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#59999 Full screen figure using property "outerposition" not working Patch Reviewed 2021-02-03
#65091 [octave forge] (nurbs) nrbderiv outputs nurbs with zero weight. 2023-12-28
#65174 [octave forge] (sockets) Add mkfuncdocs.py to the release tarball Ready For Test lostbard 2024-01-17
#50329 ${cmd} replacement operator in regexprep Confirmed 2017-02-16
#59918 <Tab> character required to be typed twice for name completion Confirmed 2021-01-20
#40726 <Tab> complete uses incorrect file separator on Windows Confirmed 2013-11-27
#51962 "A++" assigns to 'ans' while "A += 1" and "A = A + 1" do not 2017-09-08
#61532 "Automatic limits for current axis" button doesn't respect "axis tight" In Progress 2021-11-23
#64266 "axis tight" does not work following "axis equal" Confirmed 2023-05-31
#63033 "axis tight" includes x-data in limit calculation for which the y-data is NaN Confirmed 2022-09-08
#64001 "clear all" removes breakpoints while Matlab does not Confirmed 2023-04-05
#53064 "clear all" should not clear breakpoints Confirmed 2018-02-05
#39827 "clear PATTERN" should not clear functions when PATTERN contains wildcards 2013-08-20
#56018 "dbclear all" does not fully remove breakpoints in subfunctions Confirmed 2019-03-28
#55456 "dbstop if all error" support Confirmed 2019-01-12
#54898 "diary" function does not save the output of "system" function calls Confirmed 2018-10-26
#59775 "error: mark_as_constructed: invalid object" when constructor returns classdef array Confirmed 2020-12-29
#62804 "help class.method" cannot access old-style class methods Duplicate 2022-07-24
#55890 "help class.method" returns help for class if method overloads builtin Confirmed 2019-03-12
#63782 "help myfunc" issues a warning if myfunc code has a problem Confirmed 2023-02-10
#59552 "help" does not display Contents.m file in @class or +namespace folders in the load path Confirmed 2020-11-26
#65714 "hist" throws error when input numbers are very close Ready For Test 2024-05-08
#44860 "hold on" in single-line is not parsed correctly Postponed 2015-04-17
#63444 "if (COND)" is much slower than "if (all (COND))" Confirmed 2022-11-29
#60829 "keypressfcn" property not implemented for uicontrol objects Postponed 2021-06-26
#59649 "movmean" should be implemented more memory efficiently 2020-12-10
#58622 "print -dmeta" should send output to clipboard Confirmed 2020-06-19
#62829 "quiet" warning state is undocumented Need Info 2022-07-28
#53765 "reverse" argument to cumsum for Matlab compatibility Confirmed 2018-04-27
#65522 "Run selection" does not produce the same result as running the script Confirmed 2024-03-27
#42316 "shading interp" does not work with gnuplot Confirmed 2014-05-08
#59572 "system" doesn't work with non-ASCII characters on Windows 2020-11-29
#55230 "uibuttongroup" doesn't act on setting properties In Progress 2018-12-15
#41583 "view" gives incorrect viewpoint in gnuplot after interacting with figure Confirmed 2014-02-13
#54707 "which" on a function with syntax error shouldn't throw an error Confirmed 2018-09-21
#44201 "whos" and gui display non-integer sizes inf/nan poorly 2015-02-07
#55841 "__run_test_suite__ ({'.'}, {})" fails with "fnm(1): out of bound 0" 2019-03-06
#52016 '&' or '|' used in until condition should warn about short-circuiting Confirmed 2017-09-14
#37971 'clear java' command needed for compatibility Confirmed 2012-12-21
#57234 'dbquit' in graphics system callback function can cause segfault Patch Submitted 2019-11-14
#62431 'format' function inputs and outputs a display state object 2022-05-09
#63925 'lsqnonlin' ceases to converge from a small change(Matlab - OK) Need Info 2023-03-14
#35694 'nargin' fails when called with buit-in function name Confirmed 2012-03-02
#58907 'parent' property of ui element keeps being attached to uipanel re: visibility Confirmed 2020-08-06
#52184 'position' axes property value is incorrect when using gnuplot toolkit 2017-10-07
#56911 'print' produces zoomed images when 'paperposition' is changed Confirmed 2019-09-17
#58780 'source' throws unexpected syntax error. Need Info 2020-07-18
#35821 'TriScatteredInterp' and scatteredInterpolant are not yet implemented. In Progress nrjank 2012-03-12
#53751 'websave' function missing 2018-04-25
#64985 'windowstate' property is unimplemented Confirmed 2023-12-05

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