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Item ID up Summary Status Assigned to Submitted on
 #60576 smart-ref and localisation 2021-05-10
 #60564 TeXmacs server address should not be translated in non-English language 2021-05-09
 #60551 Stricter syntax checking in TeXmacs 2021-05-07
 #60550 Left-over-right-arrow is not adjusted according to upper / lower texts after converting to LaTeX 2021-05-07
 #60549 For `amsart` document style, the conversion should avoid `geometry` package if possible 2021-05-07
 #60548 \nonconverted are produced even without warning after conversion to LaTeX 2021-05-07
 #60547 \dfn is not properly converted into LaTeX 2021-05-07
 #60546 Undefined control sequences after conversion to LaTeX 2021-05-07
 #60545 smart-ref should be converted into Cref (LaTeX) 2021-05-07
 #60544 TeXmacs ignores numbering configurations after conversion to LaTeX 2021-05-07
 #60543 TeXmacs ignores the fontsize setting when converting to LaTeX 2021-05-07
 #60542 wrong (or at least confusing) shortcut displayed in menu 2021-05-07
 #60529 remote plugins not working: TEXMACS_HOME_PATH not set 2021-05-05
 #60501 A few common bugs when exporting to LaTeX Postponed vdhoeven 2021-05-02
 #60499 LaTeX preview does not work (with paths that contain spaces) Ready For Test vdhoeven 2021-05-02
 #60495 Seg fault when changing the nb of columns for book style with Appendix and paper page layout 2021-05-02
 #60491 MathML conversion: some bugs found in Mozilla Torture Test 2021-05-01
 #60448 Customization of the LaTeX output for math formulae 2021-04-23
 #60431 Inconsistent behaviour of preamble and style files during conversion 2021-04-21
 #60408 4k screen on Linux with 125% scaling of UI elements produces blurry fonts 2021-04-17
 #60386 css stylesheets are not honored when loading / importing html files 2021-04-13
 #60374 Gill Sans Regular gives problems in PDF conversion 2021-04-11
 #60366 The case of \begin{frame} when importing latex beamer class files 2021-04-10
 #60363 Undo and redo corrupt nested itemize tags Postponed vdhoeven 2021-04-09
 #60327 Octave: support command news sadhen 2021-04-02
 #60325 plugin-eval hangs TeXmacs Confirmed mgubi 2021-04-02
 #60323 Math symbols in toolbar menus are tiny 2021-04-01
 #60309 Shortcut with Ctrl-e inserts "C-e" into the document 2021-03-30
 #60303 Octave: support the command format Ready For Test vdhoeven 2021-03-29
 #60302 Octave: support the whos command sadhen 2021-03-29
 #60301 Octave: support the ls command for Octave 6.x on Windows sadhen 2021-03-29
 #60299 "Edit comments" only available in saved documents 2021-03-29
 #60284 Hyphenation doesn’t work with Russian language (only) In Progress vdhoeven 2021-03-24
 #60272 Update Stix font to version 2 2021-03-23
 #60258 `Copy to LaTeX` will generate a special character when there are multiple lines 2021-03-19
 #60235 Paste from LaTeX of verbatim environment with Unicode symbols results in wrong characters 2021-03-15
 #60219 "Edit source tree" doesn't work with dark vador theme. Confirmed vdhoeven 2021-03-12
 #60218 include LinkBack data in "copy as image" pdf target 2021-03-12
 #60205 html export: eqnarray* is not hidden in html folds 2021-03-10
 #60200 Enter key doesn't add items to new-lists 2021-03-09
 #60183 Icon buttons in widgets: no tooltips, no checkmarks Confirmed mgubi 2021-03-06
 #60125 Segfault when saving incomplete bibliography items 2021-02-26
 #60110 Toolbars not high enough for high-resolution icons on Qt5 2021-02-24
 #60049 Update does not update figures 2021-02-13
 #60039 Have smart-ref add missing labels automatically 2021-02-11
 #60038 In the presence of a selection, focus should not be determined by cursor position 2021-02-11
 #60015 Invoking the macro editor on macro render-todo crashes TeXMacs 2021-02-06
 #60013 Quotes are not smart at the beginning of a list item 2021-02-05
 #60011 Focus bar for Title has two wrenches tools Confirmed vdhoeven 2021-02-05
 #60010 Started crashing 2021-02-05

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