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Item ID up Summary Status Assigned to Submitted on
 #59206 crash during matrix multiplication (Win only) Confirmed 2020-09-30
 #59205 corr function is missing options compared to Matlab 2020-09-29
 #59203 [octave forge] (io) Problem with xlsread importing accent marks 2020-09-29
 #59201 [octave forge] (financial) month function doesn't work like day or year 2020-09-29
 #59198 jsonencode converts N-dimensional logical arrays to N-dimensional numeric arrays Confirmed 2020-09-28
 #59185 [octave forge] (communication) failure when installing (general, control and signal pkg successfully installed) Need Info 2020-09-26
 #59176 [octave forge] (windows) COM object.Item(n) fails on further '.'-index (error `0x8002000e') lostbard 2020-09-25
 #59174 configure should default to "--enable-link-all-dependencies" on MacOS Ready For Test 2020-09-24
 #59173 "mkoctfile -p" returns wrong LDFLAGS on Windows Patch Reviewed 2020-09-23
 #59168 Build of the documentation fails if not-yet-released texinfo versions are used 2020-09-22
 #59167 line() does not accept mixed struct and property/value arguments Confirmed 2020-09-22
 #59164 [octave forge] (stk) install error about rmdir Need Info 2020-09-22
 #59163 [octave forge] (quaternion) Installation error "no such functions in octave_value" Confirmed 2020-09-22
 #59160 [octave forge] (ocl) Installation error using clang Confirmed 2020-09-22
 #59159 [octave forge] (gsl) Installation error using clang 2020-09-22
 #59149 [octave forge] (signal) Resampling from 22050 to 48000 Hz introduces strange and unexpected artifacts 2020-09-20
 #59131 Can't install because package texlive is not available Need Info 2020-09-18
 #59123 Inherited axes properties incorrect/inconsistent 2020-09-17
 #59116 Return value for the String property of uicontrol Confirmed 2020-09-15
 #59094 Possible integer overflow in __ode15__.cc Ready For Test 2020-09-10
 #59076 subplot replaces previously created axes Ready For Test 2020-09-07
 #59067 Implementation of xtickangle(), ytickangle() and ztickangle() 2020-09-05
 #59066 [octave forge] (signal) fir1 => error: fir2: product: nonconformant arguments Confirmed 2020-09-05
 #59065 Newline in first argument of input() is not processed with single-quoted strings Confirmed 2020-09-04
 #59063 Event Handling different between Ode-Solvers (especially ode15s) Need Info 2020-09-04
 #59053 6.0.90a: invalid path in Octave desktop shortcuts if install dir was changed 2020-09-01
 #59050 [octave forge] (ocs) package incorrectly loads on Windows Patch Submitted 2020-09-01
 #59014 [octave forge] (symbolic) add wrapper for collect Patch Submitted octave-forge 2020-08-26
 #59004 [octave forge] (communications) Error when trying to build (constness of cat op args) Patch Submitted 2020-08-24
 #59003 movefile.m shows message about permissions Need Info 2020-08-24
 #58957 [octave forge] (sparsersb) Failure to install and crash in function 2020-08-14
 #58956 Empty plot for certain xlim / ylim settings Patch Submitted 2020-08-14
 #58953 Error with 'end' in index expression with nested function calls Ready For Test 2020-08-14
 #58944 [z,r,p]=qr(a,b) unexpectedly returns z as q instead of q' * b Need Info 2020-08-13
 #58942 [octave forge] (io) version 2.6.1 read cell range data from worksheet Need Info 2020-08-12
 #58931 Right-clicking on a function name defined as a command-line function to edit it leads to inconsistent behaviour 2020-08-10
 #58926 Octave gives wrong results with intel-mkl when diagonalizing large matrices Need Info 2020-08-10
 #58907 'parent' property of ui element keeps being attached to uipanel re: visibility Confirmed 2020-08-06
 #58902 Colorbar disappears on print with pdflatex device Need Info 2020-08-05
 #58871 [octave forge] (symbolic) Unit test failure in inst/@sym/dsolve.m 2020-08-02
 #58870 [octave forge] (symbolic) Failure in matrix power 2020-08-02
 #58869 [octave forge] (symbolic) Failure in matrix division 2020-08-02
 #58860 [octave forge] (tsa) Use UTF-8 encoding 2020-07-31
 #58859 [octave forge] (vibes) Compile against Octave 5 2020-07-31
 #58858 [octave forge] (statistics) Expose unit tests in tbl_delim 2020-07-30
 #58852 [octave forge] (secs2d) Compilation against Octave 4 2020-07-29
 #58849 [octave forge] (nan) Add dependency to statistics 2020-07-29
 #58848 [octave forge] (nan) Wrong file permission in tarball 2020-07-29
 #58847 [octave forge] (nurbs) Use UTF-8 encoding 2020-07-29
 #58844 Unintended binary content copied into clipboard 2020-07-28

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