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Item ID up Summary Status Assigned to Submitted on
 #54708 Segfault closing plot fig on precompiled octave on Mojave None None 13:13
 #54707 "which" on a function with syntax error shouldn't throw an error Confirmed None 2018-09-21
 #54698 Precedence of call/indexing operator over transpose operator Need Info None 2018-09-20
 #54696 [octave forge] (statistics) regress function produces division by zero and complex intervals with linear input Confirmed None 2018-09-19
 #54695 toc before tic None None 2018-09-19
 #54690 scatter() plot extends over figure/axis limits if Qt or FLTK is used Confirmed pantxo 2018-09-19
 #54680 imagesc incomplete when using software rendering Confirmed None 2018-09-18
 #54679 datenum accepts a matrix, which is undocumented None None 2018-09-18
 #54672 Unexpected behavior on first input, due to ~/.inputrc Need Info None 2018-09-17
 #54668 unable to open audio recording stream Need Info None 2018-09-17
 #54662 Document that 4.4.1 will not install without error on Windows XP SP3 Need Info None 2018-09-14
 #54661 textscan() continues from next line if line ends with delimiter Confirmed None 2018-09-13
 #54657 unpack fails with explicit archive type Need Info None 2018-09-13
 #54636 path is not be reinitialized if a class directory is modified Patch Submitted None 2018-09-09
 #54633 start failure on win10 rs5 17744 Need Info None 2018-09-08
 #54622 test importdata fails in dev octave with windows Confirmed None 2018-09-05
 #54619 randi() is biased Confirmed None 2018-09-04
 #54614 [octave forge] (image) wrong results of entropyfilt Patch Submitted None 2018-09-03
 #54607 Native (KDE) open/save dialogs are not used In Progress ttl 2018-08-31
 #54600 edit mfile with an error crashes octave Ready For Test None 2018-08-31
 #54598 Octave cancel normal system reboot/shutdown on KDE None None 2018-08-30
 #54594 findfigs should not move figures on non-primary monitors Confirmed None 2018-08-29
 #54592 regexp should escape unpaired brackets and parentheses for Matlab compatibility Confirmed None 2018-08-29
 #54585 [octave forge] (level-set) Statistical unit test in fastmarching.m should be xtest None None 2018-08-28
 #54582 [octave forge] (level-set) Several unit tests fail if parallel package is not installed None None 2018-08-28
 #54581 [octave forge] (vibes) Unit tests of drawBox.m fail if interval package is not installed None None 2018-08-27
 #54578 Disable help items in context menu Need Info None 2018-08-26
 #54577 [octave forge] (optim) lsqnonlin error when requestion Jacobian output None None 2018-08-26
 #54576 MATLAB inconsistency when assigning to nonexistent variable using subsref (:) Confirmed None 2018-08-26
 #54571 gethostname must not be called from within DllMain on Win32 systems Patch Reviewed None 2018-08-25
 #54567 median(uint8) gives bad results Patch Submitted None 2018-08-24
 #54562 numel should warn if the resulting double might be inaccurate Confirmed None 2018-08-23
 #54560 Unable to send large figures to the default printer Confirmed None 2018-08-23
 #54554 When plotting large arrays, some graphic elements are not visible (llvmpipe Windows) Confirmed None 2018-08-22
 #54547 Documentation browser doesn't allow opening external links None None 2018-08-21
 #54545 Images plotted with imshow are too bright with Gnuplot 5.0 and earlier Confirmed None 2018-08-21
 #54542 sqp: diffrence between documentation and running results Confirmed None 2018-08-20
 #54540 polar (and derived) demos fail Works For Me None 2018-08-19
 #54507 Segfault in QT5 when resizing window during initialization Need Info None 2018-08-13
 #54492 [octave forge] (optim) optim 1.5.3 fails to build in Octave 4.2.2 Works For Me None 2018-08-11
 #54491 Order of evaluation of power with unitary operators Confirmed None 2018-08-11
 #54489 exist and isdir should look for directories on the load path for compatibility Postponed None 2018-08-10
 #54485 set(gcf, 'position', ...) is limited by the dimensions of the screen None None 2018-08-09
 #54484 Difference in divide by zero warning None None 2018-08-09
 #54464 CTRL+S shortcut stops working after some time None None 2018-08-08
 #54444 octave-cli of octave-4.4.0 doesn't terminate at sigterm. Confirmed None 2018-08-04
 #54440 Incorrect result when running code vs. stepping through debugger Confirmed None 2018-08-03
 #54437 optimset missing documentation for 5 options Confirmed None 2018-08-02
 #54436 get (gca, 'yticklabel') returns cellstr row vector versus cellstr column vector in Matlab Confirmed None 2018-08-02
 #54432 strmatch incompatibilities with Matlab when using empty inputs Confirmed None 2018-08-02

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