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 #59927 statistics functions are labeled as part of core on Octave Forge Confirmed 13:03
 #59924 [octave forge] (statistics) mhsample implementation 05:42
 #59923 mkoctfile fails on Windows if installed in a path with spaces on a file system without short file names Confirmed 05:01
 #59918 <Tab> character required to be typed twice for name completion Confirmed 2021-01-20
 #59917 strmatch Matlab compatibility Need Info 2021-01-20
 #59916 Embedded tabs are executed when code is pasted in to command window Confirmed 2021-01-20
 #59899 colon operator returns incompatible class for integer inputs Confirmed 2021-01-17
 #59890 inf+1i*inf gives nan+1i*inf 2021-01-16
 #59885 Qscintilla syntax file should not allow line continuations in single quoted strings Confirmed 2021-01-16
 #59873 Display of multidimensional variables could be a little nicer 2021-01-14
 #59869 [octave forge] (parallel) tests trigger "int32 scalar cannot be indexed with" on systems with 1 CPU 2021-01-14
 #59868 Weird Spacing when maximizing window. 2021-01-14
 #59850 uniquetol missing, so I implemented it In Progress 2021-01-10
 #59847 Unexpected behavior of evalin in some cases Confirmed 2021-01-08
 #59846 drawnow or refresh not correctly working on windows with qt toolkit 2021-01-08
 #59840 repmat and repelem slower than needed, faster implimentation suggested In Progress 2021-01-08
 #59830 Architecture-dependent results for arithmetic operations involving NA Need Info 2021-01-05
 #59822 Octave for Win: Document Viewer error 2021-01-05
 #59821 [octave forge] (ga) pkg update with ga 0.10.2 installs in user home folder instead of packages folder on windows 2021-01-04
 #59820 build fails on macOS with visibility settings 2021-01-04
 #59819 Boundary of plot for printing is incorrect for plotyy with a legend Confirmed 2021-01-04
 #59806 SuiteSparse headers not found In Progress 2021-01-03
 #59804 [octave forge] (statistics) 1.4.2 - fitgmdist - dimension mismatch check inappropriately fails for non-shared Sigma 2021-01-02
 #59784 additional text at end of block comment produces doubled warning Confirmed 2020-12-30
 #59775 "error: mark_as_constructed: invalid object" when constructor returns classdef array Confirmed 2020-12-29
 #59773 [octave forge] (image) iradon is not Matlab compatible when using filter 2020-12-28
 #59756 octave doesn't execute resizefcn callback when figure made visible. Confirmed 2020-12-23
 #59737 end keyword not passed to overloaded subsref function within custom classdef Confirmed 2020-12-20
 #59735 classdef sub-classing another class with the same name 2020-12-20
 #59731 wrong colorbar length when aspect ratio is manual Confirmed 2020-12-19
 #59729 Ruler not visible in gnuplot window 2020-12-19
 #59725 Missing function - compose 2020-12-18
 #59718 Workaround for operators involving a sparse matrix and broadcasting 2020-12-18
 #59704 function call on classdef subobject fails with "numel: invalid return value" Confirmed 2020-12-16
 #59702 dlmread performance 2020-12-16
 #59701 GUI doesn't activate unless I click on it. Ready For Test 2020-12-16
 #59695 Strange quiver plot with integer data type 2020-12-15
 #59685 sinpi, cospi, sind, cosd small errors 2020-12-14
 #59683 octave GUI crashes permanently (maybe because of catch+fix) Need Info 2020-12-14
 #59679 Overhead in calling function handles Need Info 2020-12-14
 #59677 Debug pointer doesn't move with debug steps during 'nested' debugging 2020-12-13
 #59668 [octave forge] (level-set) Some BISTs fail when unloading parallel 2020-12-13
 #59660 Gnuplot produces multiple legends 2020-12-11
 #59649 "movmean" should be implemented more memory efficiently 2020-12-10
 #59637 Error message for '=' and nonconformant arguments Patch Submitted 2020-12-07
 #59636 iqr function does not produce Matlab compatible output 2020-12-07
 #59623 [octave forge] (image) bwdist for quasi-euclidean case fails on i386 2020-12-04
 #59613 [octave forge] (msh) USe tmpnam instead of tempname (Octave 6.1 deprecation) 2020-12-03
 #59606 [octave forge] (sec2sd) Fails to build against Octave 6.1 2020-12-02
 #59595 Moving window impossible without detaching (Fedora) Works For Me 2020-12-02

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