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Item ID up Summary Status Assigned to Submitted on
 #51797 batch-mode, quiet, silent options do not wok well with the interactive option when starting Edwin None None 2017-08-20
 #51761 Impossible to execute MIT-Scheme on osx 10.12.6 (16G29) None None 2017-08-15
 #50378 Edwin does not show contents of opened files on Windows 7 Duplicate None 2017-02-22
 #48727 MIT/GNU Scheme does not install on OpenBSD 5.9 release None None 2016-08-09
 #47887 etc/make-liarc.sh does not obey --without-x flag None None 2016-05-10
 #47769 Can't find SDK on OS X 10.10 Yosemite with Xcode 7.x None None 2016-04-23
 #47767 OS X clang builds with -march=native can fail None None 2016-04-23
 #47691 An expected result of `(define (A) (* 2 2))` None None 2016-04-14
 #47229 mit-scheme-c-9.2.tar.gz fails to build on Raspberry Pi 2 None None 2016-02-22
 #45839 Optional XCode dependency at compile? None None 2015-08-27
 #45200 OS X .dmg contains 36 MB in .Trash folder None None 2015-05-28
 #44913 PATHNAME-TYPE reports wrong file types for backup files in Dired buffers None None 2015-04-24
 #44253 "REPL needs response..." Edwin (Scheme 9.0 and 9.2) problem with Win 7 None None 2015-02-14
 #44086 Error message for "halt" is linguistically incorrect None None 2015-01-25
 #42667 9.2: Edwin still not opening files on Windows 7. None None 2014-07-02
 #41350 Edwin/Scheme Fail "out of the box" Windows 7 None None 2014-01-26
 #40152 mit-scheme-c-9.1.1 bootstrap fails when libxcb (and probably others) are missing None None 2013-09-30
 #40151 mit-scheme-c-9.1.1 bootstrap is overly complicated and non parallel None None 2013-09-30
 #36465 Can not start after installation on Windows 7. None None 2012-05-14
 #35250 In Windows 7 SP 1, when using edwin I cann't read file None None 2012-01-06
 #31710 Requested allocation is too large on WIndows 7. None None 2010-11-19
 #28370 hash tables should be strong unless explicitly desired otherwise None None 2009-12-21
 #28018 C-C C-x and C-c C-u fail in xscheme.el None None 2009-11-14
 #27976 CWCC is ridiculously slow None None 2009-11-09
 #27932 liarc's interrupt checks include only heap checks, not stack checks Ready For Test None 2009-11-04
 #27852 liarc loader has a heisenbug None None 2009-10-29
 #27626 possible race condition in IMAIL's IMAP synchronization and Edwin's mode line None riastradh 2009-10-07
 #27565 Edwin and microcode write (fasl, autosave, &c.) files non-atomically None riastradh 2009-09-30
 #27513 Gambit's arithmetic puts us to shame None riastradh 2009-09-24
 #27491 IMAIL spends too much time parsing header fields None riastradh 2009-09-21
 #27230 Edwin's support for editing Blowfish-encrypted files uses a weak key-derivation function None None 2009-08-12
 #26961 imail is very slow handling large file folders None None 2009-07-05
 #25950 subprocesses with unusable working directories may fail silently None riastradh 2009-03-21
 #25868 Compilation fails on OpenSolaris 8/11 with Sun Studio compiler None None 2009-03-14
 #25786 merge changes to xscheme.el from GNU Emacs downstream None None 2009-03-07
 #24415 IMAIL explodes when IMAP server sends EXISTS followed by EXPUNGE in one list of responses None riastradh 2008-09-30
 #24338 Build mit-scheme in parallel using make -j2 In Progress None 2008-09-21
 #24253 possible race condition in Edwin X debugger screen creation/deletion None None 2008-09-13
 #24191 IMAIL cannot toggle headers in message/rfc822 parts None None 2008-09-02
 #24190 IMAIL front-end MIME entity expansion is interrupt-unfriendly None None 2008-09-02
 #24166 `C-x 4 0' interacts poorly with window layouts None None 2008-08-30
 #24078 IMAIL explodes if another IMAP client expunges a message None None 2008-08-15
 #23951 IMAIL/sendmail should support a drafts folder None None 2008-07-28
 #22969 Work around broken MIME encoders None None 2008-04-18
 #22947 sendmail should support CC to imail folder None None 2008-04-16
 #20313 Info fails to find manual on Windows. None None 2007-07-02
 #19505 IMAIL silently fails when message header fields exceed available memory None None 2007-04-03
 #19414 Snapshot of windows binary identified as a trojan None None 2007-03-26
 #17411 No infinite loop in windows version None None 2006-08-12
 #16776 File not closed on PARSE-ERROR: end-of-file In Progress cph 2006-06-07

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