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Item ID up Summary Status Assigned to Submitted on
 #55745 Test for malloc failure and handle it (PATCH) None None 2019-02-20
 #55311 mdate-sh should honor SOURCE_DATE_EPOCH None None 2018-12-28
 #54996 licensing issue in generated file In Progress gray_wolf 2018-11-09
 #54761 The generated code is missing checks for realloc failures None None 2018-10-01
 #50842 Termination of input with ^C leaves controlling TTY in invalid state. Need Info None 2017-04-21
 #47762 The comment on "multiple options" in the header file contains a spelling mistake (occurreces instead of occurrences) None None 2016-04-22
 #47087 struct option from generated ggo.c conflict with getopt.h from mac os sdk None None 2016-02-08
 #46354 gm.cc:266: bad if test ? None None 2015-11-01
 #43449 write_into_file has no error handling. None None 2014-10-20
 #43445 Default string options cannot contain '\n'. None None 2014-10-20
 #41922 Test failure on OpenBSD None None 2014-03-21
 #41369 SIGABRT and core dump for nonexistent --output-dir Confirmed gray_wolf 2014-01-27
 #40370 gengetopt will segmentation fault with the default C example None None 2013-10-25
 #40369 gengetopt C example document in manual should be updated None None 2013-10-25
 #40244 please #include <unistd.h> in generated code None None 2013-10-11
 #39899 Parallel build fails owing to broken dependency None None 2013-08-30
 #37605 mutiple and argoptional option fail to fill <opt>_args[0] with default value None None 2012-10-20
 #36028 Problem escaping quotes None None 2012-03-28
 #36013 Need support for punctuation characters in optstring None None 2012-03-27
 #35998 argoptional unexpected behavior None None 2012-03-25
 #35724 wrong abbreviation of non uniq long options None None 2012-03-05
 #34409 Reorder display of options None None 2011-09-27
 #34402 Purpose should be displayed after usage None None 2011-09-26
 #34400 --help should not output the version line In Progress gray_wolf 2011-09-26
 #34399 Mutually-exclusive groups considered harmful None None 2011-09-26
 #34398 Cannot insert text immediately after usage if usage automatically generated None None 2011-09-26
 #34396 Please don't document gnulib in the gengetopt manual None None 2011-09-26
 #34394 Default usage message should use singular, not plural None None 2011-09-26
 #34392 Incorrectly named option Confirmed None 2011-09-26

        29 matching items - Items 1 to 29        

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