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 #56800 uigetfile ('MultiSelect', 'on') is not compatible with "Recent" file dialog feature 2019-08-24
 #56796 [octave forge] (image) imtransform changes the contrast of image when using bilinear interpolation 2019-08-22
 #56795 Octave GUI opens and immediately closes Need Info 2019-08-22
 #56789 Typing Russian text in the Octave console under Windows does not work 2019-08-21
 #56788 parse error on command syntax with argument that starts with a non-ASCII character Confirmed 2019-08-21
 #56787 Misplaced legend when printing with a nondefault size 2019-08-21
 #56786 [octave forge] (octclip) Compilation issues with gcc 9 2019-08-21
 #56783 Octave-5.1.0 on FreeBSD 12: crash with simple surf plot. Need Info 2019-08-21
 #56782 GNU Octave encoding issues under windows 2019-08-21
 #56780 uimenu keyboard shortcuts 'e','f','t' don't work properly Confirmed 2019-08-20
 #56777 Press "h" in plot window doesn't show help but freeze the plot window 2019-08-19
 #56776 Pause function doesn't respond to key press 2019-08-18
 #56775 [octave forge] (symbolic) wrong release version Works For Me 2019-08-18
 #56765 movstd, movvar should accept normalization argument for Matlab compatibility Confirmed 2019-08-16
 #56752 Performance slowdown from version 3.2.4 through to current dev branch Confirmed 2019-08-12
 #56740 Block Comments hang interpreter (Mac OS) Need Info 2019-08-10
 #56735 ismembertol function of MATLAB is missing Confirmed 2019-08-09
 #56728 [octave-forge] (geometry-4.0.0) build error due to apparently unneeded including parse.h Patch Submitted juanpi 2019-08-07
 #56703 winqueryreg does not return correct DWORD data Patch Submitted lostbard 2019-07-31
 #56698 [octave forge](tisean) pca and princomp inconsistent 2019-07-30
 #56697 waitfor and the "Interruptible" and "BusyAction" properties 2019-07-30
 #56690 gui: variable editor should support display of lazy_index Confirmed 2019-07-28
 #56685 Variable editor won't plot selected variable (incorrect size error) Confirmed 2019-07-28
 #56665 Incorrect results with ppval and interp1 when using complex query points Confirmed 2019-07-24
 #56664 [octave forge] JavaScript code shown at the bottom of Octave web pages at octave.sourceforge.io when using Firefox Works For Me 2019-07-24
 #56659 Symmetry of linspace (-a, a, n) Patch Submitted 2019-07-23
 #56658 SelectionType callback is executed with variable delay depending on where click occurs 2019-07-22
 #56656 [octave forge] (windows) error: com_get: property/method invocation on the COM object failed with error `0x800a16e6' 2019-07-22
 #56646 SelectionType in a listbox's callback Confirmed 2019-07-19
 #56645 animatedline() 2019-07-18
 #56639 rescale: new function to scale an array to match a given interval Confirmed 2019-07-16
 #56636 Octave's interp1 does not have the same rules for when to extrapolate as Matlab. Confirmed 2019-07-15
 #56624 webwrite only supports form-encoded parameters, not user-defined data Confirmed siko1056 2019-07-12
 #56612 Suggested new "lego plot" function 2019-07-11
 #56600 system blocks when user calls a background command ending in ampersand Confirmed 2019-07-09
 #56594 [Patch] containers.Map does not auto-convert differing numeric key-types Patch Submitted 2019-07-08
 #56582 [octave forge] (optim) lsqlin produces unexpected error on linearly dependent inputs 2019-07-05
 #56572 [octave forge] (statistics) kolmogorov_smirnov_test_2(x,y) warns for duplicate values in x and y. Confirmed 2019-07-02
 #56571 Images bigger than around 50M pixels in size do not display with imshow 2019-07-01
 #56570 unable to plot with OpenGL on Raspberry Pi 4 (4GB, Buster) Need Info 2019-07-01
 #56557 Formatted input documentation missing float info and location instructions unclear Patch Reviewed 2019-06-26
 #56556 xlabels incorrectly placed for subplot with non-standard figure position 2019-06-26
 #56548 Inconsistent behavior between horzcat/vertcat/cat and bracket syntax 2019-06-25
 #56544 [octave forge] (dataframe) error: The output format qualifier "as" must be followed by a type Confirmed 2019-06-24
 #56542 pkg: new subcommands to open package related pages in a web browser Need Info 2019-06-24
 #56541 [octave forge] (tisean) BIST failures in windows 2019-06-24
 #56537 [octave forge] (signal) marcumq can return impossible values or hang completely Confirmed 2019-06-21
 #56514 [octave forge] (communications) Fails to build with octave 5.1.0 2019-06-18
 #56506 [octave-forge] (geometry) clpPolygon_mrf crashes on non-overlapping polygons Patch Submitted philipnienhuis 2019-06-16
 #56505 setting CXX should affect mkoctfile link stage as well 2019-06-16

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