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 #58150 Slow loglog plot with non-default font 2020-04-09
 #58148 canonicalize_file_name does not return correctly capitalized path on Windows 2020-04-09
 #58147 Matlab 2020 compatibility: dec2bin, dec2hex shouldn't error on negative inputs Confirmed 2020-04-09
 #58144 Cdata for UIcontrol is not properly implemented Need Info 2020-04-08
 #58127 save -V7 and -append error Need Info 2020-04-06
 #58126 [octave forge] (generate_html) produces duplicate figures Patch Submitted 2020-04-06
 #58119 isa() does not respect interfaces inherited from superclasses for Java objects 2020-04-05
 #58116 Feature Request: missing option "all" for several functions - sum, mean, and others Confirmed 2020-04-04
 #58110 Specified fonts not rendered in pdf output with gnuplot toolkit Confirmed 2020-04-04
 #58109 Editor: highlighted/selected text removed on focus change Confirmed 2020-04-03
 #58105 isfield needs time proportional to number of fields 2020-04-02
 #58096 Plot first segment in ostreamtube 2020-04-01
 #58090 Command line freeze when typing 2020-03-31
 #58089 [Feature Request] sum along multiple dimensions Confirmed 2020-03-31
 #58082 [MXE Octave] installer does not run pkg rebuild automatically on install Need Info 2020-03-30
 #58081 Clipping of samples in octave audiowrite function differs from matlab 2020-03-30
 #58079 textscan goes past EOL when fmt contains multiple items but input does not Confirmed 2020-03-30
 #58072 Do not install executable *.oct in /usr/lib 2020-03-28
 #58070 [octave forge] (symbolic) doesn't close Python subprocess on "clear all" Confirmed 2020-03-28
 #58055 ftell() incorrect on MS Windows platforms if file is not encoded with CRLF line endings Confirmed 2020-03-27
 #58052 [octave forge] (parallel) problem with random number initialization 2020-03-26
 #58045 [octave forge] (io) odsread error Need Info philipnienhuis 2020-03-25
 #58041 'clear all' produces error in handle class delete method accessing private property Works For Me 2020-03-24
 #58029 Octave freezes on startup Need Info 2020-03-23
 #58009 Problems with parsing m-files: overwritten old version is executed Need Info 2020-03-18
 #58004 [octave-forge] (io) xmlread.m makes Octave crash 2020-03-17
 #58002 [MXE Octave] DEBUG: FC_WEIGHT didn't match Confirmed 2020-03-16
 #58001 All points in plot sent to output resulting in very large files Wont Fix 2020-03-16
 #57986 qp() reports full convergence while actually vioalating lbound/ubound: Works For Me 2020-03-11
 #57982 [octave forge] (optim) error message in nonlin_min for a simple problem Confirmed 2020-03-10
 #57980 Transparent faces are not sorted back to front Confirmed 2020-03-10
 #57969 ctrl-shortcuts suddenly stop working in editor Works For Me 2020-03-08
 #57964 polyfit() results for polynomial degree greater or equal than number of data Confirmed 2020-03-06
 #57963 max_recursion_depth exceeded error in non-recursive classdef static method Need Info 2020-03-06
 #57955 [octave forge] (parallel) build complains about missing -fPIC flag at link stage Confirmed 2020-03-05
 #57941 Handle to a nested function with more than one input does not work Confirmed jwe 2020-03-02
 #57939 audioplayer.play crashes with exception when called with nbits = 32 Ready For Test 2020-03-02
 #57938 [octave forge] (video) error: declaration of 'panic' has a different language linkage 2020-03-02
 #57935 mkoctfile: unrecognized argument /path/to/libopenblas.so Confirmed 2020-03-01
 #57933 [octave forge] (queueing) Building of PDF documentation fails Confirmed caliari 2020-03-01
 #57919 Octave's visualization of structures can be improved 2020-02-28
 #57917 [octave forge] (statistics) fitgmdist does not return AIC, BIC, etc. Ready For Test 2020-02-28
 #57909 incorrect result for sparse matrix exponentiation Patch Submitted 2020-02-27
 #57908 complex exponentiation compatibility issue Confirmed 2020-02-27
 #57907 legend does not show dashed line with larger linewidth Confirmed 2020-02-27
 #57902 Confusing debug output from commands executed with "Run Selection" Confirmed 2020-02-26
 #57879 strncmp(str_a, str_b, N) gives an error for N=0 Confirmed 2020-02-21
 #57872 newly compiled function (.mex/.oct) with same name as m-file does not immediately override function file Confirmed 2020-02-21
 #57870 mod doesn't accept char or logical inputs (Matlab compatibility) Confirmed 2020-02-21
 #57867 strrep: unexpected substitution behavior on a char array 2020-02-20

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