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Item ID up Summary Status Assigned to Submitted
#43683 Cell array on interpreter screen 2014-11-24
#43585 rectangle wrong axis calculation Confirmed 2014-11-12
#43552 linewidth and markersize reduced when printing compared to the gnuplot window Confirmed 2014-11-06
#43536 history_ignore: add a function to omit a set of commands from history Postponed 2014-11-05
#43418 interp2(X,Y,Z,iX,iZ,"spline") fails when iX,iZ are matrices Confirmed 2014-10-14
#43218 [octave forge] (image) imshear causes more signal spread than expected and inconsistent vertical offset 2014-09-13
#43215 save function handle variables in MATLAB's binary data format Confirmed 2014-09-12
#43099 Missing support for international characters in the GUI console in Windows 7 2014-08-28
#43058 GUI workspace panel truncates the string representation of variable value Confirmed 2014-08-23
#43030 Unable to set max iterations for QP subproblem of SQP solver Patch Submitted 2014-08-19
#42993 Octave's Java does not load Service-Provider-Interface classes Postponed 2014-08-15
#42975 [octave forge] (nan) corrcoef function inaccurate 2014-08-13
#42883 Various issues relating to the lack of re-compilation of .m files changed during script execution Need Info 2014-07-31
#42773 Operator Overloading of built-in classes not working as expected Postponed 2014-07-15
#42766 incorrect color patches for countourf with NaNs in data Confirmed 2014-07-14
#42710 fieldnames() fails for classnames in java dynamic classpath Confirmed 2014-07-08
#42701 java toString method returns char instead of java.lang.String Confirmed 2014-07-07
#42700 arrayfun is unable to handle java array Confirmed 2014-07-07
#42628 [octave forge] (bim) test failure in bim2a_axisymmetric_advection_diffusion cdf 2014-06-26
#42603 GUI: allow opening an m-file in the editor of a running instance Confirmed 2014-06-23
#42584 Save command history at crash Confirmed 2014-06-19
#42582 some TeX symbols don't work on-screen (fltk) Postponed 2014-06-18
#42575 gnuplot error on "demo pie3" Confirmed 2014-06-17
#42561 gnuplot colors incorrect for 'demo trimesh' Confirmed 2014-06-15
#42559 Whitespace before struct selection operator should be ignored Confirmed 2014-06-15
#42557 rand seed for twister algorithm differs from Matlab Confirmed 2014-06-15
#42543 transparent surface using facealpha is not working Confirmed 2014-06-11
#42530 Octave does NOT load any HDF5 file, just those created by Octave itself (and Matlab?) Ready For Test 2014-06-10
#42467 [octave forge] (signal) besself doesn't support band-pass or stop-band filters Postponed 2014-05-30
#42429 @ftp/dir crashes Octave Confirmed 2014-05-26
#42426 Ftp mget with directory arg gets error message and does not download directory contents Confirmed 2014-05-26
#42425 find fails with OOM on large diagonal matrices 2014-05-25
#42352 pkg install fails if --disable-docs is given at build time Confirmed 2014-05-14
#42348 lsode modifies the state contained in global or persistent variables 2014-05-13
#42316 "shading interp" does not work with gnuplot Confirmed 2014-05-08
#42242 Octave does not always execute most recently saved file in an NFS directory Need Info 2014-04-30
#42152 Overloaded vercat() not called in some other cases Confirmed 2014-04-20
#42149 documentation of integer variable types Need Info 2014-04-20
#42112 Unable to load Java objects from MAT file 2014-04-14
#42053 [octave forge] (dataframe) Differrent package-global and per-file licenses Confirmed 2014-04-05
#41992 inputname fails for arguments stemming from a list Confirmed 2014-03-28
#41942 pkg: note about news for new release is only printed for last package being installed 2014-03-24
#41896 GUI does not exit while the pager "less" is active Confirmed 2014-03-18
#41845 debug_on_error(id) and debug_on_warning(id) 2014-03-12
#41844 GUI Debug Menu could offer "Stop If..." Postponed 2014-03-12
#41842 linux GUI Command Window should show horizontal scroll bar if necessary Confirmed 2014-03-12
#41841 [octave forge] (generate_html) docs "see also" could offer HTML links Confirmed 2014-03-12
#41798 GUI Command Window should scroll contents upon mouse selection hitting bottom or top limits Confirmed 2014-03-06
#41796 Generalize sub2ind and ind2sub or provide specialized functions In Progress 2014-03-06
#41794 [octave forge] (fuzzy-logic) renamed function not propagated to code 2014-03-06

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