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Item ID up Summary Status Assigned to Submitted on
 #31160 tla-1.3.5 uses old and vulnerable version of libneon None None 2010-09-29
 #23931 Implicit pointer convention breaks binaries on many architectures None None 2008-07-24
 #21002 tla diff aborts if non-existent files specified None atai 2007-09-08
 #20968 tla commit cannot commit just added files None atai 2007-09-03
 #18133 tla add should not create files Fixed atai 2006-10-28
 #18132 tla add should not add Arch control files Fixed atai 2006-10-28
 #17626 tla update deletes directories and files None atai 2006-09-06
 #17455 "make test" gives SEGV on tla (solaris8-sparc/gcc) None atai 2006-08-17
 #16780 tla switch, tla branch across archive problem Fixed atai 2006-06-07
 #16539 Implemented error handling improvement for sftp connections Fixed atai 2006-05-06
 #15915 MACHINE_ALIGNMENT miscalculated on PPC32 Ready For Test atai 2006-02-27
 #15528 tla import fails on FAT FS (permissions error) None atai 2006-01-25
 #14739 tla crashes with some options Fixed atai 2005-10-06
 #13261 double tag on FC3 None None 2005-06-01
 #12751 stdarg missuse breaks on sparc-sun-solaris None None 2005-04-20
 #12689 tla shows as wishes commands that have been already implemented None None 2005-04-14
 #12566 tla tree-lint report false "These explicit ids have no corresponding file" None None 2005-04-05
 #12068 Problem with source files named file and file.orig None None 2005-02-21
 #11964 Bug in tla undo with file ids in {arch} directory None None 2005-02-13
 #11731 "tla grab" fails if "Archive-Name" has not yet been registered Ready For Test atai 2005-01-25
 #11701 Typo in 'tla inventory -H' Ready For Test atai 2005-01-22
 #11575 reference to nonexisting command "file-metadata" in online tutorial None None 2005-01-12
 #10145 Directory named core should not violate default naming conventions None None 2004-08-25
 #10132 tla doesn't connect on non-standard ftp ports None None 2004-08-24
 #9162 star-merge not finding files to patch where it should None None 2004-05-30
 #8471 tla delta lacks a --report option. None None 2004-04-06
 #8427 Use Cache-Control: max-age=0 when accessing .listing None None 2004-04-02
 #8227 slightly better failure msg than: "Failed to create directory" None None 2004-03-20
 #8206 tla changes -H should give the meaning of A, M, D, ... None None 2004-03-19
 #8204 ~/.authinfo, and password prompting mechanism for tla None None 2004-03-19
 #8203 tla apply-changeset -H typo None None 2004-03-19
 #8201 tla update could be optimized None None 2004-03-19
 #8176 tla add should add parent directories None None 2004-03-16
 #8171 tla tree-lint could warn about multiple taglines None None 2004-03-16
 #8005 Webdav authentication doesn't work None None 2004-03-04
 #7898 sftp: doesn't support .ssh/config aliases? None None 2004-02-25
 #7895 make test does not like spaces in the path to the home directory None None 2004-02-24
 #7862 Can't put _(underscore) char in archive name None None 2004-02-23
 #7853 Test framework assumes 'tar' is GNU tar Postponed None 2004-02-23
 #7852 Invalid repetition operand to egrep None None 2004-02-23
 #7826 tla doesn't report missing files or directories None None 2004-02-20
 #7740 panic in parse-package-name None None 2004-02-16
 #7739 typo in help for tla mv None None 2004-02-16
 #7708 import of large (37K files) tree fails with 'broken pipe' error None None 2004-02-13
 #7488 hackerlab safe_current_working_directory does not pass through vu None None 2004-01-28
 #7462 tla doesn't accept non default sftp ports None None 2004-01-27
 #7447 tla (arch) does not query for username/password when using http None None 2004-01-26
 #7441 Mac OS 10.2 ships with GNU diff None None 2004-01-25
 #7435 `tla mv' fails on dangling symlink None None 2004-01-25
 #7434 `tla mv' fails on dangling symlink None None 2004-01-25

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