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 #65004 File saving is asking for overwriting existing files because it already exists (also if it is wrong) 2023-12-09
 #64999 [octave forge] (netcdf) Octave segfaults on exit after running test_netcdf 2023-12-08
 #64995 implement height and width as aliases for rows and columns for matlab compatibility 2023-12-07
 #64991 polar doesn't populate rtick with center tick value Confirmed 2023-12-06
 #64985 'windowstate' property is unimplemented Confirmed 2023-12-05
 #64982 Translation file (*.ts) for Octave 9.1 Release In Progress 2023-12-05
 #64977 Explore options for the bytecode interpreter in Octave 9 2023-12-04
 #64976 Unable accessing properties (as function) of a class defined in a namespace 2023-12-04
 #64975 Octave for Windows extremely slow In Progress 2023-12-04
 #64971 parfor and parallel processing pools for multi-core 2023-12-03
 #64970 [octave forge] (optim 1.6.2) quadprog does not work for semidefinite H 2023-12-03
 #64962 Avoid unessecary copy of dim_vector 2023-12-02
 #64961 Use 32-bit bytecode interpreter stack elements on 32-bit systems 2023-12-02
 #64960 jsonencode produces different results for single inputs than Matlab Confirmed 2023-12-02
 #64956 contour plots should accept "edgecolor" property for Matlab compatibility Patch Submitted 2023-12-01
 #64948 Calling spy crashes 2023-11-29
 #64947 ocl pkg build issue: error: explicit specialization of 'array_prog' after instantiation 2023-11-29
 #64944 intensively redrawing subplots results in memoryleak, slow performance and crash Need Info 2023-11-29
 #64933 Stat sometimes produces wrong timestamp Need Info 2023-11-27
 #64930 Uniform optimizer options.OutputFcn handling 2023-11-25
 #64929 print() changes legend position Patch Submitted 2023-11-24
 #64914 Bytecode VM crash with Symbolic package operation Ready For Test 2023-11-20
 #64908 Cut/paste "pause" into command window may cause unexpected results Confirmed 2023-11-19
 #64907 Add support for function `tightPosition` In Progress 2023-11-19
 #64902 addlistener: 'PostSet' undefined 2023-11-16
 #64901 Quadratic programming does not work 2023-11-16
 #64899 [octave forge] (signal) decimate with FIR filter incompatible with Matlab 2023-11-15
 #64898 Slow zeros 2023-11-15
 #64883 disp is slighly incompatible with Matlab Postponed 2023-11-11
 #64882 Slow to pass arrays out of mexFunction Need Info 2023-11-11
 #64878 fminbnd missing a check for bounds a and b Fixed 2023-11-09
 #64864 Segfault after 'cd /path/to/somewhere' under Debian 2023-11-06
 #64861 qr with single return value. Confirmed 2023-11-05
 #64859 [octave forge] (optim) lsqnonlin options FinDiffType 2023-11-05
 #64858 Don't do static_cast before type check in pt-bytecode.vm.cc Ready For Test 2023-11-04
 #64854 Plug mem leaks in classdef-related tree nodes Ready For Test 2023-11-04
 #64853 Misc bytecode interpreter fixes Ready For Test 2023-11-04
 #64849 Octave throws an 'error: add_breakpoints_in_function' under certain conditions Ready For Test 2023-11-03
 #64840 VM __vm_enable__ seems to have not negligible overhead losses (~5%) in certain situations 2023-10-30
 #64834 Misc. coding style conventions broken by bytecode interpreter code Ready For Test 2023-10-28
 #64832 Support to few return values from anon. func. in bc-vm Ready For Test 2023-10-28
 #64831 Split chained subsrefs to multiple instructions Ready For Test 2023-10-28
 #64830 New specialized opcodes for i, e and binary ops with constants Ready For Test 2023-10-28
 #64829 Refactor bytecode interpreter subsref and call dispatch, cache lookup Ready For Test 2023-10-28
 #64827 Miscellaneous fixes for bytecode interpreter, patchset Ready For Test 2023-10-28
 #64826 webread timeout option not respected Ready For Test 2023-10-27
 #64817 VM seems to get out of sync in certain situations and throws error / produces core dump Ready For Test 2023-10-26
 #64813 [octave forge] (parallel) pararrayfun does not work with inline functions Confirmed 2023-10-25
 #64801 besselj(1,z) is not pure imaginary for pure imaginary inputs Confirmed 2023-10-21
 #64796 [octave forge] (optim) bfgsmin error "function called with too many inputs" Confirmed 2023-10-19

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