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Item ID up Summary Status Assigned to Submitted on
 #55746 interpreter fails to instantiate classdef with classdef properties None None 12:00
 #55742 fminsearch does not pass extra arguments to objective function, undocumented old Matlab behavior Confirmed None 04:21
 #55741 build with '-Woverloaded-virtual' emits many warnings indicating problems None None 03:10
 #55737 'whos a.b' gives nothing None None 2019-02-19
 #55736 Segfault when copying source file text to clipboard in octave-gui Ready For Test None 2019-02-18
 #55735 QGLWidget not detected, so Qt graphics toolkit is not compiled None None 2019-02-18
 #55730 Fault handling by Octave GUI Need Info None 2019-02-17
 #55729 Preview button on the Wiki should not need a reverse Turing test Need Info siko1056 2019-02-17
 #55728 Crash when calling script from Command Window while same Script is "stopped" after encountering breakpoint in Editor Ready For Test None 2019-02-17
 #55727 Feature request: add GEJSV as an additional svd_drivers None None 2019-02-16
 #55724 [MXE Octave] Ghostscript fails to compile for native GNU/Linux None None 2019-02-16
 #55723 Printing to .eps doesn't work with option -tight Need Info None 2019-02-16
 #55722 dashed line is printed as solid with "-dtikz" driver Need Info None 2019-02-16
 #55717 allow installation of a +pkg name resolution hook for arbitrary lookup None None 2019-02-15
 #55714 [octave forge] (signal) pmtm not implemented Confirmed None 2019-02-15
 #55707 graphics backend takes long when plotting many lines Confirmed None 2019-02-13
 #55705 Octave opens after a complete system hang of 2 minutes in Mac OS Mojave Need Info None 2019-02-13
 #55704 Position widgets dragged out of the main window at mouse location None None 2019-02-13
 #55699 plot markers should not scale linearly as it causes deformations when size crosses odd/even pixel numbers Confirmed None 2019-02-11
 #55689 Wrong display in console of characters as é, ö None None 2019-02-10
 #55684 Legend not displayed over plot (background is transparent, not opaque) [gnuplot] Confirmed None 2019-02-09
 #55682 round(X,N) and round(X,N,type) Confirmed None 2019-02-09
 #55669 Drag to rearrange docked panels like Command Window no longer works None None 2019-02-07
 #55668 Variable Editor cannot delete certain rows and columns in struct classes Confirmed None 2019-02-07
 #55667 Conflict between package namespace and function name None None 2019-02-07
 #55659 s_idx output of ismember uses last occurrence when there are duplicates, Matlab uses first Confirmed None 2019-02-06
 #55649 [MXE Octave] printing problems with using Intel opengl driver None None 2019-02-05
 #55647 crash, hang, error or corrupted output when printing some demos to EPS Confirmed None 2019-02-05
 #55646 image package 2.10.0 install fails on Windows (octave v4.4.1 and later) None None 2019-02-05
 #55643 nproc reports fewer available cores on OpenSUSE (via sched_setaffinity) Works For Me None 2019-02-04
 #55642 isosurface is slow Confirmed None 2019-02-04
 #55641 mxe-octave: build error of-general w. Octave-6.0.0 None None 2019-02-04
 #55640 Feature Request: Adjust tick locations and labels based on text extents and size of axes Confirmed None 2019-02-04
 #55623 Path management in the GUI None None 2019-02-01
 #55622 for loop does not run over a matrix with colums but no row Patch Submitted None 2019-02-01
 #55615 [octave forge] (control) conjugation function computes wrong results for tf models None None 2019-01-31
 #55610 eval (code) when code could be parsed as a command None jwe 2019-01-30
 #55584 "There is no disk in the drive. " error message displayed after returning from sleep in Windows 8.1 x64 Need Info None 2019-01-26
 #55582 plot does appear on qt graphics_toolkit with X-client and X-Sever Works For Me None 2019-01-26
 #55570 quiver3 gives error for 4-input form of function Confirmed None 2019-01-25
 #55564 GESDD: vastly different singular values when vectors are also requested Confirmed None 2019-01-24
 #55562 Spacing of title text to upper boundary of plot canvas is too small Confirmed None 2019-01-24
 #55547 libstdc++ assertion failure when built with -D_GLIBCXX_ASSERTIONS=1 Confirmed None 2019-01-23
 #55538 logspace BIST tests fail when Octave built with LLVM libc++ Confirmed None 2019-01-21
 #55530 audiorecorder default settings incorrect None None 2019-01-20
 #55523 segfault when default argument of anonymous/nested function is the same name as argument Confirmed None 2019-01-20
 #55522 Add failure summary to __run_test_suite__ output? None None 2019-01-20
 #55521 [octave forge] (image) Unit tests for bwpack and bwunpack fail on big endian architectures None None 2019-01-19
 #55509 pkg load: automatically register QHelp files with doc browser Need Info None 2019-01-18
 #55503 Translation for appdata info None None 2019-01-17

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