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 #55999 Display images larger than GL_MAX_TEXTURE_SIZE None None 2019-03-25
 #55995 "continue" is dynamically, not lexically scoped - callable from functions without for loops Fixed None 2019-03-25
 #55993 shading fails when kids=get(parents,"children") returns a cell instead of ghandle None None 2019-03-25
 #55984 movfun dangerous test for function output dimension In Progress juanpi 2019-03-23
 #55983 'x(ix) = []' deletion syntax does not work for objects None None 2019-03-22
 #55980 Octave interpreter indent for print increases whenever octave_base_value::print error emitted Confirmed None 2019-03-22
 #55976 cat, repmat, and reshape don't work for classdef objects None None 2019-03-22
 #55974 Octave stuck on Linux when figure contains a string with non ASCII characters encoded in ISO 8859-1 None None 2019-03-21
 #55970 Cannot copy figure to clipboard None None 2019-03-21
 #55969 [octave forge] (interval) doctests assume Symbolic is installed None None 2019-03-21
 #55968 [octave forge] (symbolic) Incorrect simplify to sinc function None None 2019-03-20
 #55963 waitbar "createcancelbtn" property results in octave hang Confirmed None 2019-03-20
 #55961 properties function does not preserve order None None 2019-03-20
 #55958 Incorrect symbolic dispay on macOS due to default Monaco font Need Info None 2019-03-19
 #55956 build overlinks with SUNDIALS libraries even when HAVE_SUNDIALS is unset Ready For Test mtmiller 2019-03-19
 #55955 stashing build options in binary breaks building reproducibly with -fdebug-prefix-map= None None 2019-03-19
 #55943 The pause function fails when there is no argument Confirmed None 2019-03-18
 #55940 pause() takes too long if you call it a bunch Confirmed None 2019-03-17
 #55938 gnuplot misinterprets triangle markers '<' and '>' Confirmed None 2019-03-16
 #55937 building default with sundials 2.x fails in make, configure should disable sundials Confirmed None 2019-03-16
 #55932 [MXE Octave] gnuplot patch to support tikz of gnuplot graphics_tookkit on native GNU/Linux None None 2019-03-16
 #55931 Plot disappears after zooming out once and then clicking "Autoscale" Confirmed None 2019-03-15
 #55925 Packages not included in Windows 10 installer None None 2019-03-14
 #55919 Format short|long g does not align numbers within matrices Confirmed None 2019-03-14
 #55918 Crash when using file browser Need Info None 2019-03-14
 #55916 pdfTeX warnings in build: found PDF version <1.7>, but at most version <1.5> allowed None None 2019-03-14
 #55914 [octave forge] (geometry) SVG classes broken In Progress juanpi 2019-03-14
 #55913 Control-arrow key navigation does not work in GUI Command Window on macOS None None 2019-03-13
 #55909 Performance of hist None None 2019-03-13
 #55907 png plot does nor respect dpi and produces unreadable results Works For Me None 2019-03-13
 #55905 ode15{i,s} allocate enough memory for a full jacobian when the provided jacobian is sparse In Progress None 2019-03-13
 #55904 [mxe-octave] build failure of gdb for native linux None None 2019-03-13
 #55901 Add CMakeLists.txt to .hgignore for CLion support None None 2019-03-13
 #55897 Octave GUI version - Cursor in command window moves down periodically. Need Info None 2019-03-12
 #55895 __go_patch__ fails when NaN vertices exist Ready For Test None 2019-03-12
 #55890 "help class.method" fails if method overloads builtin Confirmed None 2019-03-12
 #55883 Octave 5.1.0 fails to find QtOpenGL on macOS None None 2019-03-11
 #55880 Octave does not allow reshaping empty scalar struct to empty struct array (Matlab Compatibility) Confirmed None 2019-03-10
 #55873 pkg: cache download package files None None 2019-03-09
 #55865 meta.class.PropertyList should be an objectarray? Confirmed None 2019-03-08
 #55864 semilogy plot ticks could be too dense or too sparse None None 2019-03-08
 #55860 [octave forge] (statistics) possible bug in wishrnd.m None None 2019-03-08
 #55859 [octave forge] (signal) zplane.m multiplicity annotations should not use superscript Confirmed None 2019-03-08
 #55856 subsref called in a subscripted assignment operation None None 2019-03-07
 #55855 GUI configuration files are not located following each platform's convention Ready For Test None 2019-03-07
 #55854 Pause deactivated permanently after making (gui) interpreter - console the active window Confirmed None 2019-03-07
 #55841 "__run_test_suite__ ({'.'}, {})" fails with "fnm(1): out of bound 0" None None 2019-03-06
 #55838 compare_versions: add support for deb/rpm style "~" version sorting None None 2019-03-05
 #55834 Octave crahes when opening new file during Debug session None None 2019-03-05
 #55829 prosposal: marking dev versions in DESCRIPTION None None 2019-03-04

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