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Item ID up Summary Status Assigned to Submitted on
 #9756 [octave forge](mapping) utmzone None None 2019-02-07
 #9746 wmemory.m - check memory usage of process(es) on Windows None None 2019-01-17
 #9743 [octave forge] (statistics) silhouette function None None 2019-01-08
 #9740 Fix logs and messages for pcr and qmr None None 2019-01-02
 #9730 [octave forge] (image) new function imfuse None None 2018-12-03
 #9729 [octave forge] (image) rgb2xyz conversion with adapted whitepoint In Progress None 2018-11-29
 #9725 (fuzzy-logic-toolkit) Simplifying defuzz funcitonality None None 2018-11-16
 #9717 [octave forge] (image) new function imapplymatrix None None 2018-11-09
 #9711 ncx2pdf implement by formula None None 2018-10-30
 #9703 [octave forge] (geometry) wavefront OBJ I/O functions None None 2018-10-12
 #9702 [octave forge] (geometry) wavefront OBJ I/O functions In Progress juanpi 2018-10-12
 #9701 rewrite validateattributes and validatestring in c++ None None 2018-10-12
 #9698 [octave forge] (signal) new function vco In Progress None 2018-10-10
 #9693 [octave forge] (signal) sos2ss: new function Postponed mtmiller 2018-09-25
 #9691 Modular Inverse Matrices using the Gauss-Jacques Method None None 2018-09-18
 #9682 maxdrawdown function for the financial package None None 2018-08-25
 #9679 control package : additional frequency points to make bode and nyquist plots smoother None None 2018-08-18
 #9669 bloc preconditionned conjugate gradient None None 2018-07-11
 #9662 Added print and print preview functions (qt print functionality) to the figure window None None 2018-06-23
 #9646 linear-algebra 2.2.3 None None 2018-06-01
 #9633 Add test for correct exit status behaviour None None 2018-05-08
 #9632 cprintf (colored printf) None None 2018-05-06
 #9631 benchmark2 None None 2018-05-05
 #9622 [octave forge] (communications): update to DPCM encoding function None None 2018-04-24
 #9606 [Octave-forge] (image) New function integralImage None carandraug 2018-03-22
 #9603 [Octave Forge] (Image) New functions: xyz2double.m, xyz2single.m, xyz2uint16.m None None 2018-03-18
 #9602 [octave forge] (image) multithresh None None 2018-03-16
 #9600 [Octave Forge] (Image) New functions: lin2rgb.m and lrgb2lin.m None None 2018-03-15
 #9593 [Octave Forge] (Image) New function demosaic.m from bug #50708 None None 2018-03-13
 #9544 matlab compatible data files None None 2018-01-17
 #9540 image package - matlab compatible data files None None 2018-01-15
 #9526 [octave forge] (nnet, unmaintained): mapminmax equivalent implementation for GNU Octave Need Info None 2017-12-27
 #9509 Image package: simple implementation of roipoly function None None 2017-12-02
 #9464 texinfo errors/warnings will set status flag None None 2017-10-14
 #9432 [octave-forge] (gsl) Add function gsl_ran_landau_pdf Need Info None 2017-08-09
 #9415 Streamline hermitian transpose routine of for efficiency None None 2017-07-23
 #9410 general autoconf macro for alternative symbols in Octave None None 2017-07-17
 #9409 [octave forge] (signal) modulate: new function, partial implementation Postponed None 2017-07-16
 #9310 rotx, roty, and rotz implementations for geometry vector rotation None None 2017-04-11
 #9303 __makeinfo__ keeps temp file when makeinfo printed to stderr None None 2017-03-27
 #9282 add minres for sparse linear systems None None 2017-03-08
 #9280 Data cursor for Octave 4.0.x and 4.2.x None None 2017-03-06
 #9276 decide between array slice references and copies based on size None None 2017-03-02
 #9265 [octave forge] (signal) isstable: new function Need Info mtmiller 2017-02-19
 #9231 nnet: update newff to support Matlab 2007 interface None None 2017-01-22
 #9230 add house pricing data from the UCI Machine Learning Repository None None 2017-01-22
 #9229 check for data files ending with .txt in find_file_to_load(...) None None 2017-01-22
 #9220 runtests: add return values, always test classes, improve formatting None None 2017-01-11
 #9199 [octave forge] (signal) statelevels: new function Need Info mtmiller 2016-12-28

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