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Item ID up Summary Status Assigned to Submitted
#65871 "prefix nested numbers" bug 2024-06-11
#65798 macos port keeps crashing 2024-05-27
#65784 Windows TeXmacs "Check for updates" network error 2024-05-23
#65722 Inference Rules styling is missing. Logicians can't happily use this tool. 2024-05-11
#65711 Multi-Tab Functionality Not Working in Recent TeXmacs Test Version for macOS lizabelos 2024-05-07
#65628 Improve Gestures Outside Graphical Session 2024-04-22
#65627 Excessive Spacing in Absolute Value with mathlarge=schola Font Setting 2024-04-22
#65592 appimage. missing symbol in libcrypt lizabelos 2024-04-14
#65568 Inserting n-th Root Sign via Math Mode Toolbar Not Working 2024-04-07
#65567 Inability to Save Speech-Entered Content Correctly on macOS 2024-04-07
#65566 Footnotes in Figure Captions Not Displayed Correctly 2024-04-07
#65521 Add 'Remove' Button for Deleting Custom Macros in Macro Editor 2024-03-27
#65207 Wildcards Not Functioning Properly in Structural Replace 2024-01-24
#65206 Cursor Unexpectedly Jumps Between Graphical Sections when Editing Arrow Name in Arrow-with-texts(*) 2024-01-24
#65168 bug in the display of a formula in a title Need Info 2024-01-16
#65061 Hyphenate as submenu takes only a word 2023-12-20
#65026 [Feature Request] Auto-Assign File Name from Article Title When Saving New File 2023-12-13
#65025 Inability to Paste in 'Save As' Input Field on macOS 2023-12-13
#65024 Non-Functional Character Viewer Shortcut (Ctrl+Cmd+Space) on macOS 2023-12-13
#65003 First row is sliced with table hyphen inside math environment 2023-12-09
#64990 Size Discrepancy: Big Operators with Different bbold Font in Linux Libertine 2023-12-06
#64989 Spacing Issue with Uppercase "N" in bbold Font with Linux Libertine 2023-12-06
#64946 Macro Issue with arrow-with-text(*): Non-Editable Arrow Text 2023-11-29
#64880 Crash when converting a big number to roman Ready For Test sadhen 2023-11-10
#64807 TeXmacs doesn't run on Windows 11 with "very high" power usage Need Info vdhoeven 2023-10-23
#64788 Dynamic library plugin example doesn't work 2023-10-18
#64774 TeXmacs Crashes on macOS 14.0 (Sonoma) 2023-10-13
#64771 Web site information about Debian packages is out of date 2023-10-12
#64698 Importing from .bib crashes the editor 2023-09-20
#64562 xmacro's with arity greater than 64 drop arguments Postponed vdhoeven 2023-08-16
#64553 The preview tooltip does not vanish when the TeXmacs window is not on focus 2023-08-14
#64534 Add an option to set the number of columns in panorama mode 2023-08-09
#64524 Object size gets changed during a rotation animation 2023-08-07
#64523 Impossible to localize hints for menu items 2023-08-07
#64522 Wrong URL to styles in preferences for Ukrainian locale 2023-08-07
#64521 Ukrainian language is not supported by T2A encoding (cyrillic) 2023-08-07
#64496 Ghost lines appear after the table if vertically aligned cells are joined 2023-07-31
#64460 PDF images get lines missing when printed or exported Postponed vdhoeven 2023-07-23
#64397 cached pdf image sizes not properly refreshed on MacOs, images get cropped Ready For Test vdhoeven 2023-07-09
#64154 *UnboundLocalError* Occured when passing the *raw PostScript* of type str to *ps_out* 2023-05-05
#64075 Vertical line delimiters too small in Stix (depending on document content) 2023-04-20
#63989 too narrow spacing in math in recent windows builds 2023-04-02
#63963 UI becomes dark and hard to read after exiting presentation mode on MacOS. 2023-03-26
#63678 little pb of ( ) in a a^2 expression 2023-01-18
#63677 hyperlink URL containing ampersand Need Info vdhoeven 2023-01-17
#63631 Slow editing of title and author data in amsart style. 2023-01-07
#63618 Some slovak translations 2023-01-04
#63434 Setting a global scripting language preference interferes with executable folds Works For Me vdhoeven 2022-11-28
#63405 alignment issue in tables and document-at for styles with 1st line indentation 2022-11-22
#63325 Keep relative size relative in LaTeX export 2022-11-07

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