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Item ID up Summary Status Assigned to Submitted on
 #56176 Implementation of loadlibrary function (revisited) None None 06:15
 #56175 Image "cdata" property should be documented Confirmed None 04:39
 #56174 Axes "position" property not updated None None 03:11
 #56173 Command window does not display Unicode correctly but editor does! None None 2019-04-19
 #56172 concatenation of empty, 2-D, but not 0x0 arrays differs from Matlab Confirmed None 2019-04-19
 #56171 [octave forge] (control) fails to build and install Need Info None 2019-04-19
 #56170 [octave forge] (signal) results from fir1 differ from Matlab (inaccurate?) Need Info None 2019-04-19
 #56169 [octave forge] (image) images of class double or single fail to convert to class uint8 None None 2019-04-19
 #56167 non-existent cell indexing 'C{}' should produce an error Confirmed None 2019-04-19
 #56162 [octave forge] (econometrics) optional dependence on MPI None None 2019-04-18
 #56160 editor: inappropriate auto insert of "end*" when inserting newlines after keyword Confirmed None 2019-04-17
 #56159 find dialog problems None None 2019-04-17
 #56158 editor file name tabs need improvement None None 2019-04-17
 #56157 Setting breakpoint in non-existent subfunction now produces obtuse error Confirmed None 2019-04-17
 #56156 shortcuts not displayed in editor right-click menu Confirmed None 2019-04-17
 #56155 [Mac] quit menu item disabled after launch Need Info None 2019-04-17
 #56153 Feature Request: any/all could accept a vector for DIM argument Confirmed None 2019-04-17
 #56152 Feature Request: all function should support "all" argument for Matlab compatibility Confirmed None 2019-04-17
 #56151 esc should clear command line, edits shouldn't disable history None None 2019-04-17
 #56150 Regressions with debugger None jwe 2019-04-17
 #56149 An HDF5 file which fails to load causes segfault when eventually exiting Confirmed None 2019-04-17
 #56148 error importing hdf5 file None None 2019-04-17
 #56146 Qt graphics toolkit reports "text_renderer: skipping missing glyph" when creating button, but result is correct Confirmed None 2019-04-17
 #56143 gui hangs on osx when switching between windows None None 2019-04-16
 #56141 [octave forge] (image) bwmorph option 'endpoints' not implemented Confirmed None 2019-04-15
 #56137 Y-axis label is cut-off in the saved png file Confirmed None 2019-04-15
 #56128 pkg: 'update -nodeps' should work None None 2019-04-13
 #56127 Variable Editor should move to next row after entering value and pressing <Return> Confirmed None 2019-04-12
 #56121 teach lexer to recognize "SPDX-License-Identifier" tag as a copyright comment Patch Submitted mtmiller 2019-04-11
 #56118 [octave forge] (statistics) logistic_regression gives incorrect result None None 2019-04-11
 #56114 GUI should gray out Editor options in Window Menu when Qscintilla is not present Confirmed None 2019-04-10
 #56110 Setting figure position is ignored when set before the figure is drawn Works For Me None 2019-04-09
 #56081 quiver and set() many data/property fields is inneficient with many listeners None None 2019-04-05
 #56079 Command window does not accept letters "a", "p", or "w" Need Info None 2019-04-05
 #56072 @documentencoding UTF-8 tag should override __mfile_encoding__ None None 2019-04-04
 #56068 The echo command goes in action only after the SECOND line Confirmed None 2019-04-03
 #56066 [octave forge] (symbolic) integration of heaviside Confirmed None 2019-04-03
 #56065 New function "contains" Patch Submitted None 2019-04-03
 #56051 Not registering an update of source file Need Info None 2019-04-02
 #56039 [octave forge] (octproj) Support for PROJ 6.0.0 None None 2019-03-31
 #56030 GUI context menu is immediately closing without selecting a menu item Need Info None 2019-03-30
 #56028 windowscrollwheelfcn property of a figure None None 2019-03-29
 #56018 "dbclear all" does not fully remove breakpoints in subfunctions Confirmed None 2019-03-28
 #56008 [octave forge] (fuzzy-logic-toolkit) defuzz provides inaccurate result None None 2019-03-27
 #56006 Object indexing: obj(1).property(end+1:n) - end is interpreted wrong None None 2019-03-27
 #55999 Display images larger than GL_MAX_TEXTURE_SIZE None None 2019-03-25
 #55984 movfun dangerous test for function output dimension In Progress juanpi 2019-03-23
 #55983 'x(ix) = []' deletion syntax does not work for objects None None 2019-03-22
 #55980 Octave interpreter indent for print increases whenever octave_base_value::print error emitted Confirmed None 2019-03-22
 #55976 cat, repmat, and reshape don't work for classdef objects None None 2019-03-22

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