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Item ID up Summary Status Assigned to Submitted on
 #53984 pkg update - Unable to continue updating when a package error is found None None 10:30
 #53983 Ctrl+S not working None None 06:43
 #53980 Interactive zoom on plotyy has multiple errors (at least with qt) None None 2018-05-25
 #53979 convhull(pts) and convhull(X,Y,Z) should work None None 2018-05-25
 #53974 Icons in File Browser don't always show None None 2018-05-24
 #53963 [octave forge] (lssa) Unit test in fastlscomplex is failing None None 2018-05-23
 #53958 'light' function not working for patch objects Confirmed None 2018-05-21
 #53956 Delete function incorrectly called twice for subclass Postponed None 2018-05-21
 #53955 In Matlab first argument to axes function can be a container for the axes, e.g. a figure handle Confirmed None 2018-05-21
 #53953 CTRL+C is not passed to working script environment None None 2018-05-21
 #53943 memory usage explodes on a javaMethod call Works For Me None 2018-05-19
 #53942 vectorize delaunayn for dimensions 3 and higher None None 2018-05-19
 #53939 missing "ColorScale" property Confirmed None 2018-05-18
 #53938 windows octave doesnt wait for to --eval statements to complete None None 2018-05-18
 #53927 [octave forge] (image-acquisition) Spelling errors in DESCRIPTION and src/__v4l2_handler__.cc Patch Submitted None 2018-05-17
 #53924 ismember error with mixed numeric and char arrays inputs None None 2018-05-16
 #53922 unsetenv does not unset environment variables on Windows Confirmed None 2018-05-16
 #53920 mkoctfile tries to link with /scratch/build/.../libiconv.dll.a Confirmed None 2018-05-16
 #53916 Document the TZ environment variable None None 2018-05-15
 #53914 textread / strread incorrectly reads string Confirmed None 2018-05-15
 #53913 Timestamps in the file browser are not updated Confirmed None 2018-05-15
 #53911 default implementation of 'eq' for handle classes Need Info None 2018-05-15
 #53910 Documentation of Leap Seconds None None 2018-05-15
 #53909 localtime() does not access TZ on windows None None 2018-05-15
 #53908 Omissions in Documentation of tm_struct None None 2018-05-15
 #53906 Cannot make an object array with square brackets Need Info None 2018-05-15
 #53902 Reduce whitespace in Editor (undocked) None None 2018-05-14
 #53899 [octave forge] (io) Octave crashes when writing large dbf files with dbfwrite Ready For Test None 2018-05-14
 #53897 poly of conjugate complex pairs should return a real polynomial None None 2018-05-14
 #53893 Rearranging widgets in the variable editor switches to another workspace None None 2018-05-13
 #53892 Cursor does have weird spacing Need Info None 2018-05-13
 #53889 dev fails to compile with Qt 4.6.2 Confirmed None 2018-05-13
 #53881 [octave forge] (control) impulse response differs greatly on i386 vs x86_64 None None 2018-05-11
 #53880 (x<1)(1) depends on x(2): None None 2018-05-11
 #53877 [octave forge] (fits) Typo in package description Patch Submitted None 2018-05-11
 #53874 doc_cache_create doesnt handle classdef documentation None None 2018-05-10
 #53873 "upper" and "lower" don't work with non-ASCII characters Patch Submitted None 2018-05-10
 #53870 Non-ASCII characters on uicontrols are displayed incorrectly Ready For Test None 2018-05-09
 #53866 Support for second-order sections in the freqz function Confirmed None 2018-05-08
 #53865 [octave forge] (ltfat) Unable to install Confirmed None 2018-05-08
 #53861 print -dtikzstandalone is not a recognized print device Confirmed None 2018-05-07
 #53860 please update Octave Forge core function reference from Octave 4.4 Confirmed None 2018-05-07
 #53858 Octave crashes when expanding an array of a sub-structure viewed by Variable Editor Confirmed None 2018-05-07
 #53857 __ga_problem_return_variables__ does has undefined return values None None 2018-05-07
 #53855 [octave forge] (signal) butter band pass filter with higher order has round-off errors Confirmed None 2018-05-07
 #53853 configure: OCTAVE_BLAS_F77_FUNC sets ax_blas_integer_size incorrectly on big endian system Confirmed None 2018-05-06
 #53845 Octave too slow when plotting large arrays with QT graphics toolkit None None 2018-05-06
 #53844 handle class: delete destructor method cannot access class properties Postponed None 2018-05-05
 #53842 Handle m-files with arbitrary character encoding Ready For Test None 2018-05-05
 #53840 Disappearing subplots in 4.4.0 Confirmed None 2018-05-05

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