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Item ID up Summary Status Assigned to Submitted on
 #54882 fail to build with Qt 4.8: class QPointer<> has no member named 'clear' None None 21:05
 #54881 dev octave fails to build for windows Ready For Test None 20:29
 #54880 Search in Documentation pane doesn't really work None None 20:11
 #54879 Copying selected text from Documentation pane doesn't work with Ctrl-C shortcut None None 20:01
 #54877 Documentation pane should have text zoom buttons None None 19:55
 #54876 [octave forge] (optim) lsqcurvefit: accept problem structure argument Patch Submitted None 19:09
 #54874 [octave forge] (image) hough transform size is not compatible with Matlab None None 2018-10-22
 #54866 Docs for intmax/intmin(type) should indicate that type is a "string" Confirmed None 2018-10-19
 #54862 New error messages when plotting after octave started with --no-gui-libs In Progress jwe 2018-10-18
 #54855 linear-algebra/lscov.m test failed with gnu 6.4.0 + intel mkl 2019.0 None None 2018-10-17
 #54848 [OpenGL Qt] zooming out or in leads to unexpected results None None 2018-10-16
 #54842 [octave forge] (instrument-control) installation error on macOS with 'rpcgen -M' Need Info None 2018-10-15
 #54836 GUI does not scale to high PPI rates None None 2018-10-14
 #54832 __run_test_suite__ fails with nested directories None None 2018-10-12
 #54813 GUI crashes Need Info None 2018-10-10
 #54804 mex does not support setting environment variables on command line Need Info None 2018-10-08
 #54801 Errors in subfunctions do not create a valid link to the source code in the command window None None 2018-10-07
 #54793 Dashed line becomes solid in legend Confirmed None 2018-10-05
 #54789 'keyboard' in function inside script file no longer gives debugging console None None 2018-10-05
 #54788 Implementation of memmapfile None None 2018-10-05
 #54785 [octave forge] (symbolic) finverse function Confirmed None 2018-10-04
 #54783 subsasgn call when the subscripted expression contains the end keyword None None 2018-10-04
 #54762 Using fill with 1000 vertices crashes octave Need Info None 2018-10-01
 #54757 Applying colormap to axes does not update the legend None None 2018-09-30
 #54743 [octave forge] (io) Windows installation problems Need Info None 2018-09-27
 #54738 Long lines interfere with command window history display None None 2018-09-26
 #54737 confusion about startup dir and file browser initial directory Confirmed None 2018-09-26
 #54736 load() should issue an error if specified variable does not exist in file Confirmed None 2018-09-26
 #54726 [octave forge] (optim) quadprog: idx_bounds_eq is not properly defined None None 2018-09-25
 #54708 Segfault closing plot fig on precompiled octave on Mojave None None 2018-09-22
 #54707 "which" on a function with syntax error shouldn't throw an error Confirmed None 2018-09-21
 #54698 Precedence of call/indexing operator over transpose operator Patch Submitted None 2018-09-20
 #54696 [octave forge] (statistics) regress function produces division by zero and complex intervals with linear input Confirmed None 2018-09-19
 #54695 toc before tic None None 2018-09-19
 #54680 imagesc incomplete when using software rendering Duplicate None 2018-09-18
 #54679 datenum accepts a matrix, which is undocumented None None 2018-09-18
 #54672 Unexpected behavior on first input, due to ~/.inputrc Need Info None 2018-09-17
 #54668 unable to open audio recording stream Need Info None 2018-09-17
 #54662 Document that 4.4.1 will not install without error on Windows XP SP3 Need Info None 2018-09-14
 #54661 textscan() continues from next line if line ends with delimiter Confirmed None 2018-09-13
 #54636 path is not be reinitialized if a class directory is modified Patch Submitted None 2018-09-09
 #54633 start failure on windows 10 rs5 17744 Need Info None 2018-09-08
 #54622 test importdata fails in dev octave with windows Confirmed None 2018-09-05
 #54619 randi() is biased Confirmed None 2018-09-04
 #54598 Octave cancel normal system reboot/shutdown on KDE None None 2018-08-30
 #54594 findfigs should not move figures on non-primary monitors Confirmed None 2018-08-29
 #54592 regexp should escape unpaired brackets and parentheses for Matlab compatibility Confirmed None 2018-08-29
 #54585 [octave forge] (level-set) Statistical unit test in fastmarching.m should be xtest None None 2018-08-28
 #54582 [octave forge] (level-set) Several unit tests fail if parallel package is not installed None None 2018-08-28
 #54581 [octave forge] (vibes) Unit tests of drawBox.m fail if interval package is not installed None None 2018-08-27

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