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 #60967 interp1 returns wrong result when given both a method and an extrapval Ready For Test 15:45
 #60966 FinDiffRelStep option not implemented Need Info 2021-07-24
 #60965 interp makima method not implemented Confirmed 2021-07-24
 #60963 [octave forge] (control) Matlab Compatibility for step() and axes "grid" property, sgrid() and axes "box" property Confirmed 2021-07-23
 #60951 get (uicontrol_object, "ListboxTop") property not implemented Confirmed 2021-07-21
 #60946 [octave forge] (image) bug in imresize implementation 2021-07-20
 #60941 Whitespace now causes parse error for postfix increment / decrement operators Confirmed 2021-07-19
 #60933 Unable to save scripts (new or after edit) in the 32-bit version Need Info 2021-07-18
 #60928 Performance of sort unexpectedly slow for DIM=2 Confirmed 2021-07-16
 #60920 [octave forge] (optim) New warnings on loading package 2021-07-15
 #60912 Installing with installer corrupts permissions on temporary directory (temp / tmp) 2021-07-12
 #60897 caxis affected by rectangle and patch graphic without scaled color Confirmed 2021-07-09
 #60896 'pkg load statistics' crashes Octave 2021-07-08
 #60891 [octave forge] (optiminterp) Compilation against gfortran 11 2021-07-07
 #60890 parse error / syntax error for any valid script Need Info 2021-07-06
 #60888 Extend audioread() to read files where header does not specify number of samples 2021-07-06
 #60886 Command line option '--gui' ignored when used together with '--path' Ready For Test 2021-07-06
 #60884 [octave forge] (geometry) Compile with g++ v11 Ready For Test juanpi 2021-07-06
 #60882 error parsing command syntax In Progress 2021-07-05
 #60875 Save function doesn't warn when disk is full Confirmed 2021-07-03
 #60869 Ampersand character in uimenu label Confirmed 2021-07-01
 #60861 set command doesn't allow mixed prop/value pairs and cell arrays Confirmed 2021-06-30
 #60860 Implementation of memoize 2021-06-30
 #60858 [octave forge] (control) Wrong signs in unit test for bstmodred 2021-06-30
 #60854 dec2hex with character input 2021-06-29
 #60846 sparse matrix elementwise exponentiation can produce incorrect results jwe 2021-06-28
 #60831 WindowButtonUpFcn is not always called Confirmed 2021-06-27
 #60830 [octave-forge] (io) xls2oct can't find worksheets in .xlsx file created by Google Docs Ready For Test 2021-06-26
 #60829 "keypressfcn" property not implemented for uicontrol objects Postponed 2021-06-26
 #60825 [octave forge] (io) io oct2xls corrupts content.xml Ready For Test philipnienhuis 2021-06-26
 #60818 delaunayn - 2D code path vectorization doesn't match nD algorithm In Progress 2021-06-24
 #60808 Missing support for "uifigure" Confirmed 2021-06-21
 #60806 Usability enhancement - include usage instructions in files generated by save Need Info 2021-06-21
 #60801 Feature Request - Implement Position as an option in listdlg 2021-06-20
 #60800 [octave forge] (communications) rsenc() returns incorrect result with shortened messages 2021-06-20
 #60797 sqrtm: returns nan for matrix of ones with rows and columns >=4 Ready For Test 2021-06-18
 #60792 legend function returns too few objects in different order compared to Matlab Need Info 2021-06-17
 #60791 classdef subsasgn / subsref called incorrectly 2021-06-17
 #60786 mpower: negative scalar to power of matrix containing non-integers returns nan Need Info 2021-06-16
 #60784 Inconsistent behavior for boolean matrix types with matrix functions Need Info 2021-06-16
 #60763 use of function 'properties' within a classdef appears to confuse parser Ready For Test 2021-06-10
 #60759 test subplot fails on hi-res display 2021-06-09
 #60744 [octave forge] (matgeom) Extraneous file in tarball In Progress juanpi 2021-06-07
 #60738 logm returning incorrect result with some real non-symmetric matrices Ready For Test 2021-06-06
 #60733 Feature Request: keyboard command to switch from pager to debugger 2021-06-05
 #60729 print_usage within classdef constructor breaks subsequent calls to the class Confirmed 2021-06-04
 #60726 nargout for {} in subsref() method does not match MATLAB Confirmed 2021-06-03
 #60724 (Wish) GUI editor : align comment statements 2021-06-03
 #60723 subsagn raise error on .-indexing for table with subsref/subsasgn defined 2021-06-03
 #60722 GUI "Browse Directory" hangs with native file dialogs on KDE Need Info 2021-06-02

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