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 #60797 sqrtm: returns nan for matrix of ones with rows and columns >=4 Ready For Test 2021-06-18
 #60792 legend function returns too few objects in different order compared to Matlab Need Info 2021-06-17
 #60791 classdef subsasgn / subsref called incorrectly 2021-06-17
 #60786 mpower: negative scalar to power of matrix containing non-integers returns nan Confirmed 2021-06-16
 #60784 Inconsistent behavior for boolean matrix types with matrix functions Need Info 2021-06-16
 #60763 use of function 'properties' within a classdef appears to confuse parser Ready For Test 2021-06-10
 #60759 test subplot fails on hi-res display 2021-06-09
 #60750 Variable Editor changes docking state when 'openvar'-ring a variable Ready For Test ttl 2021-06-08
 #60744 [octave forge] (matgeom) Extraneous file in tarball In Progress juanpi 2021-06-07
 #60738 logm returning incorrect result with some real non-symmetric matrices Ready For Test 2021-06-06
 #60733 Feature Request: keyboard command to switch from pager to debugger 2021-06-05
 #60729 print_usage within classdef constructor breaks subsequent calls to the class Confirmed 2021-06-04
 #60726 nargout for {} in subsref() method does not match MATLAB Confirmed 2021-06-03
 #60724 (Wish) GUI editor : align comment statements 2021-06-03
 #60723 subsagn raise error on .-indexing for table with subsref/subsasgn defined 2021-06-03
 #60722 GUI "Browse Directory" hangs with native file dialogs on KDE Need Info 2021-06-02
 #60720 Multiline titles only show the first line with gnuplot 2021-06-01
 #60719 (Wish) GUI editor : align assignment statements 2021-06-01
 #60712 Editor : highlight statements that are not terminated by semicolon 2021-05-31
 #60711 textscan with '.' char read as float Confirmed 2021-05-31
 #60705 [octave forge] (symbolic) int (x * sqrt (abs (x)) on [-1, 1] gives wrong result Confirmed 2021-05-30
 #60696 octave --interactive should not imply --no-line-editing when running in a terminal Confirmed 2021-05-29
 #60695 Presence of qtchooser in host system breaks build with Qt in another prefix (pkgsrc here) 2021-05-29
 #60693 When octave is invoked with -i option, plot window resizing fails 2021-05-29
 #60692 Octave hangs when GUI editor file is saved during shutdown Ready For Test ttl 2021-05-28
 #60691 Legend unaware of new "scatter" graphics object Ready For Test 2021-05-28
 #60688 jsondecode does not handle some arrays of structs correctly Confirmed 2021-05-28
 #60687 octave control: Undefined symbols for architecture x86_64 2021-05-28
 #60683 Hidden foreign characters in command window (copy-paste) 2021-05-28
 #60682 betainc is inaccurate 2021-05-28
 #60680 arrayfun should support user-defined class arrays that support linear indexing 2021-05-27
 #60679 build: provide an option to disable icons when building from hg 2021-05-27
 #60675 the call debug_on_error(1) generates a warning: implicit conversion from matrix to sq_string Need Info 2021-05-26
 #60671 Wrong result when subtracting one month from 31-MON-YEAR date 2021-05-25
 #60664 [MXE Octave] cannot work with RAW images - dcraw command fails Ready For Test 2021-05-24
 #60652 Console crashes randomly 2021-05-21
 #60650 [octave forge] (linear-algebra) nmf_bpas fails for rank k=1 2021-05-20
 #60647 datevec(730972.1249999999) Confirmed 2021-05-20
 #60646 launching qt doc browser with doc function leaves temporary files Ready For Test 2021-05-20
 #60640 syntax error when tab autocomplete of @classname folder inserts single quote 2021-05-19
 #60638 m-file contents tree 2021-05-19
 #60632 Octave editor does not always react to right-clicking on the text 2021-05-18
 #60629 UPSTREAM: classdef methods access attribute: colorize keyword Access Confirmed 2021-05-18
 #60626 "number pad" - digits, dot, arrows - are unusable 2021-05-18
 #60622 [octave forge] (parallel) reads init file despite --no-init-file 2021-05-17
 #60621 unclear error message in case of missing final semicolon in 'plot' command argument 2021-05-17
 #60620 octave-cli crashes when interacting with Java libraries Confirmed 2021-05-17
 #60614 Wrong font size in errorbar with gnuplot toolkit 2021-05-16
 #60608 [octave forge] (parallel) install fails in Octave 7 Confirmed 2021-05-14
 #60606 [octave forge] (signal) cplxreal error on odd number of zeros 2021-05-14

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