 2016-09-11
 #50681 Backwards slash on U+220C DOES NOT CONTAIN AS MEMBER Fix posted Stevan_White 2017-03-30
 #59580 Bad Hebrew Niqqud support Need info Stevan_White 2020-11-30
 #39853 Bad placement of diacritics on Greek Extended Range Fix posted Stevan_White 2013-08-22
 #44480 Bàng-uâ-cê letter issue Fix posted Stevan_White 2015-03-08
 #52384 Below-base U+0D33 looks like U+0D32 Fix posted Stevan_White 2017-11-10
 #51799 Bengali in serif oblique: lacks positioning anchors for phala forms Fix posted Stevan_White 2017-08-20
 #35782 Bengali in Serif: glyphs very rough, uneven weight Postponed Stevan_White 2012-03-10
 #54997 Bengali incorrect ligatures Proceeding Stevan_White 2018-11-09
 #54911 Bengali top lines misaligned at some font sizes Fix posted Stevan_White 2018-10-29
 #51810 Bengla: phala form problems Fix posted Stevan_White 2017-08-21
 #51811 Bitcoin currency symbol Fix posted Stevan_White 2017-08-21
 #51607 Blank feature tags Fix posted Stevan_White 2017-07-28
 #49484 Blank glyphs Fix posted Stevan_White 2016-10-30
 #49500 bold lowercase 'i' looks uppercase 'I' Non-bug Stevan_White 2016-11-01
 #47809 Braille is completely unreadable Fix posted Stevan_White 2016-04-30
 #52564 Broken musical ornaments in FreeSerif Fix posted Stevan_White 2017-11-30
 #39815 Capital letter YPSILON shape incorrect Fix posted Stevan_White 2013-08-19

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