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Item ID up Summary Status Assigned to Submitted
 #62682 ezplot() gets different results between inline function and anonymous function 2022-06-29
 #62681 pkg test: Tests outside of the specified package are being run 2022-06-28
 #62668 TeX \color[rgb] not working. Gives syntax error. Ready For Test 2022-06-23
 #62663 Cannot see a plot on windows 2022-06-22
 #62660 Cannot see a plot on qt graphics on 7.1.0 windows 2022-06-22
 #62648 forthcoming build problem with texinfo>6.8 2022-06-17
 #62645 Colormap or ColorOrder not respected by `bar` Confirmed 2022-06-17
 #62639 inputParser fails to add Optional argument with empty cell default value Ready For Test 2022-06-16
 #62604 Octave GUI closes by itself Need Info 2022-06-09
 #62589 dir ('NAME*/') should list contents of directories rather than directory names Confirmed 2022-06-06
 #62576 dir() behavior changed in octave 7.1.0 for network drives Ready For Test 2022-06-03
 #62565 fixed_point_format displays differently in Octave than Matlab Confirmed 2022-06-02
 #62562 undocked editor and documentation window show up empty on start 2022-06-02
 #62554 [octave forge] (nan) nan 3.7.0 errors and warnings on install 2022-06-01
 #62552 In-place operator spacing works for 'i' and 'j', but not other variable names In Progress 2022-05-31
 #62550 Unicode support for script file names 2022-05-31
 #62538 [octave forge] (arduino) playTone function does not play the correct frequency Ready For Test lostbard 2022-05-29
 #62515 Crash on exit if directory for history doesn't exist Need Info 2022-05-24
 #62513 Crash while resizing command widget 2022-05-23
 #62504 Support setting uitable() columnwidth to "fit" Need Info 2022-05-22
 #62492 command line completion with <TAB> key should be context aware Confirmed 2022-05-20
 #62490 Document how to allow entering multiple lines in an "edit" uicontrol() Confirmed 2022-05-19
 #62481 Cannot set exactly xlim / ylim at very small values Confirmed 2022-05-17
 #62462 [GitHub] Please apply the CFF standard to your CITATION file 2022-05-14
 #62461 [GitHub] [Workflows] GITHUB_TOKEN with too much permissions 2022-05-14
 #62452 [octave forge] (image) bwmorph spur produces wrong result Confirmed 2022-05-13
 #62443 Deprecate uimenu property "Position" Confirmed 2022-05-11
 #62436 pkg build fails if no configure file exists Ready For Test 2022-05-11
 #62435 Variables editor fails to display variable 2022-05-10
 #62432 classdef object display of boolean matrix property fails with error: octave_base_value::bool_value(): wrong type argumen Confirmed 2022-05-10
 #62431 'format' function inputs and outputs a display state object 2022-05-09
 #62420 inputParser fails due to interpreter changes in 7.1.0 Ready For Test 2022-05-06
 #62406 Common java classes (String, Number) do not have overloaded display routines as in Matlab Confirmed 2022-05-03
 #62399 Line editor of the Command Window is not operating well 2022-05-03
 #62394 [octave forge] (statistics) `normplot` error message Confirmed 2022-05-02
 #62373 some plot functions ignore axes handle (interaction with newplot) Confirmed 2022-04-27
 #62365 history fails to create nested directory on write attempt Confirmed 2022-04-25
 #62362 __unimplemented__.m package function lists are out of date Confirmed 2022-04-25
 #62358 Performance of Matrix Multiplication significantly slower in 7.1.0 compared to 6.1.0 Confirmed 2022-04-24
 #62352 Octave GUI crashes immediatley after loading Need Info 2022-04-22
 #62349 [octave forge] (parallel) installation fails with missing num_processors Confirmed 2022-04-22
 #62343 'zoom on' toggles instead of turning on Confirmed 2022-04-21
 #62334 [octave forge] (level-set) test failures with Octave 7.1.0 2022-04-19
 #62333 [octave forge] (econometrics) failure to install package 2022-04-19
 #62332 [MinGW] acos(z), asin(z) and atan(z) , ( z = x + yi ) return wrong result for imaginary part lower than 1e-12 2022-04-18
 #62330 [octave forge] (mapping) degrees2dm fails on NaN input Patch Submitted 2022-04-18
 #62314 [octave forge] (queueing) Test failure with Octave 7 2022-04-14
 #62312 NEWS file not on website for version 7.1.0 2022-04-13
 #62308 use of octave::feval causes error: function '...' not found Ready For Test 2022-04-13
 #62292 [octave forge] (control) Generic close loop formula doesn't show same result than feedback function Works For Me 2022-04-11

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