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Item ID up Summary Status Assigned to Submitted on
 #56364 slow rendering behavior under math-mode None None 15:12
 #56343 Incorrect rendering of the char after <less> or <gtr> in Chinese documents None None 2019-05-18
 #56306 Current Autotools packaging will break plugins using Python None None 2019-05-11
 #56205 Insert->Fold->Executable should be prog mode rather than text mode None None 2019-04-24
 #56202 Crash on exporting to pdf format None None 2019-04-24
 #55986 Failed to configure on Debian sid due to freetype None None 2019-03-23
 #55830 Crash when executing macro None None 2019-03-04
 #55227 I get a warning when trying to close an unsaved document in texmacs on Ubuntu 18.04 None None 2018-12-15
 #54888 Re-impl Kate Syntax Highlighting in GNU TeXmacs's c++ stdlib None sadhen 2018-10-23
 #54835 Copy/Paste from/to Verbatim should be clickable in the context menu None None 2018-10-14
 #54734 Margin kerning broken for Czech punctuation None None 2018-09-26
 #54513 Segfault with Focus->Preferences menu when using folded inputs/links None None 2018-08-14
 #54271 focus-section-menu with hierarchy In Progress sadhen 2018-07-08
 #53988 Document page format text fields and dropdown input boxes change text to previous values when tabbed or dont get applied None None 2018-05-27
 #53965 Small capitals not used for some characters None None 2018-05-23
 #53069 TeXmacs input widgets have no menu Confirmed mgubi 2018-02-05
 #53068 Editing becomes very slow in big tables Confirmed mgubi 2018-02-05
 #52891 TeXmacs does not start with a weird error message Need Info None 2018-01-15
 #52745 PDF export: hang on exporting to PDF when using Source Han Sans SC None None 2017-12-26
 #52680 Segmentation fault in QMenu::popup in Linux with QT4 Need Info None 2017-12-16
 #52606 Extents of "Draw over" and "Ink over" Confirmed vdhoeven 2017-12-06
 #52603 Make size of the icons more configurable Confirmed vdhoeven 2017-12-06
 #52602 Problems with query-replace Confirmed vdhoeven 2017-12-06
 #52601 Undo when using multiple windows Confirmed vdhoeven 2017-12-06
 #52391 Add support for RTL languages None None 2017-11-11
 #52180 ./configure --enable-guile2 doesn't work None None 2017-10-06
 #51488 Fix move_node in tree_traverse. None None 2017-07-17
 #51486 Fixes building/running with Qt5 Ready For Test mgubi 2017-07-17
 #51371 Crashes when started without TEXMACS_PATH None None 2017-07-03
 #51201 regularly unexpected quit when manipulating macOS' spaces None pjoyez 2017-06-08
 #50592 Typesetter crashes with this simple documemt, doc-data scheme macro may be critical to this Need Info None 2017-03-20
 #50310 1.99.5 doesn't quit in MacOS Need Info None 2017-02-15
 #50309 speed for opening file 1.99.4 vs 1.99.5 on mac os X Works For Me mgubi 2017-02-15
 #50271 windows version: triggering weird linebreaks, very narrow pages and/or crashes Confirmed None 2017-02-09
 #50241 Segv in tree-pointer destructor None None 2017-02-06
 #50240 Segv in QDBusConnection at normal exit (QT5) None None 2017-02-06
 #49719 Incorrect xmacro argument passing causes infloop segv None None 2016-11-27
 #49250 Do not run update scripts when building rpms None None 2016-10-02
 #49162 new page breaker causes SEGV with existing documents None None 2016-09-23
 #48613 texmacs 1.99.5 crashes when inking Need Info None 2016-07-24
 #48450 beamer-style presentation crashes texmacs 1.99.5 upon export to ps or pdf Confirmed None 2016-07-09
 #48209 The font pop up menu is too big to click the OK button Postponed mgubi 2016-06-13
 #47338 [CJK] input disappears immediately In Progress None 2016-03-04
 #47187 make contextual help translatable Postponed vdhoeven 2016-02-18
 #47186 spacing allocating in a Chinese document Postponed vdhoeven 2016-02-18
 #46579 Problem with extents of -- ligature Confirmed vdhoeven 2015-12-01
 #46578 Problems with Pdf export of slides Confirmed mdbenito 2015-12-01
 #46574 Crash when switching windows Need Info mgubi 2015-11-30
 #46558 Various problems with multiple windows Need Info mgubi 2015-11-27
 #46557 Segfault after wild clicking on icon bar/menu, then inside main window Confirmed mgubi 2015-11-27

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