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 #55521 [octave forge] (image) Unit tests for bwpack and bwunpack fail on big endian architectures None None 21:02
 #55518 [MXE Octave] could not build stable Octave because problems with msys2-keyring Ready For Test lostbard 2019-01-19
 #55517 datenum doco: warn about DST transitions None None 2019-01-19
 #55516 parfor doco clarifying parallelism is unimplemented None None 2019-01-19
 #55515 pkg install has obtuse error messages when -forge option is forgotten None None 2019-01-18
 #55514 "axis equal" makes picture disappear None None 2019-01-18
 #55509 pkg load: automatically register QHelp files with doc browser None None 2019-01-18
 #55503 Translation for appdata info None None 2019-01-17
 #55501 subsequent calls to "help @sym/beta" gives "help beta" text Confirmed None 2019-01-17
 #55500 print modifies view of plot Confirmed None 2019-01-17
 #55498 Welcome dialog mis-layed-out on HiDPI Windows 10 None None 2019-01-17
 #55497 No or wrong default file name when saving a classdef file None None 2019-01-17
 #55495 autoload should only work for .oct files; documentation should also be clear about that None None 2019-01-16
 #55494 [octave forge] (bim) Unit test in bim1c_norm.m fails randomly None None 2019-01-16
 #55493 Orientation of automatically calculated normals differ from Matlab None None 2019-01-16
 #55492 "make check" crashes with jit (llvm 4.0.1) Confirmed None 2019-01-16
 #55488 Invalid use of colon char as classdef function's argument when subsref is overwritten None None 2019-01-16
 #55487 ismethod of custom classdefs always returning false None None 2019-01-16
 #55486 imread imports PDF(paper) images with low 75dpi(screen) resolution None None 2019-01-16
 #55483 Matlab uses different algorithm for determining ticklength in 3-D than Octave Confirmed None 2019-01-16
 #55481 Plotting differences from Matlab at 5.0 release In Progress None 2019-01-15
 #55479 dlmread('test.csv','\t',1) fails with parsing Range error. None None 2019-01-15
 #55476 SuperClassList capitalization issue Confirmed None 2019-01-14
 #55469 JIT crash related to use of ranges and complex numbers Confirmed None 2019-01-14
 #55457 which() and edit() don't work on functions or classes in namespaces None None 2019-01-12
 #55456 "dbstop if all error" support None None 2019-01-12
 #55455 Font selection dropdown shows fonts in really large type None None 2019-01-12
 #55452 fopen() does not support encoding argument None None 2019-01-12
 #55448 dir() command sometimes returns filenames in the .folder field Confirmed None 2019-01-11
 #55447 mkoctfile: wrong LFLAGS warning, resets LDFLAGS Confirmed None 2019-01-11
 #55446 Implementation of lightangle Ready For Test None 2019-01-11
 #55444 FULL screen plotting issue None None 2019-01-11
 #55441 colorbar properties need listeners to invoke actions Confirmed None 2019-01-10
 #55438 [octave forge] (image) Binary input image for edge None None 2019-01-10
 #55437 Files in editor are reported as modified while heavily parsing date strings with datenum() Need Info None 2019-01-10
 #55436 Add support for more types for image's cdata None None 2019-01-10
 #55432 clang w/ ASAN: stack-use-after-scope (starting octave) None None 2019-01-10
 #55430 usejava starts the JVM if it hadn't been initialized yet None None 2019-01-09
 #55429 javachk should be able to report whether HAVE_JAVA is enabled Postponed None 2019-01-09
 #55427 save -v7 exits with "error compressing data element" None None 2019-01-09
 #55426 [octave forge] (communications) rsdec crashes when fcr>k and block contains errors None None 2019-01-09
 #55425 [octave forge] (splines) Unit tests in tpaps and tps_val fail randomly None None 2019-01-09
 #55424 [octave forge] (communications) rsdec() returns incorrect result if shortened message is used None None 2019-01-08
 #55419 uiputfile: third output arg FLTIDX not documented Confirmed None 2019-01-08
 #55418 Speed issue with uicontrols Confirmed None 2019-01-08
 #55415 Memory leaks during "make check" Confirmed None 2019-01-07
 #55410 [octave forge] (geometry) Migrate to Python3 Patch Submitted None 2019-01-07
 #55409 [octave forge] (geometry) Do not strip debugging symbols Patch Submitted None 2019-01-07
 #55408 empty plot after 'axis equal; xlim(...)' Confirmed None 2019-01-07
 #55406 [octave forge] (miscellaneous) relies on deprecated octave_config_info Postponed None 2019-01-06

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