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Item ID up Summary Status Assigned to Submitted
#65986 Streamline finding and downloading a required pkg 2024-07-13
#65984 plot3 cant plot when x and y dimensions are not the same 2024-07-13
#65971 Issue function warnings in a namespace for easy suppression 2024-07-10
#65968 Printing to pdf produces distorted result Need Info 2024-07-09
#65964 nthargout does not propagate error ID 2024-07-08
#65963 pkg install "fopen: encoding must be 'UTF-8'' warnings on macOS 14 AS Ready For Test 2024-07-07
#65959 qt backend: should print with -rNUM set dpi related metadata for png, jpeg, etc.? 2024-07-06
#65944 octave-dicom: crash in test suite with use-after-free on ubuntu 24.10 Ready For Test lostbard 2024-07-03
#65931 print() -S switch producing incorrect resolution 2024-06-29
#65928 movfun dimension constraints: shouldn't error for dim > ndims(x), or wlen > size(x, dim), or wlen=1 In Progress 2024-06-28
#65927 movfun: output shape incorrect for dim>2 Ready For Test 2024-06-28
#65924 Keyboard shortcut for cut in editor not working 2024-06-27
#65906 marker in legend not using linewidth Patch Submitted 2024-06-22
#65904 copyobj figure missing legend markers Confirmed 2024-06-21
#65900 [octave forge] (symbolic) Failing unit test in @sym/bernoulli.m 2024-06-20
#65899 [octave forge] (symbolic) Failing unit test in vpa.m 2024-06-20
#65898 Odd quotes in help: neither console nor gui display them correctly under Windows 2024-06-19
#65877 struct field assignment using {:} produces invalid dimension error Confirmed 2024-06-13
#65876 error retrieving data from struct values in containers.Maps Ready For Test 2024-06-13
#65872 [octave forge] (mapping) angl2str inaccuracy Confirmed 2024-06-11
#65866 make check: Fatal segmentation fault when running image/getframe.m test Need Info 2024-06-10
#65851 Editor feature request - highlight selection/search results throughout document 2024-06-08
#65846 multiline title is printed outside image when using inner positionconstraint Confirmed 2024-06-07
#65835 [Feature Request] qt figure created by imshow or imagesc to show value at mouse cursor in status bar next to coordinates 2024-06-04
#65823 Save File shortcut key not working in Editor 2024-05-31
#65808 "octave.bat" does not work in case the PATH variable contains directories with spaces Need Info 2024-05-29
#65802 (statistics) nanmin and nanmax throw error when requesting a mutual comparison (two parameter) Need Info 2024-05-28
#65797 adding keyboard command within __bar__.m update_data() function causes Octave hang Confirmed 2024-05-27
#65769 Error when running a new .m file Confirmed 2024-05-22
#65765 Documentation of left eigenvectors in eig() 2024-05-21
#65758 [Request] Add an option to disable tab autocomplete when typing comments 2024-05-18
#65756 Figure "outerposition" property is only partly functional Confirmed 2024-05-18
#65753 Documentation window: Function Index: Search box respects trailing spaces 2024-05-17
#65749 [octave package] (statistics) hist3() help, axes flipped 2024-05-15
#65744 sliders take the color of the desktop theme --> unusable with dark theme 2024-05-14
#65740 Renaming File in File Browser may lead to deletion 2024-05-14
#65734 some bar plot updates don't properly update axes and labels 2024-05-13
#65726 [octave forge] (communications) Failure to detect the HDF5 library 2024-05-11
#65704 (symbolic) element-wise power slow Need Info 2024-05-07
#65696 (sparsersb) does not handle C++17 properly Confirmed 2024-05-06
#65695 (queueing) needs new package release for 9,x 2024-05-06
#65694 (ga) "test ga" fails with octave 9.x 2024-05-06
#65683 issorted: enable 'monotonic' and "strict..." sort modes. Ready For Test 2024-05-04
#65671 barh baseline stays horizontal, breaks horizontal stacked plots In Progress 2024-05-02
#65669 Cell array construction is memory-intensive Confirmed 2024-05-01
#65661 bar plot unable to set individual bar colors 2024-04-29
#65659 single bar plots wider than multi-bar plots unlike matlab Confirmed 2024-04-29
#65634 Socket Package AF_UNIX socket not usable. 2024-04-23
#65632 legend produces patch error due to cdata size mismatch Ready For Test 2024-04-23
#65623 New Script Failing to Load - Only Workaround to Restart Octave Need Info 2024-04-22

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