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 #57366 Missing descriptive statistics functions Confirmed 14:43
 #57363 gui: (script file) stack trace link to edit function with a different name than the file doesn't work 2019-12-05
 #57362 gui: (function file) stack trace link to edit function doesn't work 2019-12-05
 #57361 wish: warning about function name and filename disagreement: point to a fix 2019-12-05
 #57359 [octave forge] (signal) residuez gives an incorrect result for [1 1 1.5 .5],[1 1.5 .5] Confirmed 2019-12-05
 #57358 indent is wrong for one - line constructs 2019-12-04
 #57352 text height for blank line should approximate that of ordinary character Confirmed 2019-12-03
 #57351 str2func no longer emits error on non-existent function input Confirmed 2019-12-03
 #57350 Recursive behavior of graphic callbacks has changed Patch Submitted 2019-12-03
 #57348 [octave forge] (statistics) package fails installation because of a parse error in linkage.m 2019-12-03
 #57341 iso-8859-1 encoding triggers error in get_first_help_sentence.m Patch Submitted 2019-12-02
 #57336 line () function: plot becomes faint when many points are given Confirmed 2019-12-01
 #57329 index error for every command, after textscan and variable editor inspection Confirmed 2019-11-29
 #57328 variable editor: "Clear" keeps old data displayed for a struct field Confirmed 2019-11-29
 #57327 variable editor: "Variable from selection" doesn't work on a struct field Confirmed 2019-11-29
 #57326 variable editor: Delete doesn't work on a struct field Confirmed 2019-11-29
 #57325 subpane not updated after editing cell in nested array in cell array Confirmed 2019-11-29
 #57323 Matlab griddata includes both Octave's griddata and griddata3. Octave's related griddata errors also misleading 2019-11-29
 #57321 Performance degradation due to memory allocation 2019-11-28
 #57319 legend() fails after being repeadetly called (show/off) after plotyy Ready For Test 2019-11-28
 #57309 ode23s removed from odepkg on BitBucket not in core Octave Postponed 2019-11-26
 #57305 @vpi/sum.m fails in octave (but not in matlab) Need Info 2019-11-26
 #57297 empty cell index should return a more expressive error message Confirmed 2019-11-23
 #57279 Slow plotting of multiple lines Confirmed 2019-11-20
 #57264 [Wish] legend text could be placed on the same baseline Confirmed 2019-11-19
 #57262 legend incorrect after some of plot objects have been deleted Confirmed 2019-11-18
 #57260 scatter plot legend different from previous releases Confirmed 2019-11-18
 #57254 New legend needs better documentation 2019-11-18
 #57249 Add new stem plot properties such as ColorMode present in latest Matlab versions Confirmed 2019-11-17
 #57245 "clear all" generates segfault if run before or after a plot 2019-11-16
 #57244 Octave crashes if first command at debug prompt is empty Confirmed 2019-11-16
 #57241 after copyobj, labels behave strange Confirmed 2019-11-15
 #57239 errors in multiline constructs show incorrect line numbers 2019-11-14
 #57238 Find popup window for GUI editor needs more practical positioning ttl 2019-11-14
 #57235 Startup file .octaverc is always read in the system encoding Confirmed 2019-11-14
 #57234 'dbquit' in graphics system callback function can cause segfault Confirmed 2019-11-14
 #57230 [octave forge] (symbolic) Test failure in @sym/solve with python 3.8 Confirmed 2019-11-14
 #57222 `version -blas` no longer works with Debian libopenblas0-pthread libblas.so.3 library Patch Reviewed 2019-11-13
 #57214 GUI off screen after disconnecting display 2019-11-12
 #57210 [GUI] crash setting style to gtk2 Works For Me 2019-11-11
 #57199 [octave-forge] (optim) lsqnonlin in version 1.6.0 fails with Octave 6.0 Confirmed 2019-11-10
 #57197 [MXE Octave] Printing doesn't create valid files for some formats 2019-11-10
 #57195 cell (1e24,1) does not produce immediate error Confirmed 2019-11-09
 #57190 [Wish] Annotate textbox should perform automatic text wrapping Confirmed 2019-11-08
 #57189 Selection tool for plot objects Confirmed 2019-11-08
 #57185 eigs does not consistently order eigenvalues Confirmed 2019-11-07
 #57181 Support Matlab R2019a new data I/O functions "readmatrix/readvars/readcell" and "writematrix/writecell". Confirmed 2019-11-06
 #57166 ones(), zeros(), pi(), e() do not throw error when asked to create an array larger than is possible Confirmed 2019-11-04
 #57158 Shorten output of "path" on terminal by replacing OCTAVE_HOME part Confirmed 2019-11-03
 #57157 [octave forge] (octclip) error running `make' for octclip, 2019-11-03

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