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 #56485 In Crosstabulations, Missing categories are not printed even if this is explicity set in syntax None None 2019-06-13
 #56459 Thousands separators are sometimes dropped from display. None None 2019-06-08
 #56439 dropdown selector does not show when value labels mode is active None None 2019-06-05
 #56398 g814952 macOS fails EXAMINE: Crash on unrepresentable graphs None None 2019-05-27
 #56392 Program crashes when inserting a new variable in an empty dataset None None 2019-05-26
 #56363 Hash table collisions not always properly handled. None None 2019-05-21
 #55915 Output do not report the name of the datafile. None None 2019-03-14
 #55825 Feature Request: Improved Linear Regression Diagnostics None None 2019-03-04
 #55778 Request Feature: To be able to copy paste from the output window None None 2019-02-25
 #55465 Please add Duncan's Multiple Range Test (MRT) None None 2019-01-13
 #55359 In Lubuntu, in PSPP v.1.2.0, inserting New variable in Variable View window, is trasnfering you at the end of window None None 2019-01-02
 #55357 In Lubuntu, in PSPP v.1.2.0, deleting variables, takes so much time Confirmed None 2019-01-01
 #55355 In Lubuntu, in PSPP v.1.2.0, copying data from calc to PSPP sheet, is taking so much time None None 2019-01-01
 #55110 pspp 1.2.0 regression fails on Ubuntu ppc64el at sysfilereader None None 2018-11-27
 #55016 GTK-error -> crash Confirmed None 2018-11-13
 #55012 spread-sheet-widget: changing column width only restricted None None 2018-11-12
 #54663 heap buffer overflow in is_end_data Cannot Reproduce None 2018-09-15
 #54525 In Lubuntu, in Syntax, the display in syntax is not refreshed, blurred by other graphics None None 2018-08-16
 #54376 use of rc file not in manual None None 2018-07-25
 #52552 Sheetview: Content of cell in first column is not shown when row is selected Confirmed None 2017-11-29
 #52044 sheet: Variable view - Pushing number of decimals button moves view when row width is changed Confirmed None 2017-09-16
 #52035 sheet: Only the cell in the first column of the first empty row is editable and can create a new Case Need Info None 2017-09-15
 #51575 Make Texinfo documentation translatable as PO None None 2017-07-25
 #51224 Wishlist: subcommand /STEPWISE on REGRESSION None None 2017-06-12
 #51079 Enhancement: Provide ready exampels of some syntax per test None None 2017-05-21
 #50860 Tests with render-test on wine end in an abort. None None 2017-04-23
 #50814 tests when cross compiling None None 2017-04-16
 #50026 Search button in toolbar has inconsistent theme None None 2017-01-11
 #49837 Single cell copy/paste in variable view not possible Confirmed None 2016-12-13
 #49674 GUI 0.10.2 - Add plot option to EXAMINE gui interface dialog for boxplot and QQ plot None None 2016-11-23
 #49669 Impossible to read folder name with diacritics (Windows OS) Need Info None 2016-11-22
 #49641 Enhancement: Copy-Pasting Variable Properties None None 2016-11-18
 #48829 show all include postgresql availability None None 2016-08-19
 #48231 Import dialog: empty preview after changing variable type None None 2016-06-15
 #48189 .zsav files are not handled correctly in recently used files None None 2016-06-09
 #48050 GUI: dataset declare / dataset activate produces wrong data view in gui / crashes gui None None 2016-05-29
 #47638 Output windows looks ugly with new Adwaita theme (3.20) None None 2016-04-07
 #47331 On Windows - filenames with non ascii characters None None 2016-03-03
 #47099 titles in plots, when are above n characters, go out of screen None None 2016-02-09
 #46727 REGRESSION subcommand SAVE does not honor filter variables Confirmed None 2015-12-20
 #46711 Saving in ODT format, graphs are not saved None None 2015-12-18
 #46710 PSPP syntax is not saved when csv format is chosen None None 2015-12-18
 #45886 Support for importing DTA Stata files None None 2015-09-06
 #45870 implement gnuplot to improve the charts output in PSPP None None 2015-09-03
 #45695 incorrect behaviour in terminal mode None None 2015-08-04
 #44702 Boxplot y axis too tight Confirmed None 2015-04-02
 #44264 MEANS procedure produces surprising and incompatible output None None 2015-02-15
 #44030 FACTOR command needs to have the /SAVE subcommand None None 2015-01-17
 #42193 difference between syntax and dictionary encoding is confusing None None 2014-04-25
 #42086 "DATASET COPY" don't copy cases Confirmed blp 2014-04-10

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