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Item ID up Summary Status Assigned to Submitted on
 #60539 Slow performance of betaincinv.m Confirmed 16:42
 #60535 malloc bug in unistd-wrappers.c Confirmed 2021-05-06
 #60533 some Octave functions unable to read ascii data file if D used as exponential separator Confirmed 2021-05-05
 #60531 dbstack(N) not omitting innermost frames as it should Confirmed 2021-05-05
 #60528 betaincinv throws error for some valid inputs Ready For Test 2021-05-05
 #60527 Warnings during compilation and test errors with gcc 11 Need Info 2021-05-05
 #60525 Execution time of ode45, odeset and inputParser Need Info 2021-05-05
 #60524 Octave GUI suddenly exhibits corrupt behaviour Need Info 2021-05-05
 #60521 Allow Boolean input for strfind() 2021-05-04
 #60515 trace documentation 2021-05-04
 #60514 [octave forge] (statistics) anovan unexpectedly outputs "toascii" error message Confirmed 2021-05-03
 #60513 meshc error applying property to hggroup when trying to apply property to underlying surface plot 2021-05-03
 #60509 First initialization of graphics subsystem switches graphics_toolkit when octave-cli used Confirmed 2021-05-03
 #60500 GUI crashes on exit Need Info 2021-05-02
 #60498 Ctrl-C crashes whole desktop session 2021-05-02
 #60497 Unable to pass int64 values to oct interface reliably Confirmed 2021-05-02
 #60493 ignore_function_time_stamp none has no effect Works For Me 2021-05-01
 #60492 [octave forge] (signal) error in clustersegment with input not strictly 0s and 1s Confirmed 2021-05-01
 #60490 CTRL+C interrupt does not get intercepted during intensive computations 2021-04-30
 #60489 Erroneous duplicate method declaration in classdef file does not generate an error Confirmed 2021-04-30
 #60485 my octave won't allow me to quit Need Info 2021-04-30
 #60482 hist() misses error for non-numeric input Need Info 2021-04-29
 #60481 Extra viewing panes 2021-04-29
 #60475 [ocatave forge] (signal) buttap poles have a different order Confirmed 2021-04-29
 #60471 clang-12 error: unknown type name 'size_t' Ready For Test 2021-04-29
 #60470 lo-array-errwarn.cc should include <limits> Ready For Test 2021-04-29
 #60469 F9 to run selected code stopped working Confirmed 2021-04-28
 #60466 Wish: errors in built-in functions should provide debugging information pointing to m-file context Confirmed 2021-04-28
 #60465 [octave forge] (signal) findpeaks should plot data Confirmed 2021-04-28
 #60453 Input function on windows fails to trim carriage return character when running in batch mode Confirmed 2021-04-25
 #60451 [octave forge] (control) Make error on Mac 2021-04-24
 #60433 legend with gnuplot improperly sized for uppercase labels Confirmed 2021-04-21
 #60432 [octave forge] (signal) xcorr optional args in any positional order Confirmed 2021-04-21
 #60427 [octave forge] (signal) decimate function outputs divergent numbers Confirmed 2021-04-20
 #60426 patch: huge speed-up of pchip for mixed precision arguments 2021-04-20
 #60420 Connect unused SIGNAL/SLOTS in octave-qobject.cc?? In Progress jwe 2021-04-19
 #60419 [octave forge] (zeromq) package install fails with recent libzmq Ready For Test lostbard 2021-04-19
 #60411 build: might be nice to warn if epstool not found, similar to ghostscript 2021-04-17
 #60409 [octave forge] (communications) huffmandeco throws out of memory or dimension too large for Octave's index type error 2021-04-17
 #60396 Java Methods expecting native java char type input cannot be used 2021-04-14
 #60387 ftp class method 'dir' extremely slow Confirmed 2021-04-13
 #60375 [octave forge] (signal) New implementation of bilinear 2021-04-11
 #60367 GUI text not scaled on bigger displays 2021-04-10
 #60365 segfault at exit after "test audiodevinfo" 2021-04-10
 #60364 Takes too much memory to call unique(perms(...)), so here's a new function uniqueperms 2021-04-10
 #60361 division on double data with single precision diagonal matrix very slow 2021-04-09
 #60360 [octave forge] (parallel) fills up RAM, then crashes 2021-04-08
 #60352 Print in eps format is not working Need Info 2021-04-07
 #60348 [octave forge] (statistics) logistic_regression 2021-04-06
 #60347 Wrong third output in "intersect" with "stable" flag Confirmed 2021-04-06

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