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#52627 Failing BIST tests with libc++ (e.g., on Mac OS) Fixed rik5 2017-12-09
#59784 additional text at end of block comment produces doubled warning Fixed 2020-12-30
#65182 [octave forge] (image) "test stretchlim" fails Fixed 2024-01-19
#55914 [octave forge] (geometry) SVG classes broken Wont Fix juanpi 2019-03-14
#58509 [octave forge] (parallel) pararrayfun has a problem with functions Wont Fix 2020-06-06
#38149 regexp: doesn't return empty tokens -- they just disappear Postponed 2013-01-23
#40156 allow --traditional to set Matlab-compatible default readline keybindings Postponed 2013-10-01
#41191 Offer to reload octave-workspace if detected Postponed 2014-01-10
#41239 Dot notation for accessing Java static class fields Postponed 2014-01-15
#41277 isosurface plotting performance poor on random data Postponed 2014-01-19
#41530 Editor debug mode could show a dbup/dbdown GUI component Postponed 2014-02-09
#41844 GUI Debug Menu could offer "Stop If..." Postponed 2014-03-12
#42467 [octave forge] (signal) besself doesn't support band-pass or stop-band filters Postponed 2014-05-30
#42582 some TeX symbols don't work on-screen (fltk) Postponed 2014-06-18
#42773 Operator Overloading of built-in classes not working as expected Postponed 2014-07-15
#42993 Octave's Java does not load Service-Provider-Interface classes Postponed 2014-08-15
#43536 history_ignore: add a function to omit a set of commands from history Postponed 2014-11-05
#44315 sparse-times-single operators unimplemented Postponed 2015-02-19
#44347 Make the toolbar of the editor floatable Postponed 2015-02-22
#44368 Opening an Octave file via a desktop application does not open file on Octave editor Postponed 2015-02-25
#44860 "hold on" in single-line is not parsed correctly Postponed 2015-04-17
#45578 build libgnu using non-recursive automake rules Postponed 2015-07-19
#45831 [octave forge] (parallel) parcellfun cannot handle objects as return value Postponed 2015-08-26
#46056 Clear Command Window not clearing beyond visible portion Postponed 2015-09-26
#46168 OpenGL use of single causing problems in errorbar Postponed 2015-10-09
#46440 [octave forge] (signal) missing function lp2lp Postponed 2015-11-13
#47032 missing matlab datetime, duration, calendarDuration, and related functions Postponed 2016-01-31
#47332 [octave forge] (ocs) install failure Postponed 2016-03-03
#47340 wrong tab completion on directory names with spaces Postponed 2016-03-04
#47635 Octave fetches http urls without a User-Agent header Postponed 2016-04-07
#47744 printf family of functions does not support %b[ouxX] or %t[ouxX] conversions Postponed 2016-04-20
#47831 mercurial build writes files to source tree doc/{interpreter,liboctave} Postponed 2016-05-02
#48239 root graphics property "MonitorPositions" not fully implemented Postponed 2016-06-16
#48439 validateattributes throws errors without IDs Postponed cdf 2016-07-07
#48534 nproc ("overridable") ignores thread limit Postponed 2016-07-16
#48548 More-than-stereo channel support for audioplayer Postponed 2016-07-17
#48710 normalize core and package architecture-dependent installation directories Postponed 2016-08-05
#48820 Java interface: documentation of type conversions Java<=>Octave Postponed 2016-08-18
#49143 inputdlg processes 2 element row vector rowscols input as heights instead of height and width Postponed 2016-09-20
#49296 mex functions built with MSVC don't work with errors in Octave built with MinGW Postponed 2016-10-08
#49830 xlsread difference vs. matlab Postponed 2016-12-12
#49902 H5T.copy Postponed 2016-12-21
#50412 [octave forge] (io) request for .xlsm & .xlsb support Postponed 2017-02-27
#51214 recursive function fails at modest recursion depths, causes segmentation fault Postponed 2017-06-09
#51572 [octave forge] (signal) dtw function missing Postponed 2017-07-25
#51643 setting OMP_NUM_THREADS at runtime does not chaneg number of openmp threads Postponed 2017-08-02
#51684 Request for Windows Portable zip version without absolute paths & system hooks Postponed 2017-08-08
#52604 [octave forge] (signal) invfreqs, invfreqz iterative algorithm is not implemented Postponed 2017-12-06
#52807 [octave forge] (signal) dwt calls missing wfilters Postponed 2018-01-04
#52975 gl2ps: print to svg contains two backplanes Postponed 2018-01-25

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