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Item ID up Summary Status Assigned to Submitted on
 #56386 gtext should create a text objet for each row in input string Patch Submitted None 08:27
 #56380 GUI closes all files when using package io with excel functions None None 2019-05-24
 #56377 [octave forge] (arduino) Would like more precision from the rotaryEncoder library None None 2019-05-22
 #56375 [octave forge] (io) odswrite writes zeros for NA and NaN Confirmed None 2019-05-22
 #56373 [octave-forge] (io) xlswrite with windows pkg loaded produces erroneous NA output, v5.1.0 only None None 2019-05-22
 #56368 pkg: fully support field names in DESCRIPTION with hyphens None None 2019-05-22
 #56367 [octave forge] (statistics) normpdf.m missing Works For Me None 2019-05-21
 #56357 pkg: allow more package metadata file names and file extensions None None 2019-05-20
 #56351 pkg: missing dependencies error message could be clearer None None 2019-05-19
 #56350 docs: pkg doc string should mention that root installs globally by default None None 2019-05-19
 #56345 Octave crashes when closing two figures with graphics_toolkit qt Works For Me None 2019-05-18
 #56342 [octave forge] (statistics) function unifrnd(0,0) returns NaN but not 0 Patch Submitted None 2019-05-17
 #56338 [wish] Automatically escape Latex special character when using -pdflatex for printing Confirmed None 2019-05-17
 #56334 rmdir asks for for confirmation before recursively removing a directory Need Info None 2019-05-16
 #56325 Make runtests Matlab compatible None None 2019-05-15
 #56323 Default (c)transpose for classdef and old style classes Patch Submitted siko1056 2019-05-15
 #56320 [octave forge] (generate_html) literal '%' in 1st line produces failure Confirmed None 2019-05-14
 #56318 deal: invalid assignment to cs-list outside multiple assignment Confirmed None 2019-05-13
 #56315 unable to configure build 5.1 to work with ImageMagick q=16 Need Info None 2019-05-12
 #56314 [octave forge] (arduino) Cannot get Octave to recognize Arduino Pro Mini None None 2019-05-12
 #56298 [Windows] File Browser "rename" operation deletes file when only changing case of file name Patch Submitted None 2019-05-10
 #56289 print to eps - clip option Confirmed None 2019-05-08
 #56272 The keyboard function and debug_on_error handling of functions in a file is wrong None None 2019-05-06
 #56271 Improve documentation of plot function style argument when it specifies only one of linestyle or marker Confirmed None 2019-05-06
 #56270 Octave 5.1.0 is freeze-y/hang-y on macOS Confirmed None 2019-05-05
 #56267 addpath() on Windows fails to recognize same subdirs with different fileseps and case None None 2019-05-05
 #56263 [octave forge] (dataframe) dataframe ignores second line when reading csv file with all strings Confirmed None 2019-05-03
 #56224 [Windows] Displaying char([194 160]) causes all following commands to result in just a prompt Confirmed None 2019-04-26
 #56220 debugger gui does not follow frame None None 2019-04-25
 #56208 GUI Editor autocomplete list could show variables from current workspace Confirmed None 2019-04-24
 #56207 GUI Editor autocomplete list should be updated with new functions when a package is loaded None None 2019-04-24
 #56200 sscanf fourth output might be incorrect for decimal fields Confirmed None 2019-04-23
 #56199 Add warning ID for addpath warning "file or folder does not exist" so that it can be silenced None None 2019-04-23
 #56194 classdef: missing support for events and listeners None None 2019-04-22
 #56187 Support local functions at end of scripts like Matlab None None 2019-04-21
 #56184 mkoctfile: add a run-mkoctfile wrapper to compile and link oct files in build tree None None 2019-04-20
 #56183 tests: add tests that build basic oct files, link with blas, fftw, fortran Postponed None 2019-04-20
 #56176 Implementation of loadlibrary function (revisited) None None 2019-04-20
 #56175 "cdata" property should be documented Confirmed None 2019-04-20
 #56174 Axes "position" property not updated None None 2019-04-20
 #56173 Command window does not display Unicode correctly but editor does! None None 2019-04-19
 #56172 concatenation of empty, 2-D, but not 0x0 arrays differs from Matlab Confirmed None 2019-04-19
 #56171 [octave forge] (control) fails to build and install Need Info None 2019-04-19
 #56170 [octave forge] (signal) results from fir1 differ from Matlab (inaccurate?) Need Info None 2019-04-19
 #56169 [octave forge] (image) images of class double or single fail to convert to class uint8 None None 2019-04-19
 #56162 [octave forge] (econometrics) optional dependence on MPI None None 2019-04-18
 #56160 editor: inappropriate auto insert of "end*" when inserting newlines after keyword Patch Submitted None 2019-04-17
 #56159 [Mac] Editor Find dialog is not brought to front of window stack when using Cmd+F shortcut Ready For Test ttl 2019-04-17
 #56158 editor file name tabs need improvement Patch Submitted None 2019-04-17
 #56157 Setting breakpoint in non-existent subfunction now produces obtuse error Confirmed None 2019-04-17

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