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Item ID Summary Status down Assigned to Submitted
#7622 New functions cquiver, cquiver3, __cquiver__ Postponed 2011-09-22
#7958 Enable tracing calls to underlying numerical libraries Postponed 2013-02-25
#8078 [octave forge] (signal) ultrwin: new function, chebwin rebase Postponed mtmiller 2013-06-15
#8094 [octave forge] () X-input grab screen coordinates Postponed 2013-06-25
#8139 cd: Add Bash-like "cd -" shortcut to change to last dir from input prompt. Postponed 2013-07-30
#8141 [octave forge] (signal) levinson: deal with matrix input (matlab compatibility) Postponed mtmiller 2013-07-31
#8495 [octave forge] (signal) goertzel: new function Postponed mtmiller 2014-07-10
#8506 [octave forge] (signal) taylorwin: new function Postponed mtmiller 2014-08-06
#8517 [octave forge] (signal) Legendre-Papoulis filter design functions Postponed mtmiller 2014-08-19
#8668 [octave forge] (signal) firls: add demos, tests, etc Postponed mtmiller 2015-05-04
#8669 C++ Implementation of sprand() Postponed 2015-05-07
#8694 [octave forge] (communications) poly2trellis: add feedback polynomial support Postponed 2015-06-24
#8697 [octave forge] (signal) bandpower: new function Postponed mtmiller 2015-07-04
#8726 [octave forge] (signal) lsf2poly and poly2lsf: new functions Postponed mtmiller 2015-08-25
#8801 add support for the histogram and histcounts functions Postponed 2015-11-20
#9022 Allow paging of some but not all commands Postponed lachlan 2016-06-10
#9409 [octave forge] (signal) modulate: new function, partial implementation Postponed 2017-07-16
#9795 [GSoC 2018] Add RESTful MediaWiki web service tool. Postponed siko1056 2019-04-13
#7521 Added support for features in GLPK 4.36+ Need Info 2011-04-03
#7919 [octave forge] (new package?): RWTH Mindstorms NXT Need Info 2013-01-09
#7970 Added trivial OpenMP constructs to liboctave/array classes as an experiment. Need Info 2013-03-10
#8314 Patch to build system to use @rpath for Mac liboctave/libinterp Need Info 2014-02-13
#8417 Consolidate large conditional type decisions Need Info 2014-03-24
#8630 [octave forge] (signal) stepz: new function Need Info mtmiller 2015-03-26
#8768 new field for stack info in structure passed to error handler of cellfun Need Info i7tiol 2015-10-12
#9019 [octave forge] (communications) alternative qammod, bin2gray, recpulse, rcosfir Need Info 2016-06-05
#9691 [octave forge] (linear-algebra) Modular Inverse Matrices using the Gauss-Jacques Method Need Info 2018-09-18
#9432 [octave forge] (gsl) Add function gsl_ran_landau_pdf Need Info 2017-08-09
#9526 [octave forge] (nnet, unmaintained): mapminmax equivalent implementation for GNU Octave Need Info 2017-12-27
#9633 Add test for correct exit status behaviour Need Info 2018-05-08
#9973 Explain DIM parameter in several function documentations Need Info 2020-09-17
#9976 Missing function: freqspace Need Info 2020-09-25
#10352 [octave forge] (signal) adding islinphase.m Need Info 2023-05-25
#8528 [octave forge] (geometry) inpolyeder In Progress juanpi 2014-09-11
#8607 New module h5read to read/write HDF5 files In Progress 2015-02-19
#8722 [octave forge] (image) implement impixelinfo and impixelinfoval In Progress 2015-08-21
#9702 [octave forge] (geometry) wavefront OBJ I/O functions In Progress juanpi 2018-10-12
#9729 [octave forge] (image) rgb2xyz conversion with adapted whitepoint In Progress 2018-11-29
#9993 Property inspector GUI In Progress 2020-11-10
#10119 functions sumsqr, sumabs, meansqr, meanabs In Progress 2021-10-08
#10440 Allow unique to process cellstr arrays with the 'rows' option In Progress 2024-03-17
#9964 datevec.m: add some fairly often seen date/time formats Ready For Test 2020-08-04
#10297 [octave forge] (geometry) ispolycw: allow two cell inputs Ready For Test juanpi 2022-11-28
#10362 Fix problem with trivial ranges in VM Ready For Test 2023-06-24
#10366 Same destructor order for octave_value:s in frame in std::vector for libstdc++ and libc++ Ready For Test 2023-06-25
#10408 implement rticklabels and tticklabels for polar plots Ready For Test nrjank 2023-11-03
#8053 [octave forge] (linear-algebra) submatrix function (exists?) 2013-05-20
#8059 [octave forge] (image) ranktf.m 2013-05-25
#8060 [octave forge] (image): new function whitepoint.m carandraug 2013-05-25

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