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GNU Typist 2.9 released

Item posted by Tim Marston <edam> on Mon Oct 31 23:14:16 2011.

This release contains several new features, the most important of which is surely full UTF-8 support. Most GNU/Linux distributions now come with terminals set to use UTF-8. This should fix the configuration problems that non-US-ASCII users have been having.

This release also includes new lessons for the Colemak keyboard layout (more info about Colemak available at, the facility to track your personal best typing scores and several new translations.

Changes in 2.9:
- Full UTF-8 support, by Felix Natter <>
- New Colemak typing lessons, by Tim Marston <>
- Many new international lessons imported from KTouch 1.6 and update of the German tipptrainer 0.6.0 lesson
- New Spanish manual from smc <>
- Tracking of personal best scores, by Tim Marston <>
- New Polish translation, by Jakub Bogusz <>
- New Turkish translation, by Gökçen Eraslan <>
- We are dropping support for the DJGPP compiler (DOS), although the MinGW GCC compiler is still supported.

Sources for this release can be downloaded here:


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