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Item ID up Summary Status Assigned to Submitted
 #64154 *UnboundLocalError* Occured when passing the *raw PostScript* of type str to *ps_out* 2023-05-05
 #64075 Vertical line delimiters too small in Stix (depending on document content) 2023-04-20
 #63989 too narrow spacing in math in recent windows builds 2023-04-02
 #63963 UI becomes dark and hard to read after exiting presentation mode on MacOS. 2023-03-26
 #63762 speech input spoils entering some accented characters in some linuxes Confirmed vdhoeven 2023-02-05
 #63678 little pb of ( ) in a a^2 expression 2023-01-18
 #63677 hyperlink URL containing ampersand Confirmed 2023-01-17
 #63673 \underline missing in HTML converter Ready For Test 2023-01-16
 #63666 impossible to put an equation beside a list item 2023-01-14
 #63649 Code blocks are not exported correctly to LaTeX. 2023-01-13
 #63631 Slow editing of title and author data in amsart style. 2023-01-07
 #63618 Some slovak translations 2023-01-04
 #63615 copy/paste in maxima plugin produces wrong input 2023-01-03
 #63614 OS X menu bar and visual style not working in ARM (M1) port 2023-01-03
 #63577 Inserting "include" macro does not work from keyboard, only form menu 2022-12-26
 #63472 when using Sogou IM and custom MacOS keyboard layout, TeXmacs crashes in dialogs 2022-12-05
 #63434 Setting a global scripting language preference interferes with executable folds 2022-11-28
 #63405 alignment issue in tables and document-at for styles with 1st line indentation 2022-11-22
 #63357 Underlining goes on after <underline> tag end Confirmed 2022-11-13
 #63335 "Use retina icons" is not functioning. 2022-11-08
 #63325 Keep relative size relative in LaTeX export 2022-11-07
 #63323 Make Document->Update->All update everything in the document. 2022-11-06
 #63321 Unable to change theme once clicked OK in the "Select background picture" dialogue 2022-11-06
 #63320 Macro redefinitions are not exported into LaTeX 2022-11-05
 #63311 Export several equations (eqnarray) as "align" instead of "eqnarray" in LaTeX. 2022-11-03
 #63309 Space between operator and symbol in the second row of "align" is too small. 2022-11-03
 #63304 Incorrect import latex command \textcolor with “paste from latex” menu In Progress 2022-11-02
 #63294 Searching in Documentation crashes TeXmacs if native menubar is enabled. 2022-10-30
 #63279 Wildcards in "Replace" not work in basic usage. 2022-10-27
 #62891 Slow editing of large papers 2022-08-12
 #62864 slinks in beamer document aren't exported to PDF Confirmed 2022-08-05
 #62862 Very bad performance after opening and closing preamble Confirmed 2022-08-04
 #62850 Crash on highlighting movement in macro definition Confirmed 2022-08-01
 #62844 Crash on PDF export of large table - pagination Confirmed 2022-07-31
 #62800 Allow specific tag to have multiline contents 2022-07-22
 #62655 Wrong use of graphics editor corrupts interactive.scm In Progress jeronim 2022-06-20
 #62624 All windows of a given document get shut when _one_ window is closed 2022-06-14
 #62539 [Feature Request] A Better Tool for Drawing Commutative Diagrams 2022-05-29
 #62488 Typographical issues with the Maxima-plugin returning integral expressions in mathematical output 2022-05-18
 #62477 Two confirmation dialogues to overwrite a file Need Info vdhoeven 2022-05-16
 #62453 Moving the cursor out of a text area inside graphics can hang TeXmacs for 2022-05-13
 #62433 "Fit to screen width" does not work well with "Double the zoom factor for TeXmacs documents" In Progress 2022-05-10
 #62424 Error in loading a bib file with UTF-8 characters 2022-05-07
 #62423 Misalignement of overbear for large square roots 2022-05-07
 #62419 Turkish Lnaguage Support 2022-05-06
 #62396 Curved apostrophe (U+2019) in Bibtex converted to straight apostrophe (U+0027) Need Info vdhoeven 2022-05-02
 #62361 Panorama mode does not work for the beamer style 2022-04-25
 #62256 small-figure macro does not work properly inside tables Confirmed 2022-04-05
 #62179 hlink not hyperlink in PDF if within <include> 2022-03-13
 #62156 100% CPU usage when autosave is disabled Confirmed 2022-03-08

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