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 #61238 Diagonal Martices are not implicitly converted when adding/subtracting Duplicate 17:35
 #61225 GUI File Browser 'delete' silently fails if file handle open Ready For Test 2021-09-26
 #61216 "rmpath" can be used to remove the current directory "." from the load path Ready For Test 2021-09-24
 #61211 xmlread reported as not yet implemented rather than part of unloaded io pkg Patch Submitted 2021-09-23
 #61208 [MXE Octave] Start scripts should set OPENBLAS_NUM_THREADS Patch Submitted 2021-09-23
 #61207 Octave in interactive batch mode does not wait for completion 2021-09-23
 #61205 [octave forge] (control) Test failures with LAPACK 3.10.0 2021-09-22
 #61199 Allow 'char' input sets to nchoosek for Matlab compatibility Ready For Test 2021-09-21
 #61198 Octave Crashes when Moving to Different Monitor 2021-09-21
 #61191 eval can cause a crash to desktop Ready For Test 2021-09-20
 #61172 GUI problems on Linux Mint - Problems after maximize the GUI 2021-09-16
 #61166 mkdir(parent, dirname) fails if parent does not exist Ready For Test 2021-09-15
 #61143 Functions sum and mean returns wrong answer for single precision input Patch Submitted 2021-09-11
 #61132 Colon operator fails for int64 and uint64 In Progress 2021-09-09
 #61131 unexpected error with file browser using Google Drive: Can not init crashpad 2021-09-08
 #61129 Performance of factor(). Proposed patch attached. Patch Submitted 2021-09-08
 #61124 When aborting a running command, octave exits without saving edits to files Need Info 2021-09-07
 #61099 (xyz)limmode behavior different from Matlab when one is axis "auto" and another "manual" Confirmed 2021-09-01
 #61098 Many functions should now accept vector dimension argument Patch Submitted 2021-09-01
 #61088 infinite warning loop - opengl renderer - data greater than float capacity 2021-08-29
 #61086 [octave forge] (octproj) UTM zone needs to be specified with PROJ 8.1.1RC1 2021-08-27
 #61084 pkg windows missing actxserver function Need Info 2021-08-26
 #61061 [octave forge] (control) margin() and step() giving wrong results 2021-08-19
 #61053 [octave forge] (nan) Potential Integer Overflow vulnerability in src/svm.cpp 2021-08-18
 #61030 [octave forge] (image) Don't use internal function In Progress avinoam 2021-08-11
 #61024 [mxe-octave] build-markupsafe fails to build if build-python3 is built without libffi In Progress 2021-08-09
 #61017 GUI doesn't work anymore, even though CLI works fine Ready For Test 2021-08-06
 #61000 clc command does not totally clean the command window. The history can still be traversed using the scroll bar. Need Info 2021-08-01
 #60984 Load function on Windows is significantly slower than on Linux In Progress 2021-07-28
 #60983 missing function : histcounts 2021-07-28
 #60980 "Position" key in uigetfile appears to have no effect Ready For Test 2021-07-28
 #60979 Memory space used per GNU octave increases inexplicably Works For Me 2021-07-27
 #60972 [octave forge] (control) some sgrid issues 2021-07-26
 #60968 broadcasting not implemented for "special" matrix types 2021-07-26
 #60966 FinDiffRelStep option not implemented Need Info 2021-07-24
 #60965 interp makima method not implemented Confirmed 2021-07-24
 #60963 [octave forge] (control) Matlab Compatibility for step() and axes "grid" property, sgrid() and axes "box" property Confirmed 2021-07-23
 #60951 get (uicontrol_object, "ListboxTop") property not implemented Confirmed 2021-07-21
 #60941 Whitespace now causes parse error for postfix increment / decrement operators Confirmed 2021-07-19
 #60920 [octave forge] (optim) New warnings on loading package 2021-07-15
 #60897 caxis affected by rectangle and patch graphic without scaled color Confirmed 2021-07-09
 #60891 [octave forge] (optiminterp) Compilation against gfortran 11 Ready For Test lostbard 2021-07-07
 #60888 Extend audioread() to read files where header does not specify number of samples 2021-07-06
 #60884 [octave forge] (geometry) Compile with g++ v11 Ready For Test juanpi 2021-07-06
 #60882 error parsing command syntax In Progress 2021-07-05
 #60875 Save function doesn't warn when disk is full Confirmed 2021-07-03
 #60861 set command doesn't allow mixed prop/value pairs and cell arrays Confirmed 2021-06-30
 #60860 Implementation of memoize Patch Submitted 2021-06-30
 #60858 [octave forge] (control) Wrong signs in unit test for bstmodred 2021-06-30
 #60854 dec2hex with character input 2021-06-29

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