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 #58704 png plot does nor respect dpi and produces unreadable results 12:37
 #58702 emf format no longer works for printing 2 12:00
 #58701 [octave-forge] (mapping) gpxread time parsing error with decimal seconds 11:40
 #58698 pkg install fails in current 6.0.1 octave Ready For Test siko1056 2020-07-03
 #58697 ttest2 does not give the same result as matlab when input contain nans 2020-07-03
 #58695 Array is left empty if an element is a function call returning nothing Confirmed 2020-07-03
 #58691 Variables cannot be set in a script called by a nested function Confirmed 2020-07-03
 #58689 [MXE Octave] Update mesa to use meson as (native) build tool Need Info 2020-07-02
 #58688 [octave-forge](statistics) logistic and laplace distributions have no parameters 2020-07-02
 #58686 Interpreter silently ignores inputs In Progress 2020-07-01
 #58684 [octave forge] (image) imtranslate produces nonsense for fractional shifts 2020-06-30
 #58680 Octave keeps on crashing Need Info 2020-06-30
 #58679 Missing function lsqminnorm 2020-06-29
 #58678 Deadlock when deleting a figure while another figure is beingdeleted Confirmed 2020-06-29
 #58677 Error when using += operator Confirmed 2020-06-29
 #58667 [octave forge] (control) Some scripts in the control package need to be updated Need Info 2020-06-28
 #58651 [octave-forge](statistics) logistic_regression: what is actually done with >2 categories? Confirmed 2020-06-24
 #58649 axes labeling breaks the axis position property during printing Confirmed 2020-06-23
 #58648 Wrong error message using tfdata with non lti model arguments [control package 3.2.0 ] 2020-06-23
 #58637 Fullwidth CJK characters are displayed twice in command window (on Windows) Confirmed 2020-06-21
 #58636 Integral fails to call quadgk for complex integration 2020-06-20
 #58622 "print -dmeta" should send output to clipboard Confirmed 2020-06-19
 #58618 [octave forge] (io) csv2cell does not read all rows Need Info 2020-06-19
 #58617 cell2struct silently truncates char matrices Confirmed siko1056 2020-06-19
 #58580 Changes to classdef files and additions to +package folders aren't reflected without magic incantations Postponed 2020-06-16
 #58572 cellfun calls overloaded functions for class method isnumeric called instead of built-in isnumeric Ready For Test 2020-06-15
 #58569 clang static code analysis report 2020-06-14
 #58567 [octave forge] (image) radon does not support logical images Confirmed avinoam 2020-06-14
 #58566 plotyy() and subplot() generate errors Confirmed 2020-06-14
 #58564 classdef instance field access painfully slow vs. struct field access Confirmed 2020-06-14
 #58540 plotting does not handle very small positive data properly (of order realmin ("single")) Confirmed 2020-06-10
 #58538 [octave forge] (control) step and lsim fail on high order transfer functions In Progress 2020-06-10
 #58536 [octave forge] (symbolic) adding exponential functions returns wrong results 2020-06-09
 #58534 [octave forge] (symbolic) Expand on Trigonometric Expression doesn't change it Confirmed 2020-06-09
 #58532 Octave 5.2 crash on RDP session 2020-06-09
 #58530 missing functions: xline() and yline() Confirmed 2020-06-08
 #58526 "view(az, el)" does not work with gnuplot Ready For Test 2020-06-08
 #58521 uigetdir ignores selected folder Ready For Test 2020-06-07
 #58509 [octave forge] (parallel) pararrayfun has a problem with functions Wont Fix 2020-06-06
 #58505 Handing NAs to glpk() can causes several classes of crashes Confirmed 2020-06-06
 #58494 [Feature Request] graphics handles should support classdef dot syntax for accessing properties 2020-06-03
 #58493 Accentued letter (french accent) in file path problem and Magick++ exception Ready For Test 2020-06-03
 #58491 [octave forge] (symbolic) not compatible with SymPy 1.6 Confirmed 2020-06-03
 #58487 pkg update should be able to update external packages 2020-06-02
 #58479 plottyy print out is different than onscreen appearance 2020-06-01
 #58464 [octave forge] (tisean) Failing unit tests in lyap_spec and ikeda 2020-05-29
 #58456 [octave forge] (symbolic) vpasolve error: NameError: name 'exp_polar' is not defined Confirmed 2020-05-27
 #58452 [octave forge] (parallel) parcellfun does not work with ErrorHandler Wont Fix 2020-05-27
 #58451 [octave forge] (video) Unit test VideoWriter fails on ppc64el 2020-05-27
 #58446 [octave forge] (octclip) Spelling error in documentation string of function _oc_polybool 2020-05-26

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