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Item ID up Summary Status Assigned to Submitted
 #64716 Xtickangle is not fuctional. Note in the help and documentation missing 12:01
 #64711 Suggestion for rewording on https://octave.org/about 2023-09-23
 #64709 Android Termux libtool issue Need Info 2023-09-22
 #64708 mxFree causes crash inside OMP parallel block 2023-09-22
 #64705 VM machine executed script clear the content of a global pre-declared global variable 2023-09-21
 #64704 VM error with chained indexing expression Ready For Test 2023-09-21
 #64703 VM machine has issues to cope with functions containing both inline as well as nested functions Ready For Test 2023-09-21
 #64702 VM machine has issues with shorthand assignment operators for global variables Ready For Test 2023-09-21
 #64696 Failure to load sparse matrix with no nonzero elements from text file saved by Octave Ready For Test 2023-09-19
 #64692 colon range includes an extra value In Progress 2023-09-18
 #64691 VM machine: for scripts __compile__("xxx","clear") throws error 2023-09-18
 #64690 VM has issues with script files containing a function Ready For Test 2023-09-18
 #64688 VM machine has issues to cope with nested anonymous functions Ready For Test 2023-09-18
 #64687 mxCreateNumericArray allocates incorrect number of elements for interleaved complex array Ready For Test 2023-09-18
 #64678 [octave forge] (matgeom) fails to load when installed in read-only location Confirmed 2023-09-15
 #64677 VM Add support for nested functions Ready For Test 2023-09-14
 #64676 VM Support anonymous functions Ready For Test 2023-09-14
 #64675 VM Add support for echo Ready For Test 2023-09-14
 #64674 VM Add support for scripts Ready For Test 2023-09-14
 #64673 VM Updating VM bench to support scripts Ready For Test 2023-09-14
 #64672 VM Specialized opcode for scalar 2d matrix subassign Ready For Test 2023-09-14
 #64671 Issues typing in command window and generating plots Need Info 2023-09-14
 #64658 delaunayn - calculations with integer inputs removes valid simplices Ready For Test 2023-09-12
 #64655 [Octave Forge] (Symbolic) A problem with evaluating symbolic expression 2023-09-11
 #64630 VM - Useful feature would be to make "is_compiled()" available 2023-09-08
 #64629 Update to Appdata/Metainfo file 2023-09-07
 #64626 Feature Request: SVN or GIT integration 2023-09-06
 #64625 Not working some function such as plot(), figure() and etc. Need Info 2023-09-06
 #64620 Nested functions handles make stack frames leak Ready For Test 2023-09-04
 #64607 [octave forge] (interval) two test failures about [-inf, inf] 2023-08-29
 #64606 hgload might not load or display with three examples. 2023-08-28
 #64603 Error installing Parallel Package 2023-08-28
 #64573 VM compiled functions do not appear at all in profiling when using the octave interpreter 2023-08-20
 #64564 octave-8.3.0-w32: "Access violation" crash at PDF print() saving Need Info 2023-08-17
 #64563 datevec: "mmm dd yyyy" matched instead of "mmmyyyy" standard format Ready For Test 2023-08-17
 #64557 New Virtual machine (VM): Performance issues with structs of cell arrays Ready For Test 2023-08-16
 #64555 corr produces input validation error with two inputs having different number of columns Ready For Test 2023-08-15
 #64517 [octave forge] (optim) fmincon Algorithm='octave_sqp' uses octave_sqp_tolerance 2023-08-05
 #64511 Just a wish: Keyboard shortcut for date&time in Octave editor 2023-08-03
 #64508 [octave forge] (optim) lsqcurvefit error from jacobian output 2023-08-02
 #64507 [octave-forge](signal) package fails to install with old compiler Need Info 2023-08-02
 #64506 [octave forge] (signal) Wrong result for complex FIR part of residuez() Ready For Test lostbard 2023-08-02
 #64500 [octave forge] (optim) fmincon equality constraint handling - nz 2023-07-31
 #64498 Qt 6 not detected correctly on macOS 2023-07-31
 #64473 Allow saveas() to directly write to stdout Confirmed 2023-07-26
 #64452 [octave forge] (video) BIST in VideoWriter.m fails on ppc64el 2023-07-20
 #64437 Add "type" option to corr() with support for "kendall" and "spearman" for Matlab compatibility Confirmed 2023-07-17
 #64419 isequal fails for old-style @audioplayer, @audiorecorder objects Confirmed 2023-07-12
 #64418 @audioplayer, @audiorecorder need overhaul Confirmed 2023-07-12
 #64401 load-path promise 'removing from path' not kept Ready For Test 2023-07-10

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