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#36767 Top horizontal line missing of Tifinagh letter YAZH (2D4A) Fix posted daniel_j 2012-07-03
#37628 Tifinagh: a couple of new characters were added to standard Fix posted daniel_j 2012-10-24
#51850 Insular letter issues 2017-08-25
#62737 U+230A and U+230B (LEFT/RIGHT FLOOR) are reversed 2022-07-10
#63298 Wrong glyph for U+0616 ARABIC SMALL HIGH LIGATURE ALEF WITH LAM 2022-10-31
#64095 Dot over Cyrillic i, j (U+0456, U+0458) should be removed in accented context just like with Latin i, j 2023-04-23
#64096 æ is almost indistinguishable from œ in FreeSerif Italic 2023-04-23
#64097 U+A7B7 LATIN SMALL LETTER OMEGA ꞷ lacks diacritic anchors 2023-04-23
#64098 U+03B9, U+03C5 greek ι, υ lack common lower diacritic anchor 2023-04-23
#64099 Greek combining accents lack abovemk mark anchor 2023-04-23
#64132 U+0486 U+0301 and U+0486 U+0300 should render side-by-side 2023-05-01
#64157 U+1FE4 ῤ U+1FE5 ῥ are missing base glyph in FreeSerif Bold Italic 2023-05-06
#64520 When will the next release be available? 2023-08-07
#22310 Tamil glyphs high above baseline, and too big, in FreeSerif Postponed Stevan_White 2008-02-13
#22829 when forming a square with '|' characters the square is not fully closed Proceeding Stevan_White 2008-04-04
#23055 Sans: Bengali glyphs lighter than rest of font Postponed Stevan_White 2008-04-26
#23056 Sans: style of script and black-letter glyphs Fix posted Stevan_White 2008-04-26
#23059 Sans: Gurmukhi letters lighter than rest of font Postponed Stevan_White 2008-04-26
#23064 Mono: extensible parenthesis symbols weight/terminators Proceeding Stevan_White 2008-04-26
#23575 Ethiopic incorrectly slanted Need info Stevan_White 2008-06-14
#23578 Thaana glyph stroke terminator design Confirmed Stevan_White 2008-06-14
#23580 Letterlike characters: design Fix posted Stevan_White 2008-06-14
#26532 Hebrew vowel-above marks Fix posted Stevan_White 2009-05-11
#26801 Musical Symbols: combining articulations in text Proceeding Stevan_White 2009-06-14
#26803 Musical Symbols: Begin/End Beam, Phrase, Slur, Tie Need info Stevan_White 2009-06-14
#26804 Musical Symbols: font feature lookups by script Need info Stevan_White 2009-06-14
#32220 Some printers print ugly some accented characters Proceeding Stevan_White 2011-01-23
#32573 Combining Diacritical Marks Supplement Proceeding Stevan_White 2011-02-23
#33984 Ethiopic syllables and punctuation missing Postponed Stevan_White 2011-08-11
#34009 Ethiopic glyph quality could be improved Postponed Stevan_White 2011-08-13
#34537 Serbian Localized Glyphs Fix posted Stevan_White 2011-10-12
#35128 Add white forwing, smiling face and CCCP-sign to FreeSans Fix posted Stevan_White 2011-12-20
#35129 Add missing latin capital letter sharp s in FreeMono Fix posted Stevan_White 2011-12-20
#35130 Extend support for math operators in FreeSans Fix posted Stevan_White 2011-12-20
#35176 Add missing circled letters and numbers Fix posted Stevan_White 2011-12-26
#35225 Combining Diacritical Marks improperly positioned for Cyrillic capital letters Proceeding Stevan_White 2012-01-03
#35782 Bengali in Serif: glyphs very rough, uneven weight Postponed Stevan_White 2012-03-10
#36115 Various little problems with Arabic/Persian glyphs Fix posted Stevan_White 2012-04-06
#36189 discrepancy in different forms of ک and گ Fix posted Stevan_White 2012-04-15
#36267 Arabic letter 'heh' should have shape depending on language Postponed Stevan_White 2012-04-21
#36339 Arabic letter sheen initial form Need info Stevan_White 2012-04-29
#36440 Ligature of अ and virâma in Devanagari Need info Stevan_White 2012-05-09
#36462 add Limbu range Postponed Stevan_White 2012-05-13
#36501 Devanagari: add italic versions Postponed Stevan_White 2012-05-19
#36754 Feature request: provide Arabic range in FreeSans Postponed Stevan_White 2012-06-30
#37060 Monospaced font source SFD files have glyphs with zero width Non-bug Stevan_White 2012-08-09
#37138 Devanagari: some substitutions don't work in Windows Fixed Stevan_White 2012-08-18
#37169 Dochashmee he not connected correctly in Urdu Confirmed Stevan_White 2012-08-22
#37304 Sanskrit in Serif: incorrect substitution of rakh for some conjuncts Fix posted Stevan_White 2012-09-09
#37305 Implement more Sanskrit conjuncts in Sans Proceeding Stevan_White 2012-09-09

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