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Item ID up Summary Status Assigned to Submitted on
 #54531 zscore: opt argument wronly checked None juanpi 23:11
 #54523 doc: link unmkpp with mkpp Patch Submitted juanpi 2018-08-16
 #54507 Segfault in QT5 when resizing window during initialization Need Info None 2018-08-13
 #54492 [octave forge] (optim) optim 1.5.3 fails to build in Octave 4.2.2 Works For Me None 2018-08-11
 #54491 Order of evaluation of power with unitary operators Confirmed None 2018-08-11
 #54490 Order of evaluation in assignment expression Ready For Test None 2018-08-11
 #54489 exist and isdir should look for directories on the load path for compatibility Postponed None 2018-08-10
 #54485 set(gcf, 'position', ...) is limited by the dimensions of the screen None None 2018-08-09
 #54484 Difference in divide by zero warning None None 2018-08-09
 #54464 CTRL+S shortcut stops working after some time None None 2018-08-08
 #54457 Multi-user system: start menu items not created Ready For Test lostbard 2018-08-07
 #54444 octave-cli of octave-4.4.0 doesn't terminate at sigterm. Confirmed None 2018-08-04
 #54440 Incorrect result when running code vs. stepping through debugger Confirmed None 2018-08-03
 #54437 optimset missing documentation for 5 options Confirmed None 2018-08-02
 #54436 get (gca, 'yticklabel') returns cellstr row vector versus cellstr column vector in Matlab Confirmed None 2018-08-02
 #54432 strmatch incompatibilities with Matlab when using empty inputs Confirmed None 2018-08-02
 #54431 GUI crashes in execution of script using control tf objects Confirmed None 2018-08-02
 #54422 Declining Octave performance over time None None 2018-08-01
 #54419 Failure in fread() index causes multiple error statements from get_size() try-catch Confirmed None 2018-08-01
 #54414 Not recognizing that indices greater than (roughly) 2^63 or 20 digits are too large Patch Submitted None 2018-08-01
 #54405 octave_idx_type index integer overflow math check doesn't work correctly Ready For Test None 2018-07-29
 #54394 lssa : error updating package None None 2018-07-27
 #54392 Matlab compatibility: syntax rgb2ind (img,N) to create a dithered image missing Confirmed None 2018-07-27
 #54391 Incorrect result when attempting to type or paste UTF-8 Cyrillic text into octave CLI Confirmed None 2018-07-26
 #54389 warnings when building on Solaris In Progress None 2018-07-26
 #54386 fwrite/fread test fails on Solaris None None 2018-07-26
 #54383 accuracy issues with betainc In Progress None 2018-07-26
 #54382 char to int conversion fails if OCTAVE_HAVE_OVERLOAD_CHAR_INT8_TYPES is not defined None None 2018-07-26
 #54375 warning ("backtrace") incompatible with undocumented Matlab behavior Confirmed None 2018-07-25
 #54342 rand() produces different results on octave 4.4.0 compared to earlier versions Confirmed None 2018-07-20
 #54340 resizefcn Callback does not seem to be interrupted Confirmed None 2018-07-19
 #54338 New org.octave.BoxingTester Java class to help testing None None 2018-07-19
 #54335 add support for bracketed paste mode in command terminal window Confirmed None 2018-07-18
 #54334 GUI Network Preferences don't appear to do anything None None 2018-07-18
 #54316 [octave forge] (ga) Unit test in ga.m fails randomly None None 2018-07-16
 #54302 power operator: 0.^0 results in NaN in some case Confirmed None 2018-07-13
 #54293 freqz plot differs from MATLAB None None 2018-07-12
 #54273 Can't access properties of class in package in function defined in class Confirmed None 2018-07-09
 #54260 mkoctfile doesn't export some Octave features that packages need at build time Confirmed None 2018-07-06
 #54256 [octave forge] (ltfat) package fails to cross compile with mxe-octave None None 2018-07-06
 #54255 [octave forge] (gsl) package fails to cross compile with mxe-octave Patch Submitted None 2018-07-06
 #54241 Lookup documentation None None 2018-07-03
 #54223 Add .editorconfig? None None 2018-07-02
 #54219 Dynamic detection of JVM on macOS Patch Submitted None 2018-07-01
 #54216 Additional items for .hgignore In Progress None 2018-07-01
 #54198 Add menu entries and shortcuts for docking/undocking main dock widgets None None 2018-06-27
 #54187 fail to close a busy figure and crash octave None None 2018-06-26
 #54183 Cache NaN/Inf status of matrix for performance? Confirmed None 2018-06-25
 #54170 java.lang.String.toCharArray result incorrect conversion to char matrix Confirmed None 2018-06-23
 #54169 Test suite crashes when Octave built with Qt and FLTK Patch Submitted None 2018-06-23

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