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  • Open Item  bugs #32332:  feature request: mesh() should have labels parallel to axes  

    • bugs #33118: FLTK and Qt: text rotation fails for angles other than 90 degrees
  • Open Item  bugs #32973:  Feature request: which should find overloaded methods  

  • Open Item  bugs #36094:  opengl single precision plotting produces incorrect axis limits  

    • bugs #59418: Document work-arounds for single-precision OpenGL plots
  • Open Item  bugs #41579:  textscan: file offset after partial read differs from Matlab  

    • bugs #47537: textscan reads entire file even when given a count
  • Open Item  bugs #42575:  gnuplot error on "demo pie3"  

    • bugs #45594: gnuplot only supports 3-D triangular patches
  • Open Item  bugs #42766:  incorrect color patches for countourf with NaNs in data  

    • bugs #37501: contour and contourf incorrectly/incompatibly handle NaN values
  • Open Item  bugs #43742:  ifft, ifft2, ifftn should accept 'nonsymmetric' and 'symmetric' options  

    • bugs #65414: fftn.cc, fft2.cc: Fix input validation for zero-dimensional input data
  • Open Item  bugs #43947:  [octave forge] (control) tf num and den vectors should have same length  

    • bugs #46621: control package: tfdata numerator and denominator should have equal length
  • Open Item  bugs #44665:  Cannot create object array using bracket syntax  

    • bugs #65179: Arrays of classdef objects not implemented
  • Open Item  bugs #45831:  [octave forge] (parallel) parcellfun cannot handle objects as return value  

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