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Item ID Summary down Status Assigned to Submitted
#37548 <new-line> has no effect when an argument to mapargs Confirmed vdhoeven 2012-10-11
#60299 "Edit comments" only available in saved documents 2021-03-29
#60219 "Edit source tree" doesn't work with dark vador theme. Confirmed vdhoeven 2021-03-12
#62433 "Fit to screen width" does not work well with "Double the zoom factor for TeXmacs documents" In Progress 2022-05-10
#59995 "Searching for broken reference" is difficult to find 2021-02-03
#59538 "Update all" stops editing for several tens of seconds 2020-11-24
#64154 *UnboundLocalError* Occured when passing the *raw PostScript* of type str to *ps_out* 2023-05-05
#52180 ./configure --enable-guile2 doesn't work In Progress mgubi 2017-10-06
#62156 100% CPU usage when autosave is disabled Confirmed 2022-03-08
#60408 4k screen on Linux with 125% scaling of UI elements produces blurry fonts In Progress vdhoeven 2021-04-17
#60501 A few common bugs when exporting to LaTeX Postponed vdhoeven 2021-05-02
#12242 a symbol map with all of the possible symbols 2005-03-07
#59787 A way to hide the horizontal scroll bar at all times. 2020-12-31
#39910 Ability to number lines of code 2013-08-31
#65521 Add 'Remove' Button for Deleting Custom Macros in Macro Editor 2024-03-27
#64534 Add an option to set the number of columns in panorama mode 2023-08-09
#16326 add figure and table numbers to list-of-figures and list-of-tables Confirmed 2006-04-11
#59001 Add support for LilyPond music notation 2020-08-23
#52391 Add support for RTL languages 2017-11-11
#42464 Adding support for Journal of Statistical Software (JSS) Confirmed fpoulain 2014-05-30
#58133 Adding to the end of the content an inclusion will result in replacing its content with a self <include|samefile.tm>> Need Info vdhoeven 2020-04-07
#35837 Adjustable cursor size. Confirmed 2012-03-14
#59712 after some time of using TeXmacs, the button IV in the toolbar stop working 2020-12-17
#60864 aligned environments with alignment specifier does not get imported from latex correctly Confirmed vdhoeven 2021-06-30
#63405 alignment issue in tables and document-at for styles with 1st line indentation 2022-11-22
#62624 All windows of a given document get shut when _one_ window is closed 2022-06-14
#62800 Allow specific tag to have multiline contents 2022-07-22
#60756 Ampersand in the menu Postponed mgubi 2021-06-09
#61264 Annotations 2021-10-02
#59930 Apostrophe in Maxima session (bug) Fixed sadhen 2021-01-23
#65592 appimage. missing symbol in libcrypt lizabelos 2024-04-14
#1919 Astrophysics document style fpoulain 2002-12-07
#61515 bad alignment in tables 2021-11-20
#59919 Balloon does not work in any theme except Plain 2021-01-20
#59540 beamer pdf export: graphics from executable folds not exported 2020-11-25
#42790 Better name and icon in the tax manager 2014-07-17
#32880 Bordered paragraphs 2011-03-22
#65168 bug in the display of a formula in a title Need Info 2024-01-16
#59799 bug on multiple screenshi 2021-01-02
#64397 cached pdf image sizes not properly refreshed on MacOs, images get cropped Ready For Test vdhoeven 2023-07-09
#60631 Can`t change fonts 2021-05-18
#61395 Case insensitive search only accepts lowercase input 2021-10-28
#44599 Changing the number of "page columns" (not paragraph) vdhoeven 2015-03-22
#61466 Colons in filenames cause several problems In Progress vdhoeven 2021-11-11
#37719 Color menus are not unmapped. Confirmed mdbenito 2012-11-12
#40675 Console widgets should scroll down to last message Confirmed mdbenito 2013-11-22
#59635 Conversion to epub 2020-12-07
#59764 Conversion to LaTeX of the absolute value |...| should be \lvert and \rvert 2020-12-24
#43859 Converting parentheses from text to math Confirmed 2014-12-20
#60876 Copiable text in debugging console 2021-07-03

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