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Item ID up Summary Status Assigned to Submitted
 #63095 Set HandleVisibility to off and plot bounds are not adjusted for large values then plotted.. Ready For Test 2022-09-23
 #63094 FFT2 produces a result that differs from MATLAB Works For Me 2022-09-23
 #63089 dec2bin gives wrong answer for negative int16 Confirmed 2022-09-21
 #63085 Markers not aligned when data values are large (but still below flintmax) 2022-09-20
 #63082 eig(NaN) and eig(Inf) emit an error in Octave while Matlab returns NaN Confirmed 2022-09-20
 #63069 qr fails on empty sparse matrix, but succeeds on empty full matrix Confirmed 2022-09-16
 #63063 ode{23,45} options "Events", "OutputFcn", and "Refine" do not perform correctly. Patch Submitted 2022-09-15
 #63060 image() handle cannot be set cdata with an imread() result Need Info 2022-09-15
 #63052 [octave forge] (control) Inverse operation with transfer function variables resulting in wrong results Need Info 2022-09-12
 #63051 Reparented graphics objects may be drawn in wrong order Confirmed 2022-09-12
 #63033 "axis tight" includes x-data in limit calculation for which the y-data is NaN Confirmed 2022-09-08
 #63023 Private function not available in PKG_ADD context Need Info 2022-09-06
 #63019 [octave forge] (linear-algebra) nmf_pg document minor error Confirmed 2022-09-05
 #62998 Hint SVG renderers to not interpolate images Ready For Test 2022-09-01
 #62984 Option to set 'current line highlight color' for Editor has disappeared since 7.x Confirmed 2022-08-29
 #62979 print.m: Make "-svgconvert" the default. Patch Submitted 2022-08-29
 #62978 [octave forge] (image) applylut is not MATLAB compatible 2022-08-29
 #62976 Handle for windows separator is invisible and hard to grab Ready For Test 2022-08-29
 #62962 equality operator '==' should support Java objects Confirmed 2022-08-26
 #62961 script search path seems not to update to current directory in a script Confirmed 2022-08-26
 #62910 [octave forge] (image) bwslect(...,4) in Octave behaves like bwslect(...,8) in MATLAB and vice versa Patch Reviewed avinoam 2022-08-18
 #62896 The octave's editor isn't working normally. Need Info 2022-08-12
 #62895 Debug mode repeats the previous command when pressing <Return> 2022-08-12
 #62889 GUI browser pane doesn't refresh in case of a UNC path Confirmed 2022-08-11
 #62888 UNC versus drive letter path issues on Windows Need Info 2022-08-11
 #62883 plot() function handles property/value pairs differently from Matlab Confirmed 2022-08-10
 #62882 'xticklabelrotation', 'yticklabelrotation' axes properties don't rotate text labels Patch Submitted 2022-08-09
 #62873 text in contourf is not well readable Confirmed 2022-08-07
 #62872 mkoctfile potentially executes uncontrolled commands Need Info 2022-08-07
 #62870 reshape gives unexpected OOM/dim too large error for improper size vector 2022-08-06
 #62865 'path' should return drive letter, not UNC path when 'addpath' was called with drive letter Confirmed 2022-08-05
 #62863 Octave closes if empty editor tab is closed before .octaverc is finished 2022-08-05
 #62855 "doc" command opens gui window in octave cli Confirmed 2022-08-03
 #62851 num2str: warning: concatenation of different character string types may have unintended consequences Need Info 2022-08-01
 #62839 Missing function "why" that returns random sentence 2022-07-30
 #62829 "quiet" warning state is undocumented Need Info 2022-07-28
 #62808 dir_encoding: clarify docs about deleting and global encoding 2022-07-24
 #62807 dir_encoding: report the actual encoding independent of whether it has been in the load path 2022-07-24
 #62804 "help class.method" cannot access old-style class methods 2022-07-24
 #62803 help class.class: error when accessing classdef ctor's help 2022-07-24
 #62802 "methods classdef" shows some methods twice for mixed classdef/@class classes Ready For Test 2022-07-24
 #62798 __unimplemented__: updates for instrument-control missing functions 2022-07-22
 #62797 __unimplemented__: updates for dicom missing functions 2022-07-22
 #62793 history should append not overwrite 2022-07-21
 #62791 GUI opens duplicate CLI with new Terminal App in Windows 11 Confirmed 2022-07-21
 #62780 oruntests looks in file without respecting .oct-config Ready For Test 2022-07-18
 #62770 [octave forge] (sparsersb) Fix cleaning of files 2022-07-14
 #62768 [octave forge] (parallel) Fix cleaning rules in src/Makefile.in 2022-07-14
 #62767 GUI editor could open files in encoding specific to directory 2022-07-14
 #62765 [octave forge] (struct) Fix cleaning of files in src/Makefile.in 2022-07-14

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