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Item ID up Summary Status Assigned to Submitted on
 #58700 Templates ignores environment variables `enrich-x-long` 2020-07-04
 #58694 The hyperlink of the footnote in the exported documents is broken 2020-07-03
 #58665 Texmacs freezes, crashes when opening a new window while on Drawing mode 2020-06-28
 #58346 A macro OR tree-at-end? function bug 2020-05-11
 #58316 local values set with <with|...> are ignored inside <concat|...> 2020-05-07
 #58303 TeXmacs freezes while starting 2020-05-05
 #58227 Changing Blackboard Bold font with Advanced Font Customisation uses certain mathematical symbols 2020-04-22
 #58226 TeXmacs crashes after modifying dueto macro in italic environments 2020-04-22
 #58204 but at html export 2020-04-19
 #58203 Moving cursor inside inline formulas when line breaks Confirmed vdhoeven 2020-04-19
 #58195 HTML export is leaving out section titles in command line convertion 2020-04-17
 #58171 UI is not usable in dark-mode GUIs. 2020-04-14
 #58133 Adding to the end of the content an inclusion will result in replacing its content with a self <include|samefile.tm>> 2020-04-07
 #58124 Self inclusion of a document should result in an error not a segmentation fault 2020-04-06
 #58121 Equation references are sometimes wrong Confirmed vdhoeven 2020-04-05
 #58087 Error in tm->latex conversion of TikZ images Confirmed 2020-03-31
 #57999 some scheme compilation warnings Confirmed vdhoeven 2020-03-16
 #57943 bibtex bibliography does not work when the .bib file is put in a different directory than the .tm file 2020-03-03
 #57903 cdn.mathjax.org url may cease to work soon 2020-02-26
 #57882 Draw circle by center and radius 2020-02-23
 #57850 The Qt KeyPressEvent is not handled correctly in src/Plugins/Qt/QTMWidget.cpp 2020-02-18
 #57755 Fine-grained versioning sometimes outputs block-grained 2020-02-06
 #57684 Copy/paste works once every two attempts 2020-01-28
 #57555 Python 3 support 2020-01-08
 #57495 Octave: .octaverc is not packaged on macOS Ready For Test sadhen 2019-12-29
 #57479 Crash on Ubuntu 19.10 2019-12-25
 #57474 Exporting a document containing images to a PostScript file generates bad PostScript file 2019-12-25
 #57473 The text looks funny in exported PDF when Source Han Sans SC font is used 2019-12-25
 #57472 Using par-columns with beamer style has not enough space on the top 2019-12-25
 #57369 tm-alpha parser does not treat the author names properly when there are extra curly brackets 2019-12-06
 #57332 Copy & Paste shortcuts don't work 2019-11-30
 #57330 In Beamer export to Pdf or Ps the citation is not generated correctly 2019-11-29
 #57247 Not found: http://www.texmacs.org/tmweb/plugin/plugins.en.html 2019-11-17
 #57209 Formulas are too small on Kindle 2019-11-11
 #57193 The imported SVG/PNG images is too vague 2019-11-08
 #57118 TMML: do not support images 2019-10-26
 #57117 Maxima: Mathematical Input option does not work when inputing a new Maxima session 2019-10-26
 #56955 Hyperlinks sometimes not hyphenated Confirmed vdhoeven 2019-09-26
 #56896 size of toolbars changes when expansion screen is used 2019-09-15
 #56850 Old ligatures can't be disabled in fonts 2019-09-02
 #56591 Incorrect hlink target should not be allowed 2019-07-08
 #56583 Failed to make after ./configure 2019-07-06
 #56442 Nonstandard encoding markup in the result of html conversion 2019-06-05
 #56364 slow rendering behavior under math-mode 2019-05-21
 #55227 I get a warning when trying to close an unsaved document in texmacs on Ubuntu 18.04 2018-12-15
 #54835 Copy/Paste from/to Verbatim should be clickable in the context menu 2018-10-14
 #54271 focus-section-menu with hierarchy In Progress sadhen 2018-07-08
 #53988 Document page format text fields and dropdown input boxes change text to previous values when tabbed or dont get applied Confirmed mgubi 2018-05-27
 #53069 TeXmacs input widgets have no menu Confirmed mgubi 2018-02-05
 #52745 PDF export: failure exporting to PDF when using Source Han Sans SC 2017-12-26

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