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Item ID up Summary Status Assigned to Submitted on
 #54318 inputParser parse error for struct with no fields None None 14:16
 #54316 [octave forge] (ga) Unit test in ga.m fails randomly None None 12:13
 #54310 Synchronize file encoding used in editor with the one used for executing m files None ttl 2018-07-14
 #54302 power operator: 0.^0 results in NaN in some case Confirmed None 2018-07-13
 #54294 no properties function to enumerate class property members None None 2018-07-12
 #54293 freqz plot differs from MATLAB None None 2018-07-12
 #54273 Can't access properties of class in package in function defined in class Confirmed None 2018-07-09
 #54260 mkoctfile doesn't export some Octave features that packages need at build time Confirmed None 2018-07-06
 #54256 [octave forge] (ltfat) package fails to cross compile with mxe-octave None None 2018-07-06
 #54255 [octave forge] (gsl) package fails to cross compile with mxe-octave Patch Submitted None 2018-07-06
 #54241 Lookup documentation None None 2018-07-03
 #54235 problems building Octave on Solaris Confirmed None 2018-07-02
 #54223 Add .editorconfig? None None 2018-07-02
 #54219 Dynamic detection of JVM on macOS Patch Submitted None 2018-07-01
 #54216 Additional items for .hgignore In Progress None 2018-07-01
 #54198 Add menu entries and shortcuts for docking/undocking main dock widgets None None 2018-06-27
 #54187 fail to close a busy figure and crash octave None None 2018-06-26
 #54183 Cache NaN/Inf status of matrix for performance? Confirmed None 2018-06-25
 #54173 Intermittent hang in test suite when run from Qt GUI on macOS Confirmed None 2018-06-24
 #54170 java.lang.String.toCharArray result incorrect conversion to char matrix Confirmed None 2018-06-23
 #54169 Test suite crashes when Octave built with Qt and FLTK Patch Submitted None 2018-06-23
 #54167 eigs called with user defined function gives incorrect results if B is not the identity matrix Patch Submitted None 2018-06-22
 #54162 legend in a quiver3 plot causes an error with gnuplot graphics toolkit Confirmed None 2018-06-21
 #54156 [octave forge] (communications) qfuncinv should use erfcinv instead of norminv Confirmed None 2018-06-20
 #54144 Why can't issorted() work on sparse matrices? Confirmed None 2018-06-18
 #54143 Why can't issorted() work on matrices? Confirmed None 2018-06-18
 #54142 The sort() and issorted() routines for diagonal matrices isn't as fast as it should be Confirmed None 2018-06-18
 #54132 [octave forge] (financial) missing dependency on statistics package (Octave ≥ 4.4) None None 2018-06-17
 #54100 fread using SKIP larger than zero is extremely slow None None 2018-06-11
 #54086 Command window and editor window: rows horizontally truncated None None 2018-06-08
 #54083 Qt toolkit figures don't always redraw on resize until releasing the mouse button None None 2018-06-07
 #54079 After resizing, plotyy plots are clobbered up None None 2018-06-07
 #54069 GUI Command windows does not respect column width None None 2018-06-06
 #54068 polyshape function and class introduced in Matlab R2017b None None 2018-06-06
 #54064 Behavior of open with unknown or non-existing files In Progress None 2018-06-05
 #54056 many editor keys just print escape codes in gui command window Postponed None 2018-06-04
 #54045 [octave forge] (financial) fetch function with google (v 0.5.1) returns error with Octave 4.2.1 None None 2018-06-03
 #54039 [octave forge] (tisean) massive test failures None None 2018-06-02
 #54034 unique function needs "stable" setOrder argument for Matlab compatibility Confirmed None 2018-06-02
 #54029 "Name" is read as Na by dlmread (and by xlsread) in csv file Confirmed None 2018-05-31
 #54028 copy of non-handle class instance is not deep Confirmed None 2018-05-31
 #54024 "patch" and "surface" objects ignore "FaceNormals" property None None 2018-05-31
 #54010 [octave forge] (signal) fails to build with "'gripe_wrong_type_arg' was not declared in this scope" Postponed mtmiller 2018-05-30
 #54009 [octave forge] (statistics) incorrect result for gppdf Ready For Test lostbard 2018-05-30
 #54002 [octave forge] (vibes) Spelling error in DESCRIPTION None None 2018-05-29
 #53995 Fix text color in highlighted workspace variables when using a dark theme Patch Submitted None 2018-05-27
 #53992 [octave forge] (queueing) wrong math construct in texinfo documentation None None 2018-05-27
 #53989 [octave forge] (queueing) doc/Makefile still lacking in tarball None None 2018-05-27
 #53984 pkg update - Unable to continue updating when a package error is found None None 2018-05-26
 #53983 Ctrl+S not working Need Info None 2018-05-26

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