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Item ID Summary Status Assigned to Submitted
#20332 When updating an existing mirror, download to temporary files and rename Needs Discussion 2007-07-03
#20370 wget shouldn't read second wgetrc file, if it's going to fail from the first Confirmed 2007-07-06
#20424 disallow -k and -K with -O Needs Discussion 2007-07-09
#20519 -np requires / at end of dir, otherwise it downloads hierarchy too much 2007-07-18
#21323 switchable rc option groups Confirmed 2007-10-11
#21324 Windows --timeout can hang Confirmed 2007-10-11
#21358 Specify a range of ports for Wget to bind to Confirmed 2007-10-17
#21976 Connection: Keep-alive is ignored when using a proxy. Fixed gscrivano 2008-01-07
#22297 localized option names Needs Discussion 2008-02-12
#26628 Pages that are connected via <link rel> tags should count as a single "page" for recursive gets Needs Discussion 2009-05-20
#27076 data URI support Needs Discussion 2009-07-22
#20483 --min-size and --max-size 2007-07-14
#21895 Option for wget to download content for non-2xx responses Needs Discussion 2007-12-26
#24806 Option to unlink before clobber (useful with -N) Confirmed 2008-11-10
#27398 Get Visual Studio builds going again Confirmed 2009-09-08
#20367 asprintf() could loop infinitely in some situations Confirmed 2007-07-06
#20371 Generalize --adjust-extensions to cover wider range of types Confirmed 2007-07-06
#20423 $no_proxy usage Confirmed 2007-07-09
#20738 Wget needs a "reference card" Confirmed jff 2007-08-09
#21150 wget -c gives wrong output when bytes-range advertised but not supported 2007-09-24
#21392 --post-data should only POST to the first URI, not recursive downloads 2007-10-22
#21505 Date-parsing issues with FTP Needs Investigation 2007-11-02
#21693 fnmatch() complains if its input doesn't match the current locale. Confirmed 2007-12-01
#21757 Explanations when recursive mode only results in the first file Confirmed 2007-12-09
#23281 Consider using custom facility for password-prompt Needs Discussion 2008-05-17
#24293 quiet isn't verbose enough, -nv is too verbose Needs Discussion 2008-09-18
#24663 Download-rate calculations are error-prone Needs Discussion 2008-10-27
#26912 FTP HTML .listing doesn't percent-encode high bytes Confirmed 2009-06-30
#27080 add support for libproxy Needs Discussion 2009-07-23
#27957 wget -i can use up lots of ram if the list is long enough Needs Discussion 2009-11-06
#20331 robots.txt, robots.txt.html -E -k micahcowan 2007-07-03
#20360 Connection close treated as failure for HEAD zouxin 2007-07-06
#20386 Option to disable plaintext auth Confirmed 2007-07-06
#20390 Don't rely on different structs being in sync. Confirmed 2007-07-06
#20416 wget needs a way to request a range of bytes (--range option?) Needs Discussion 2007-07-09
#20521 Multiple 'Pragma:' headers not supported Confirmed 2007-07-18
#20523 wget ignores timeout on HTTPS connections 2007-07-18
#20607 Authentication needs to match RFC 2617 Confirmed micahcowan 2007-07-28
#20809 Emitting bug-reporting info Confirmed 2007-08-17
#21165 --help should include rc commands Confirmed 2007-09-26
#21300 -i with HTML requires --force-html, contrary to docs Confirmed 2007-10-08
#21403 configure.ac should use proper check for siggetmask Needs Discussion 2007-10-23
#22403 Continuing a download on FTP server which is already finished tries to download again Cannot Reproduce 2008-02-23
#22448 allow progress bar for non verbose (-nv) mode Confirmed 2008-02-29
#22830 Built-in fnmatch is broken Confirmed 2008-04-04
#22891 wget -B gives incorrect window title Invalid 2008-04-10
#22894 ftp LIST -a hangs on non-standard ftp server Needs Discussion 2008-04-10
#25340 --mirror and --convert-links mixing poorly? Needs Investigation 2009-01-16
#27077 Option to retry if download rate drops below a given limit for a given time Needs Discussion 2009-07-22
#27097 Nice to have --restrict-file-names=mac (or =darwin, etc) Confirmed 2009-07-24

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