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 #62146 dynamic_cast is performance kill 2022-03-07
 #62133 interp2 does not allow index pairs with "spline" option 2022-03-02
 #62132 interp2 may produce incorrectly oriented result with "spline" option 2022-03-02
 #62130 print with transparency, pdf ok but pdflatex fails 2022-03-02
 #62101 graphics properties broken with gnuplot backend 2022-02-23
 #62099 [octave forge] (image) imresize - lanczos* is not implemented 2022-02-23
 #62095 periodogram: gives wrong result (namely 0) Need Info 2022-02-22
 #62081 quiver: arrowheads damage plot (to large) Need Info 2022-02-18
 #62077 classdef: cannot fully recover cleared object variable 2022-02-18
 #62067 Implementation of edgealpha for Surface 2022-02-16
 #62011 accessing protected property in classdef function raises access error after creating function handle Confirmed 2022-02-08
 #62006 High function calling overhead Confirmed 2022-02-08
 #62001 feval does not work for static class methods (does on Matlab) Confirmed 2022-02-07
 #62000 meta.Class properties are generally object arrays in Matlab, Cell array in Octave 2022-02-07
 #61996 Borders of vertically stacked docked widgets shift at every restart of Octave In Progress 2022-02-05
 #61978 [octave forge] (video) Failure to build against FFmpeg 5.0 2022-02-02
 #61961 `griddata` doesn't emit a warning for duplicate data points Confirmed 2022-01-29
 #61945 newplot changes axes of current figure In Progress 2022-01-27
 #61925 [octave forge] (fits) build failure with CFITSIO 4.0.x 2022-01-26
 #61855 [octave forge] (communications) error_state error 2022-01-19
 #61845 [octave forge] (image) speed of imrotate with bicubic interpolation increased 2022-01-17
 #61843 Regression with subscripted assignments with arrays of objects Confirmed 2022-01-17
 #61842 New "too many inputs" error message wrong with anonymous functions In Progress 2022-01-17
 #61840 Octave gives wrong (misleading) error message when API version is not current 2022-01-17
 #61826 [octave forge] (fl-core) : should provide an up-to-date tarball/release 2022-01-14
 #61823 not possible to print uiXXX objects Confirmed 2022-01-14
 #61812 Math constants (e.g. M_PI) are not part of C/C++ standard In Progress 2022-01-13
 #61801 [octave forge] (optim) lsqnonlin and fmincon test failures Ready For Test 2022-01-12
 #61800 possible code simplification with c++17 std::variant 2022-01-12
 #61791 Embedded Octave command crashes in QApplication destructor despite open windows 2022-01-11
 #61790 task bar icon of Octave cannot be pinned properly under linux Postponed 2022-01-10
 #61765 matlab compatibility - issorted can't handle arrays 2022-01-05
 #61753 Changing assert to panic_impossible In Progress 2022-01-01
 #61715 Inconsistent NaN results for exponential function (0+0i)^0 with libc++ and libstdc++ Confirmed 2021-12-22
 #61711 Test errors for sorting NaN values on Windows with visibility flags 2021-12-21
 #61706 genetic algorithm returns nonsensical values when logged out Need Info 2021-12-20
 #61705 Wrong number of columns when removing entry from empty vector Confirmed 2021-12-19
 #61704 Index vector related tests fail with libc++ when compiled with visibility flags Confirmed 2021-12-19
 #61690 Behavior of sum() with empty inputs 2021-12-17
 #61676 Assigning classdef objects to other types does not call converter methods 2021-12-15
 #61673 classdef (Access = hidden) should have stronger syntax checking Confirmed 2021-12-14
 #61668 [octave-forge] (gsl) configure tests fail because main is defined with no return type Patch Submitted 2021-12-13
 #61667 [octave forge] (control) tf() function gives wrong result for complex state space models Confirmed 2021-12-13
 #61647 Plot performance tic/toc misleading result 2021-12-09
 #61591 set: inconsistent / incompatible behavior when modifying figure data Confirmed 2021-11-30
 #61583 [octave forge] (tisean) Remove usage of "error_state" Ready For Test lostbard 2021-11-29
 #61582 [octave forge] (struct) Fix compilation with Octave 8 Patch Submitted 2021-11-29
 #61578 [octave forge] (strings) Remove usage of "error_state" Patch Reviewed 2021-11-28
 #61577 [octave forge] (ocs) Fix compilation with Octave 8 Patch Submitted 2021-11-28
 #61576 [octave forge] (ltfat) Set LDFLAGS 2021-11-28

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