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Item ID up Summary Status Assigned to Submitted on
 #57627 Validator functions (mustBe*) implementation In Progress siko1056 2020-01-18
 #57617 Windows specific (small) bugs in 5.1.90 release candidate 2020-01-17
 #57613 Codespell report for "Octave" 5.1.90 (on fossies.org) Confirmed 2020-01-16
 #57612 textscan omits final column value for CSV is value is empty Confirmed 2020-01-16
 #57607 [octave forge] (netcdf) problems installing netcdf with libnetcdf in non-standard directory Confirmed 2020-01-15
 #57606 [octave forge] (statistics) geometric distribution documentation 2020-01-15
 #57604 Document how clear -v removes only local copy of global variable Confirmed 2020-01-15
 #57599 List of Octave code lines > 100 characters 2020-01-14
 #57596 Should the "len" argument of "fgetl" and "fgets" mean bytes or characters? Need Info 2020-01-14
 #57591 Segmentation faults with clang when running the test suite 2020-01-13
 #57588 Folders containing broken symlinks cannot be deleted by the GUI Ready For Test ttl 2020-01-13
 #57587 [Feature Request] Implement code for symlinks to follow logical structure Confirmed 2020-01-13
 #57585 [octave-forge] (image) deprecation warnings during installation (compilation) of image package 2020-01-12
 #57584 spurious test "FAIL"s when running test suite in Octave with "--traditional" startup parameter 2020-01-12
 #57582 Octave console messed up for long code lines (gui and cli) 2020-01-11
 #57580 [octave forge] (level-set) error "format string is not a string literal" 2020-01-11
 #57578 [octave forge] (tsa) kalman_maar.cc not compiled 2020-01-10
 #57567 Interpolation techniques for patch () triangles Confirmed 2020-01-09
 #57566 GUI not moveable on Windows 10 2020-01-09
 #57564 Implementation of rng 2020-01-09
 #57560 [octave forge] (database) 2.4.4 package install warnings/errors 2020-01-08
 #57557 Segmentation fault on use of classdef constant property 2020-01-08
 #57553 ML/Octave visual differences in plotting In Progress 2020-01-08
 #57552 Marker sizes in OpenGL printed plots are larger than onscreen Confirmed 2020-01-07
 #57536 Interpreter no longer indicates where error is in line with parse error Confirmed jwe 2020-01-04
 #57535 PKG_DEL is not sourced when path() removes a directory from the load path Confirmed 2020-01-03
 #57533 Incorrect error message when assigning to a subset of a 3+ dimensional array Confirmed 2020-01-03
 #57532 what (dir) should work for old-style class (@ftp) and packages (+matlab) for Matlab compatibility Confirmed 2020-01-03
 #57523 [Feature Request] legend should accept 2-letter abbreviations for "Location" property Confirmed 2020-01-02
 #57522 "pkg unload" does not care for dependencies Patch Submitted philipnienhuis 2020-01-02
 #57508 Add an example for calling lsode Confirmed 2019-12-31
 #57504 [octave forge] (image) Scaling error for imresize in Image 2.0.0 2019-12-30
 #57500 [octave forge] (image) imrotate fails in default branch carandraug 2019-12-29
 #57490 Translation files for the 6.1.0 release In Progress ttl 2019-12-28
 #57486 mex missing outdir option Confirmed 2019-12-27
 #57476 Numerical inaccuracy in range object with complex power operation Confirmed 2019-12-25
 #57475 svds warns about ill-condition input with NaNs rather than issuing error Confirmed 2019-12-25
 #57471 streamtube.m should use surface object rather than patch object Confirmed 2019-12-23
 #57468 two tests give excessive text output during "make test" Confirmed 2019-12-23
 #57464 patch plot of quadrilateral ill shaped Confirmed 2019-12-22
 #57463 History should be stored at platform specific location Confirmed 2019-12-22
 #57459 Dynamically loaded SuiteSparse functions should be moved to core 2019-12-22
 #57456 "test rand.cc" produces onCleanup error jwe 2019-12-20
 #57449 struct2hdl fails to set property with erroneous "invalid value" 2019-12-19
 #57439 handles to private functions may fail after "clear functions" 2019-12-18
 #57415 [octave forge] (sockets) Compilation fails on Octave 6 because of removed header 2019-12-15
 #57414 mkoctfile does not build executable under Win7 Need Info 2019-12-15
 #57408 webread returns incorrect type and size data Confirmed 2019-12-13
 #57407 annotation menu for text should support background properties such as "backgroundcolor" Confirmed 2019-12-13
 #57400 metaclass function needs documentation section in oop.txi Confirmed 2019-12-12

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