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#65758 [Request] Add an option to disable tab autocomplete when typing comments 2024-05-18
#65756 Figure "outerposition" property is only partly functional Confirmed 2024-05-18
#65753 Documentation window: Function Index: Search box respects trailing spaces 2024-05-17
#65749 [octave package] (statistics) hist3() help, axes flipped 2024-05-15
#65745 Use of "linestyle" appears to crash Octave, tried 8.4 and 9.1... Need Info 2024-05-14
#65744 sliders take the color of the desktop theme --> unusable with dark theme 2024-05-14
#65740 Renaming File in File Browser may lead to deletion 2024-05-14
#65734 some bar plot updates don't properly update axes and labels 2024-05-13
#65730 Some remaining cases of silent conversion of fractional inputs Ready For Test 2024-05-13
#65726 [octave forge] (communications) Failure to detect the HDF5 library 2024-05-11
#65714 "hist" throws error when input numbers are very close Ready For Test 2024-05-08
#65704 (symbolic) element-wise power slow Need Info 2024-05-07
#65696 (sparsersb) does not handle C++17 properly Confirmed 2024-05-06
#65695 (queueing) needs new package release for 9,x 2024-05-06
#65694 (ga) "test ga" fails with octave 9.x 2024-05-06
#65683 Allow "monotonic" mode for function `issorted` 2024-05-04
#65671 barh baseline stays horizontal, breaks horizontal stacked plots In Progress 2024-05-02
#65669 Cell array construction is memory-intensive Confirmed 2024-05-01
#65667 classdef calls overloaded function struct() rather than builtin struct() Ready For Test 2024-05-01
#65661 bar plot unable to set individual bar colors 2024-04-29
#65659 single bar plots wider than multi-bar plots unlike matlab Confirmed 2024-04-29
#65644 jupyter-notebook tests fail if a figure is already open 2024-04-26
#65637 `short_disp` doesn't show ellipsis at end of long arrays Ready For Test 2024-04-24
#65634 Socket Package AF_UNIX socket not usable. 2024-04-23
#65632 legend produces patch error due to cdata size mismatch Ready For Test 2024-04-23
#65623 New Script Failing to Load - Only Workaround to Restart Octave Need Info 2024-04-22
#65622 contour3: Octave crashes when rotating plot with "showtext" on with System OpenGL driver Confirmed 2024-04-21
#65621 octave hangs or crashes when has small (1GB) ulimit -d - likely ENOMEM handling bug Need Info 2024-04-21
#65618 Complex numbers cant be computed when the value is 0 and in a vector Confirmed 2024-04-21
#65614 Negative window values on Signal pwelch Ready For Test lostbard 2024-04-19
#65613 segfault on windows when rotating sombrero Need Info 2024-04-19
#65610 unable to set breakpoints within set or get functions of classdef classes Ready For Test 2024-04-18
#65608 Drag and drop Panel rearrange not working 2024-04-18
#65607 cluttering text output when using path() with echo on Confirmed 2024-04-18
#65593 geographiclib functions don't hint at `pkg load` Need Info 2024-04-14
#65572 [octave-forge] (video) demo URL encoding problem on Windows11 2024-04-09
#65562 [octave-forge] (matgeom) matgeom-1.2.4 complains about missing subdir polynomialCurves2d Ready For Test 2024-04-05
#65557 Byte-code interpreter does not provide full (recursive) set of error information in some cases In Progress 2024-04-05
#65556 The "AltGr + C" key combination closes the current widget, despite other shortcut settings Confirmed 2024-04-04
#65553 stream2 doesn't extend matrices like matlab Patch Submitted 2024-04-03
#65547 Byte-code machine working in debug mode causes crash / core dump Patch Reviewed 2024-04-02
#65535 (optim) lsqnonlin, lsqcurvefit: non-scalar resnorm, missing lagrange multipliers for both l 2024-03-29
#65530 (communications) should include <cassert> 2024-03-28
#65529 (signal) should include <cassert> Ready For Test 2024-03-28
#65528 (nurbs) should include <cassert> Patch Submitted 2024-03-28
#65526 (optim) ‘class octave::tree_parameter_list’ has no member named ‘length’ 2024-03-28
#65524 Editing text in the command window is unstable when non-ASCII characters are used Confirmed 2024-03-27
#65523 Displaying some invalid UTF-8 character (for example char(181)) disables the display in the console 2024-03-27
#65522 "Run selection" does not produce the same result as running the script Confirmed 2024-03-27
#65520 Financial pkg install for Octave 9.1 fails 2024-03-27

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