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#46135 Enter key does not work on Grub console if keymap is changed 2015-10-06
#55005 installation of grub-efi-amd64-signed fails due to "efibootmgr failed to register the boot entry: Input/output error." 2018-11-11
#35890 "$@" in grub-script does not follow bash semantics 2012-03-19
#53895 "acpI" command uses RSDT instead of XSDT 2018-05-14
#54739 "alloc magic is broken" on NVME SSD 2018-09-27
#47742 "error: external pointer tables not supported" with zfs /boot 2016-04-20
#36588 "halt" command freezes Grub, _no_ error printed, hw-specific Need Info 2012-06-04
#63975 "no server is specified" error message when loading a font 2023-03-29
#61426 '0' numpad entry trigger an error 2021-11-04
#64514 'grub-emu-lite' failed to start 'normal' mode (command 'normal' in module 'normal.mod') due to missing license informati 2023-08-04
#60805 'grub-install -v' can report an unusable grub-mkimage command 2021-06-20
#61364 (EFI) network problems when netbooting iPXE from netbooted GRUB 2021-10-21
#52920 00_header does not emit "insmod gfxterm_background" when a splash background is configured 2018-01-17
#65265 100% of a core used while waiting for luks decription password in KVM 2024-02-06
#41384 10_linux produce entry for Arch Linux that is wrong and panics 2014-01-29
#58114 20_linux_xen also creates garbage entries for xen*config and xen*efi 2020-04-04
#58113 20_linux_xen does not work if no kernel config file 2020-04-04
#43420 20_linux_xen doesn't support Xen XSM policy file 2014-10-14
#47681 30_os-prober doesn't handle multiple initrd paths 2016-04-12
#63481 30_os-prober test GRUB_OS_PROBER_SKIP_LIST wrong 2022-12-07
#42631 64bit EFI net_bootp fails to configure network 2014-06-27
#61200 A friendly reminder of the FIXME in section 5.1.1 2021-09-21
#30375 Ability to put core.img on dedicated raw partition (not GPT) 2010-07-07
#46655 Add -s option to read command 2015-12-10
#57678 Add a possibility to transfer passphrase to OS when unlocking encrypted container 2020-01-27
#35354 add a search option for diskids 2012-01-23
#65113 Add All Keyboard Layouts and Selector to Early GRUB Core Image (grubx64.efi) 2024-01-03
#48265 Add automatic support for PARTUUID Linux root command-line options 2016-06-18
#49290 Add commands with cli only documentation to the main documentation 2016-10-07
#43633 Add format option for ip addresses to net_get_dhcp_option 2014-11-18
#64385 Add GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_* variable for recovery mode only 2023-07-05
#55093 Add LUKS2 support 2018-11-25
#65856 Add matchers to initrd image filenames not add ending with or containing .img 2024-06-09
#65940 Add netmask and dns IP address variables for use in grub 2024-07-03
#46797 Add possibility to eject cdrom from the drive 2016-01-03
#40523 Add support for "vmlinuz" symlink. 2013-11-08
#38145 Add support for boot benchmarking 2013-01-22
#55323 add the root partion name on the boot splash screen for the default as well 2018-12-29
#54811 After running 'configure' with a existing cache, bulid fails with '/symbol.h:36:20: error: #if with no expression' 2018-10-09
#43983 alloc magic is broken at 0x7ff16f90 when nativedisk usbms 2015-01-12
#56070 Allow environmental access to all variables 2019-04-04
#43188 Allow headless 'coreboot' builds without unifont/freetype 2014-09-10
#46763 allow multibooting of windows-xp 32bit or lower on >2TB discs 2015-12-27
#58913 Allow rescue parser to parse comments 2020-08-08
#56546 Allow root=PARTUUID when no initrd is provided 2019-06-25
#43663 Allow title string to be set by user 2014-11-21
#52626 Allow translation of theme labels at run time 2017-12-08
#42597 Alpha sorting for kernel names without versions (rolling release) 2014-06-22
#51957 Alternates linux_entry with/without GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_CUSTOM 2017-09-07
#47647 Although UpArrow and DownArrow function normally, RightArrow actions as Enter 2016-04-08

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