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Item ID up Summary Status Assigned to Submitted on
 #7214 Fix for applications using tabs following the security fix Ready For Test Caeies 2010-06-02
 #6572 A test on using PDO in db-class Postponed None 2008-07-17
 #6541 Proposition for the schema_proc_pgsql (could be generalized ?) Ready For Test Caeies 2008-06-18
 #6540 install ged on postgres None maat 2008-06-18
 #6529 CodeSniffer None None 2008-05-28
 #6099 tiny patch to fix notice Postponed None 2007-07-16
 #6098 fix 2 notice messages in todo Postponed None 2007-07-16
 #6097 fix sql typo making todo crash when updating a task Postponed None 2007-07-16
 #5803 http auth type to be corrected None None 2007-03-17
 #5593 BUGFIX to enable recurring events None None 2006-11-28
 #5447 nntp admin/prefs search fixes In Progress None 2006-10-09
 #5438 addressbook produce a endless loop None None 2006-10-02
 #5437 Wiki requires '.' in php include None None 2006-10-02
 #5387 patch for adding support of svn in the api and more In Progress Caeies 2006-09-13
 #4936 Patch to allow the selected project employees to use a private projects None ceb 2006-02-25
 #4684 Addition for admin app (listing users with kind of usefull link) Wont Do None 2005-12-07
 #4662 let's quota being set in LDAP Postponed Caeies 2005-11-30
 #4475 Display users status None None 2005-09-28
 #4399 A patch to export calendars Postponed None 2005-09-05
 #4239 Template engine performance improvement None None 2005-07-26
 #4224 add ability to use strike tags to wiki None None 2005-07-25
 #3982 Fixes deprecated call-by-reference function calls None ceb 2005-05-04
 #3923 [Fix] Compatibility with register_globals off None None 2005-04-20
 #3871 in the upload function of the addressbook the import button is named "download", this patch rename this in "start import None None 2005-03-30
 #3650 Adding support for icons in news_admin (when available) and other improvement In Progress None 2005-01-17
 #3538 New Sync Sources from probusiness None jarg 2004-11-26
 #3514 demomode aka session_only_prefs None None 2004-11-12
 #3474 add the lock/unlock property to filemanager in case of dav filesystem None Caeies 2004-10-27
 #3444 Fix for setup_demo.php on HEAD None None 2004-10-14
 #3399 bugs corrections for vfs_dav : Improved ls function as well as file_type : performance improvement as well as behavior None None 2004-09-29
 #3398 bugs corrections for vfs_dav : setting owner_id to files, making acl_check working correctly, as well as mkdir and writ None None 2004-09-29
 #3397 bug correction for vfs_dav : prevention of the creation of .htaccess in the Home dir None None 2004-09-29
 #3344 Reassigned item: Login Email authentication problem in 0.9.16RC3 None None 2004-09-05
 #3343 Reassigned item: Login Email authentication problem in 0.9.16RC3 None None 2004-09-05
 #3333 ENH: LDAP Better error messaging/handling None None 2004-09-01
 #3247 Add a done button to the ticket detail screen to go back to main listing screen None lpiepho 2004-07-30
 #3222 Adds a filter bar to infolog main screen None None 2004-07-19
 #3207 i18n of jsaddressbook None jarg 2004-07-15
 #3137 ENH: Lang addresses and comm types None jarg 2004-06-17
 #3099 ENH: added a hidden field to sitemgr modules In Progress None 2004-05-27
 #3097 BUGFIX: Categories Search None ceb 2004-05-27
 #3060 how to get calendar event notifications to include links to the event None None 2004-05-14
 #3054 how to get phpgw to act as default email program for linux None None 2004-05-14
 #2874 use IMAPS instead of IMAP when selected None None 2004-03-29
 #2804 zend patch for fudforum None powerstat 2004-03-16
 #2793 Code and Security (marking) patch None jarg 2004-03-12
 #2696 $GLOBALS['phpgw_info']['user']['logintime'] is not set with db sessions and postgres None None 2004-02-25
 #2690 New expermental packages for phpgw 16rc3 cvs head None None 2004-02-24
 #2502 ispman support for felamimail (sync with email support for ispman) None None 2004-01-19
 #2501 add imap proxy support for felamimail None None 2004-01-19

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