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Item ID up Summary Status Assigned to Should be Finished on
 #15109 Size of dataset as an Arithmetic operator Postponed None 2018-12-07
 #15094 Logo for Gnuastro In Progress None 2018-11-19
 #15080 Machine learning in Gnuastro In Progress None 2018-10-29
 #15053 Configure option to download and install dependencies Postponed None 2018-09-26
 #15047 Server-client Gnuastro operation Need Info None 2018-09-17
 #14986 Match: Include columns with no match in output Postponed None 2018-07-15
 #14980 Better way to grow true clumps (full segmentation/deblending) Postponed None 2018-07-05
 #14908 Tests for after installation with "make installcheck" Postponed None 2018-04-12
 #14885 CFITSIO and WCSLIB as optional dependencies Postponed None 2018-03-16
 #14882 Optional weights for distributing jobs in threads Postponed None 2018-03-05
 #14779 Enable usage in HTCondor at configure time Postponed None 2017-12-19
 #14775 Convolution with varying PSF/Kernel over the image Postponed None 2017-12-14
 #14774 Highlight external links in HTML book Postponed None 2017-12-11
 #14760 Use positional errors when matching Postponed None 2017-12-02
 #14750 MakeCatalog take separate tiles as input Postponed None 2017-11-25
 #14729 Allow operation with OSX libtool Postponed None 2017-11-16
 #14697 cosmiccal documentation In Progress boud 2022-10-18
 #14691 cosmiccal: handle stdin and act as a filter to stdout None boud 2019-10-03
 #14690 cosmiccal: allow time as input In Progress boud 2018-10-03
 #14689 faster ageofuniverse in cosmology library + other cosmo extensions In Progress boud 2018-10-03
 #14643 Emacs package/command to directly read FITS tables None None 2017-09-24
 #14642 Table output in LaTeX table format Postponed None 2017-09-24
 #14639 Program to identify points inside/outside a region Postponed None 2017-09-24
 #14628 Program/library for ephemeris calculation Postponed None 2017-09-12
 #14625 Option to write a keyword title Postponed None 2017-09-05
 #14585 Avoid splitting state among several variables None None 2017-07-14
 #14572 Protect gal_data_t's array and block pointers Postponed None 2017-06-24
 #14505 Create rectangular profiles Postponed None 2017-05-07
 #14497 GSL extension for type-agnostic permutation Postponed None 2017-04-29
 #14495 Grant proposal for IAU Office of Astronomy for developement In Progress None 2017-04-27
 #14419 Using GSL functions for parametric interpolation Postponed None 2017-03-22
 #14409 Polygon vertices from a DS9 region file Postponed None 2017-03-16
 #14364 Add --size as an option to ImageWarp as an alternative to --scale None None 2017-02-08
 #14363 Option for scaling to nearest full pixel fraction None None 2017-02-08
 #14362 Automatic pixel value type on image manipulation None None 2017-02-08
 #14340 Defining arbitrary variable and its value in FITS headers Postponed None 2017-01-30
 #14330 Program authors (in --version output) set automatically Postponed None 2017-01-25
 #14320 Alternatives for program name suffix Postponed None 2017-01-23
 #14319 Full reproduction pipeline in FITS extension Postponed None 2017-01-22
 #14317 New name for the Arithmetic program and library Postponed None 2017-01-21
 #14315 Propagate all FITS header keywords into output FITS files None None 2017-01-20
 #14301 Table columns as input into the programs (e.g., Statistics and Arithmetic) In Progress makhlaghi 2017-01-05
 #14299 Not writing NaN in ASCII (plain or FITS) tables Postponed None 2017-01-03
 #14293 Separating installed and non-installed libraries Postponed None 2016-12-28
 #14292 Delete .gnuastro directory after mmap'd file is removed Postponed None 2016-12-27
 #14290 genastro script for AUTHORS - weight order by numbers of lines edited? None None 2016-12-26
 #14289 Adding bug/task fixed/completed when merging with master Need Info makhlaghi 2016-12-25
 #14267 Add common option to specify extension name Postponed None 2016-12-12
 #14258 Configure option to run tests with Valgrind Postponed None 2016-12-01
 #14244 Define columns at run-time Postponed None 2016-11-18

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