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Item ID up Summary Status Assigned to Submitted on
 #59611 Copy to image/PDF does not work in macOS 2020-12-03
 #59610 User interface for exporting selection as PDF is confusing 2020-12-03
 #59598 Messy html output for nested lists 2020-12-02
 #59588 No TeXmacs packages for Ubuntu 20.10 'Groovy' 2020-12-01
 #59576 Presenter's notes for presentations 2020-11-30
 #59575 Graph executives should always be expanded in PDFs, and not traversed during presentation 2020-11-30
 #59569 cannot remove marker crash report 2020-11-28
 #59567 LaTeX->TeXmacs problem with inline verbatim and < chars. 2020-11-28
 #59559 TeXMacs does not recognize QT_QPA_PLATFORM environment variable 2020-11-27
 #59558 TeXmacs crashes while moving the cursor inside a graphics Confirmed vdhoeven 2020-11-27
 #59540 beamer pdf export: graphics from executable folds not exported 2020-11-25
 #59538 "Update all" stops editing for several tens of seconds 2020-11-24
 #59537 html export: Counters in folds get incremented twice 2020-11-24
 #59523 Latex -> TexMacs: Error with using name of macros \tm 2020-11-23
 #59519 Another case where window is closed with changes being lost 2020-11-23
 #59518 Buffer closes, changes are lost 2020-11-23
 #59517 Arrows don't work for equation inside draw-over environment 2020-11-23
 #59516 draw-over don't work correctly when used inside centered table 2020-11-23
 #59515 Nested draw-over environments don't work correctly 2020-11-23
 #59514 Incorrect shortcut for tables (shift modifier not shown) 2020-11-23
 #59513 One-sized parenthesis and resizing displays <left-no-bracket-n> 2020-11-23
 #59512 Cannot activate empty ink-here environment 2020-11-23
 #59511 Selection feedback does not display properly within \todo 2020-11-23
 #59510 Beamer presentations come with a final ghost page 2020-11-23
 #59509 External PDF images won't refresh 2020-11-23
 #59508 Search and replace kills superscript 2020-11-23
 #59507 in macOS, LaTeX documents should be imported to a new window, not to a new buffer 2020-11-23
 #59506 Missing Zoom-in Zoom-out buttons in the toolbar 2020-11-23
 #59496 Links to images not working 2020-11-21
 #59472 non-italicized definition environments, in particular for amsart 2020-11-17
 #59454 Blackboard bold fonts lead to garbled texts in bookmarks 2020-11-12
 #59436 Crash when clicking Edit->Spell under Windows sadhen 2020-11-09
 #59435 html export: files linked with <include|file.tm> are not exported 2020-11-09
 #59433 Support for apsrev4-1.bst reference style 2020-11-08
 #59326 Export to LaTeX: keep xymatrix (or something similar) 2020-10-23
 #59090 Input Method Problem when Inputting Chinese and English Mixed Text Need Info vdhoeven 2020-09-10
 #59001 Add support for LilyPond music notation 2020-08-23
 #58779 Copy to LaTeX: include or expand TeXmacs macros 2020-07-18
 #58765 DraTeX and XY-pic: customizable LaTeX preambles 2020-07-14
 #58750 TeXmacs -> Html exports should take "Clipboard image format" into account 2020-07-11
 #58694 The hyperlink of the footnote in the exported documents is broken Confirmed vdhoeven 2020-07-03
 #58227 Changing Blackboard Bold font with Advanced Font Customisation uses certain mathematical symbols Need Info vdhoeven 2020-04-22
 #58203 Moving cursor inside inline formulas when line breaks Confirmed vdhoeven 2020-04-19
 #58171 UI is not usable in dark-mode GUIs. Confirmed mgubi 2020-04-14
 #58133 Adding to the end of the content an inclusion will result in replacing its content with a self <include|samefile.tm>> Need Info vdhoeven 2020-04-07
 #57882 Draw circle by center and radius 2020-02-23
 #57850 The Qt KeyPressEvent is not handled correctly in src/Plugins/Qt/QTMWidget.cpp Ready For Test vdhoeven 2020-02-18
 #57755 Fine-grained versioning sometimes outputs block-grained Postponed vdhoeven 2020-02-06
 #57684 Copy/paste works once every two attempts Ready For Test vdhoeven 2020-01-28
 #57473 The text looks funny in exported PDF when Source Han Sans SC font is used In Progress vdhoeven 2019-12-25

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