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Item ID up Summary Status Assigned to Submitted on
 #54819 Add ITS rules for shared-mime-info files None None 2018-10-10
 #54809 Missing copyright or license notices in gettext distribution In Progress None 2018-10-09
 #54472 appdata.xml string extraction broken when root component has namespace None None 2018-08-08
 #53516 $LANGUAGE doesn't take "en" into account None None 2018-03-29
 #53457 msgmerge: Please add a flag to not reflow msgstr's None None 2018-03-24
 #53071 JSON as alternative to (G)MO None None 2018-02-05
 #52971 document the approach w.r.t. date/time format strings None None 2018-01-25
 #52966 priorize local its files None None 2018-01-24
 #52932 XML doesn’t default to UTF-8 Need Info None 2018-01-19
 #52788 Please provide support for the golang Confirmed None 2018-01-02
 #52424 AM_GNU_GETTEXT and AM_GNU_GETTEXT_VERSION choke on white space None None 2017-11-17
 #52415 Please implement DocBook XML support, for man pages in particular None None 2017-11-16
 #52395 msguniq for Windows sometimes processes .pot file with CRLF EOL incorrectly Confirmed None 2017-11-11
 #52159 msgfmt don't correctly build description field in appdata.xml files None None 2017-10-03
 #51756 Man page support None None 2017-08-15
 #51547 PO mode does not properly count untranslated messages None None 2017-07-23
 #51367 support printf-style format strings for Java None None 2017-07-03
 #51291 support D programming language None None 2017-06-22
 #51177 msgfmt: Adding custom Desktop keywords skips default keywords None None 2017-06-04
 #51027 'make distcheck' fails with EPERM while updating PO files None None 2017-05-14
 #50920 support Javascript template strings in xgettext None None 2017-05-02
 #50472 msgfmt: bail out on \0 in msgid or msgstr None None 2017-03-06
 #50461 document gcc-internal-format None None 2017-03-05
 #50455 gcc-internal-format: allow %s to be translated as %qs None None 2017-03-04
 #50451 gcc-internal-format: don't complain when msgid and msgstr differ in count of %< and %> None None 2017-03-03
 #50450 gcc-internal-format: %< and %> are not documented None None 2017-03-03
 #49870 Mention php-gettext in the documentation None None 2016-12-17
 #49818 Incomplete list of Perl functions without arguments None gflohr 2016-12-09
 #49809 xgettext cannot parse "\'" Need Info None 2016-12-09
 #49678 xgettext fails to extract strings from Perl code Confirmed gflohr 2016-11-23
 #49623 Update ISO_3166 None None 2016-11-16
 #48903 xgettext: Add support for ClutterScript None None 2016-08-25
 #48872 msgfmt.exe doesn't show format specification error in msgstr[0] None None 2016-08-23
 #48747 Muitiline invocation of *gettext has confusing translation comments syntax None None 2016-08-10
 #48615 Misleading documentation regarding portability of .mo files None None 2016-07-24
 #48481 [PATCH] Allow CLDR plural rules lookup fallback None None 2016-07-12
 #48411 xgettext does not detect conflicting plural forms None None 2016-07-05
 #47838 Confusing "main dialect" statement for $LANGUAGE None None 2016-05-03
 #47801 Feature Request: a switch for escaping unprintable and zero-width chars None None 2016-04-28
 #45591 Slovenian plural string to be changed in documentation None haible 2015-07-20
 #45408 malformed input causes endless loop in xgettext -L shell None None 2015-06-25
 #45394 xgettext -x should use more relaxed rules for msgid validity None None 2015-06-24
 #44666 Updating plural rules None None 2015-03-30
 #43801 should use default language on Windows, not default locale None None 2014-12-11
 #42615 Feature request: Support internationalization of PolicyKit XML files None None 2014-06-25
 #42206 xgettext concatenates lines in C files when it shouldn't None None 2014-04-27
 #40489 msggrep does not support matching on flags None None 2013-11-06
 #39157 behavior change of msgcat between 0.18.1 and 0.18.2 None None 2013-06-03
 #38501 RFE: add virtual locale XX None None 2013-03-11
 #38162 libintl_setlocale() caches settings under Mac OS X In Progress ueno 2013-01-24

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