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First CVS import imminent

Item posted by CiarĂ¡n O Riordan <coriordan> on Tue 22 Apr 2003 11:18:04 PM UTC.

Hello all who like to keep track of users.

The new codebase for the GNU Accounting Utils will soon be in CVS. The final delay is due to one last clean review of the build system.

User noticeable changes in 6.4-pre1:

Hacker noticeable changes in 6.4-pre1:

  • new file/directory layout
  • now compiles without warnings with GCC 3.3
  • more 'Makefile' targets
  • better comments in code
  • redundant code now missing
  • touched-up documentation
  • no longer builds with a k&r compiler :_(

Most of the code is the same, just cleaner. All of the build system is new. I plan to keep testing and tweaking this codebase for a little while longer. A small number of new features will be added but maintaining stability will be the main goal. When I'm happy that no new bugs have appeared (and the few old ones are still gone), I'll brand it 7.0 and start trying to get distributions to integrate it.

Post-7.0 is when the real new features get added. Post your suggestions to this forum.

Ciaran O'Riordan

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