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Item ID up Summary Status Assigned to Submitted
 #63736 [octave forge] (control) Different variable names on function mktito 2023-01-31
 #63733 Matlab incompatibility for certain corner case indexing operations Confirmed 2023-01-30
 #63723 Mouse position in plot window unprecise due to engineering number format 2023-01-27
 #63717 Seg fault when pasting char "é" to console gui Need Info 2023-01-27
 #63715 Octave IDE forces me to use an external editor Need Info 2023-01-27
 #63714 uitable may show nan with data=zero Ready For Test 2023-01-26
 #63712 address-sanitizer-flags should be in CFLAGS/CXXFLAGS 2023-01-26
 #63710 [octave-forge](image) install mishandles compiler flags 2023-01-26
 #63708 [octave forge] (optim) lsqnonlin cannot take x0 with arbitrary size Confirmed 2023-01-25
 #63700 Octave GUI (8.0.90) freezes during unit test "jupyter-notebook.tst" 2023-01-25
 #63697 canvas not properly redrawn on resize in recent dev Ready For Test 2023-01-24
 #63681 [feature request] plotyy axes should synchronize number of ticks and zero-crossing (initially) 2023-01-19
 #63661 [Octave Packages] (control) Results of function "tf" may lead to execution error / Other inconstencies 2023-01-14
 #63657 Cell format in Jupyter notebooks 2023-01-13
 #63645 .octaverc ignored when octave spawned from cgi-script 2023-01-12
 #63642 Bug while installing packages with pkg 2023-01-11
 #63636 [Octave Packages] (signal) cheby1 - imaginary residual in gain variable errors zp2tf 2023-01-09
 #63624 "XTick" no longer updated after "axis tight" Fixed 2023-01-06
 #63610 patch() creates incorrect color interpolation. Finite Element applications rely on that graphics. Confirmed 2023-01-03
 #63603 [MS Windows] Latex interpreter not working and crashes Octave Works For Me 2022-12-31
 #63592 Update Version History for mapping package web page Ready For Test 2022-12-30
 #63561 [octave forge] (statistics) "unusable help text" error in chi2gof on installation 2022-12-22
 #63560 [octave forge] (image) imresize gives inaccurate result Confirmed 2022-12-22
 #63553 Crash while running tests in "jupyter-notebook.tst" 2022-12-20
 #63549 [octave forge] (control) Octave crash on certain inputs to place function Confirmed 2022-12-19
 #63545 [GUI] Errors shown repeatedly in Command Window when there is an error in a classdef size() method Confirmed 2022-12-18
 #63524 dir doesn't do full recursive search with '**' Confirmed 2022-12-14
 #63523 patch: case where invalid size of facevertexcdata is not caught Confirmed 2022-12-14
 #63515 logical should convert char and strings instead of throwing an error for Matlab compatibility Confirmed 2022-12-12
 #63511 passing $ORIGIN via LDFLAGS lead to fortran compile failure 2022-12-12
 #63504 GUI command window on Windows - long lines can cause typing offscreen 2022-12-11
 #63501 Problem with &&= and ||= 2022-12-10
 #63493 ode15s unexpected error on stiff Van der Pol equation 2022-12-09
 #63492 Help not clear about dassl, daspk, dasrt 2022-12-08
 #63483 [octave forge] (ncarray) BISTs fail against statistics 1.5.1 2022-12-07
 #63471 [octave forge] (lssa) Remove inst/test directory in target clean 2022-12-05
 #63467 sscanf duplicates last value when string containing multiple values finished with space Confirmed rik5 2022-12-05
 #63462 sscanf reports incorrect number of output values. Works For Me 2022-12-03
 #63460 mean should support operation on more than 2 remaining dimensions for Matlab compatibility Confirmed 2022-12-03
 #63453 output dimension of cell2mat with empty inputs Confirmed 2022-12-01
 #63445 inv (NaN) produces different results for Matlab & Octave Confirmed 2022-11-29
 #63444 "if (COND)" is much slower than "if (all (COND))" Confirmed 2022-11-29
 #63442 [octave forge] (signal) - missing function 'poctave' for generating a signal's octave spectrum 2022-11-29
 #63440 [octave forge] (signal) sosfilt - NaN 2022-11-29
 #63437 Null pointer dereference in file-editor-tab.cc In Progress 2022-11-28
 #63430 Command window incompatible with Windows Terminal Confirmed 2022-11-27
 #63423 uitable cellselectioncallback does not work in a user case 2022-11-26
 #63422 uitable columnwidth with a minimum value of 30 2022-11-26
 #63415 Error in fwrite() or rand() or randn(), I'm not sure Works For Me 2022-11-25
 #63412 [octave forge] (parallel) Optim not working with parallel package 2022-11-24

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