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Item ID Summary Status down Assigned to Submitted
 #20858 ProjectCenter Fixed stoyan 2007-08-21
 #61482 plutil manpage not installed Fixed gcasa 2021-11-14
 #11931 Build before launch on change Postponed stoyan 2005-02-10
 #13760 Extended Document Panel Postponed 2005-07-12
 #13762 Improve usabilty in document Panel Postponed 2005-07-12
 #22008 Project Center should support more flexible directory configurations. Postponed stoyan 2008-01-12
 #29719 cannot save some .gorm as nib Postponed gcasa 2010-04-29
 #32509 [Gorm] Changing class of a Window Postponed gcasa 2011-02-16
 #36414 [Gorm] NSCell setUpFieldEditorAttributes: out dated Postponed gcasa 2012-05-06
 #44477 Deadlock on class_addMethod Works For Me gcasa 2015-03-07
 #31311 saving .nib file from .gorm seems to work, but it does not Duplicate gcasa 2010-10-12
 #44085 Problem when convert from gorm to nib Duplicate 2015-01-25
 #25395 event key codes incompatible to apple Need Info 2009-01-24
 #25411 dragging destination receiving mask of NSDragOperationNone Need Info FredKiefer 2009-01-26
 #25625 NSPopUpButton menus pop up and track very badly Need Info 2009-02-18
 #62176 2 problems compiling gnustep-base Need Info 2022-03-13
 #11411 non-system images are currently encoded as the image itself, not as named references in gorm files In Progress gcasa 2004-12-27
 #16588 Can't ctrl-drag objects from a matrix. In Progress gcasa 2006-05-15
 #18142 Unable to select table column when table view is grouped In Progress 2006-10-29
 #21852 Issues reading some nib files created by Gorm in IB on OS 10.4.x In Progress gcasa 2007-12-20
 #22278 Nib reading issues with System fonts and button borders In Progress FredKiefer 2008-02-10
 #23343 Current implementation of GSWindowTemplate ignores _defer flag on NSWindow instances In Progress gcasa 2008-05-24
 #24109 gnustep-gui 0.14.0 does not build with LDFLAGS="-Wl,--as-needed -Wl,--no-undefined" In Progress 2008-08-20
 #24783 Gorm should support standalone views... In Progress gcasa 2008-11-08
 #24932 Copy and paste does not work while editing the text of NSTextField controls in design windows In Progress gcasa 2008-11-25
 #25277 Outlets / Connections not sorted in the inspector In Progress gcasa 2009-01-08
 #25306 Gorm does not display menus in nib files that contain multiple context menus. In Progress gcasa 2009-01-13
 #26155 Gorm currently does not fully support Standalone views. In Progress gcasa 2009-04-11
 #29718 Gorm: Segmenation fault after loading NIB file (nib created with Gorm) In Progress gcasa 2010-04-29
 #30493 -[NSFont fontWithName:matrix:] does not match OSX when in a flipped view In Progress FredKiefer 2010-07-19
 #34471 [Bindings] No binding exposed on <NSTextFieldCell> for value In Progress gcasa 2011-10-04
 #34751 bindings with continuos updates not supported In Progress gcasa 2011-11-05
 #41325 KVO: +[NSObject keyPathsForValuesAffecting<Key>] not supported In Progress 2014-01-23
 #44500 No handle for event rport In Progress gcasa 2015-03-10
 #45051 [Gorm] unable to connect table / tableColumns In Progress gcasa 2015-05-07
 #45052 [Gorm] unable to select columns if in a subview In Progress gcasa 2015-05-07
 #45442 Document windows obscure submenus & floating panels on Ubuntu In Progress gcasa 2015-06-30
 #54715 Drawer position if no space In Progress gcasa 2018-09-23
 #31501 JIGS does not support properties Ready For Test pooouf 2010-10-30
 #16048 odd behaviour when grouping table view with selected column Confirmed 2006-03-09
 #19100 Application focussing issues Confirmed 2007-02-19
 #19352 Cairo: bad EPS from NSView_dataWithEPSInsideRect: Confirmed 2007-03-20
 #20872 ProjectCenter doesn't allow changing certain makefile parameters Confirmed stoyan 2007-08-22
 #23660 Drawing issues for control borders with art backend Confirmed FredKiefer 2008-06-21
 #24931 Select All menu item has no effect in text fields Confirmed 2008-11-25
 #25658 dragging a table in diagram view problem Confirmed 2009-02-21
 #29762 [Gorm][WinUX theme][Windows XP] bug in hide functionality Confirmed gcasa 2010-05-03
 #32846 page contents bottom-aligned when printing with libart Confirmed 2011-03-18
 #34467 -[NSView bitmapImageRepForCachingDisplayInRect:] broken Confirmed 2011-10-03
 #37036 releasing already released object when closing EOModelEditor Confirmed 2012-08-05

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