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Item ID up Summary Status Assigned to Submitted on
 #55193 Error in structure documentation. Confirmed siko1056 10:37
 #55191 default fails to build with Qt 4.8: error: 'FullyEncoded' is not a member of 'QUrl' None None 2018-12-10
 #55189 Text in legends too close to bounding box Confirmed None 2018-12-10
 #55187 Something in the conversion from preface.txi to preface.texi went wrong. Works For Me None 2018-12-09
 #55185 KBHIT(1) should return immediately. It takes 8+ hours instead: None None 2018-12-08
 #55180 surfl errors on valid 4x4 input matrix None None 2018-12-07
 #55178 Improved debug on error behaviour inside octave core functions None None 2018-12-07
 #55175 fem-fenics fails to build due to assignement error in function.h None None 2018-12-06
 #55174 java warning about java.system.class.loader property None None 2018-12-06
 #55173 load of data files part of octave warn about load path Confirmed None 2018-12-06
 #55172 [octave forge] (image) b = bwmorph (BW, 'thin', 1) is not Matlab compatible None avinoam 2018-12-06
 #55161 Cannot open multiple files in the Text Editor Need Info None 2018-12-04
 #55143 pkg install only succeeds on second attempt (Windows only) Confirmed None 2018-12-01
 #55142 svds() string values for SIGMA argument incompatible with MATLAB Confirmed None 2018-11-30
 #55139 m-editor locale failure caused crash Ready For Test None 2018-11-30
 #55133 Sidebar File Browser Not Rendered Correctly None None 2018-11-29
 #55130 [octave forge] (queueing) Avoid full pathnames for included images in PDF documentation None None 2018-11-29
 #55094 "unimplemented function" helper overlooks functions in package subdirectories Confirmed None 2018-11-25
 #55085 sizechangedfcn not implemented for uibuttongroup, uipanel Patch Submitted None 2018-11-24
 #55077 automatic broadcasting for dot product Confirmed None 2018-11-23
 #55065 Implement uiopen and uisave Confirmed None 2018-11-20
 #55064 Updating graphics object consumes memory Confirmed None 2018-11-20
 #55059 [octave forge] (image) Failing unit test for grayslice In Progress None 2018-11-19
 #55053 GUI hanging when editing and saving function file during debugging None None 2018-11-19
 #55052 Memory consumption of figure command going up significantly from 4.2 to 4.4 Confirmed None 2018-11-19
 #55050 (symbolic) Test failure on non-Intel architectures None None 2018-11-18
 #55048 [GUI] Undocked Variable editor subpanes cannot be resized None None 2018-11-18
 #55047 Running the test suite causes Octave to segfault on Windows Confirmed None 2018-11-18
 #55045 clabel in extreme positions Confirmed None 2018-11-17
 #55033 mkoctfile link failure on macos None None 2018-11-16
 #55031 lsode doesn't integrate correctly if the right side of the equation is not continuous in t Need Info None 2018-11-15
 #55029 pause causes hang Works For Me None 2018-11-15
 #55028 plots executed from script containing many plots seg fault None None 2018-11-15
 #55019 new sgtitle function None None 2018-11-13
 #55011 communications package fails to build with 4.4.1 None None 2018-11-12
 #54995 Removal of called_from_builtin None None 2018-11-09
 #54990 general package is missing a metainfo package None None 2018-11-09
 #54987 [octave forge] (signal) sos2tf throws an error in Octave, works fine in Matlab Need Info None 2018-11-08
 #54982 optim_doc() crashes None None 2018-11-07
 #54966 Error when assigning array to an object implementing subsasgn() subscripted using "{}" None None 2018-11-05
 #54965 Incomplete documentation of which and move of functions to packages Patch Submitted None 2018-11-05
 #54957 Command Window Hangs When Attempting to Initiate Connection with Arduino None None 2018-11-05
 #54956 [octave forge] (interval) Unit test in mpfr_matrix_mul_d.cc fails non-deterministically Need Info None 2018-11-04
 #54953 Possible to create uncloseable figures when using --no-gui-libs option Confirmed None 2018-11-04
 #54941 interpreter cannot find methods in files of classdefs in packages None None 2018-11-02
 #54939 Getting error while performing installation of octave 4.4.1 in linux Need Info None 2018-11-02
 #54938 [GUI] Documentation pane could have a toolbar with Back, Forward, Bookmark and Zoom buttons In Progress ttl 2018-11-02
 #54934 [octave forge] (symbolic) jacobian with second argument omitted Need Info None 2018-11-01
 #54931 bitpack order in big-endian machines None None 2018-11-01
 #54920 sigabrt (signal-6) crash with AutoScale in xscale = log mode Confirmed None 2018-10-30

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