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 #56639 rescale: new function to scale an array to match a given interval Confirmed 22:33
 #56638 Error when changing the font units from normalized to points Ready For Test 16:40
 #56637 Access of a nested structure -> memory leak in mex function Works For Me 2019-07-16
 #56636 Octave's interp1 does not have the same rules for when to extrapolate as Matlab. Confirmed 2019-07-15
 #56625 debug prompt can change erratically Confirmed 2019-07-12
 #56624 webwrite only supports form-encoded parameters, not user-defined data Confirmed siko1056 2019-07-12
 #56614 missing translation in "Close" dialog buttons of GUI editor (Win only) 2019-07-11
 #56612 Suggested new "lego plot" function 2019-07-11
 #56600 system blocks when user calls a background command ending in ampersand Confirmed 2019-07-09
 #56594 [Patch] containers.Map does not auto-convert differing numeric key-types Patch Submitted 2019-07-08
 #56582 [octave forge] (optim) lsqlin produces unexpected error on linearly dependent inputs 2019-07-05
 #56572 [octave forge] (statistics) kolmogorov_smirnov_test_2(x,y) warns for duplicate values in x and y. Confirmed 2019-07-02
 #56571 Images bigger than around 50M pixels in size do not display with imshow 2019-07-01
 #56570 unable to plot with OpenGL on Raspberry Pi 4 (4GB, Buster) Need Info 2019-07-01
 #56557 Formatted input documentation missing float info and location instructions unclear Patch Reviewed 2019-06-26
 #56556 xlabels incorrectly placed for subplot with non-standard figure position 2019-06-26
 #56548 Inconsistent behavior between horzcat/vertcat/cat and bracket syntax 2019-06-25
 #56544 [octave forge] (dataframe) error: The output format qualifier "as" must be followed by a type 2019-06-24
 #56542 pkg: new subcommands to open package related pages in a web browser Need Info 2019-06-24
 #56541 [octave forge] (tisean) BIST failures in windows 2019-06-24
 #56537 [octave forge] (signal) marcumq can return impossible values or hang completely Confirmed 2019-06-21
 #56514 [octave forge] (communications) Fails to build with octave 5.1.0 2019-06-18
 #56506 [octave-forge] (geometry) clpPolygon_mrf crashes on non-overlapping polygons Patch Submitted philipnienhuis 2019-06-16
 #56505 setting CXX should affect mkoctfile link stage as well 2019-06-16
 #56494 Audioplayer sampling rate change does not affect the audio prodiced 2019-06-14
 #56493 Audioplayer object does not start plaing after being stopped Works For Me 2019-06-14
 #56489 System freeze due to Excel import Need Info 2019-06-13
 #56477 [octave forge] (parallel) installation error 'command_editor', 'octave_env' has not been declared Patch Submitted i7tiol 2019-06-12
 #56471 Octave chanes the current directory after a program is activated. Duplicate 2019-06-11
 #56460 Post_install.bat execution halted owning to gpg-agent.exe infected with IDP.generic Need Info 2019-06-08
 #56458 Octave closes on its own when I run my script. 2019-06-08
 #56454 [octave forge] (io) xlswrite creates invalid file when GUI is disabled or not available Ready For Test lostbard 2019-06-07
 #56453 chi2inv, gaminv, gammaincinv inaccurate for small 1st argument Patch Submitted 2019-06-06
 #56451 [octave forge] (image) imsmooth, Gaussian third parameter Patch Submitted 2019-06-06
 #56425 Patch for the JIT 2019-06-01
 #56416 Incorrect octave.bat - missing MSYSTEM, usr\bin, qt graphics 2019-05-30
 #56405 Search+Replace deleting characters disobeys selection Ready For Test ttl 2019-05-28
 #56401 uicontrol "pushbutton" property "Value" is 1 in Matlab and 0 in Octave Need Info 2019-05-27
 #56399 [octave-forge] (matgeom) some functions depend on verLessThan In Progress juanpi 2019-05-27
 #56395 text objects should auto-convert numeric entries to text using sprintf ("%g") Confirmed 2019-05-26
 #56393 missing deval function for ode Confirmed 2019-05-26
 #56368 pkg: fully support field names in DESCRIPTION with hyphens 2019-05-22
 #56357 pkg: allow more package metadata file names and file extensions 2019-05-20
 #56351 pkg: missing dependencies error message could be clearer 2019-05-19
 #56350 docs: pkg doc string should mention that root installs globally by default 2019-05-19
 #56338 [wish] Automatically escape Latex special character when using -pdflatex for printing Confirmed 2019-05-17
 #56334 rmdir asks for for confirmation before recursively removing a directory Need Info 2019-05-16
 #56323 Default (c)transpose for classdef and old style classes Patch Submitted siko1056 2019-05-15
 #56320 [octave forge] (generate_html) literal '%' in 1st line produces failure Confirmed 2019-05-14
 #56318 deal: invalid assignment to cs-list outside multiple assignment Confirmed 2019-05-13

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