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Item ID up Summary Status Assigned to Submitted
 #63477 imread call with alpha in return list of image without alpha channel 2022-12-06
 #63475 [octave forge] (miscellaneous) Fix cleaning of files in src/Makefile.in Ready For Test lostbard 2022-12-05
 #63471 [octave forge] (lssa) Remove inst/test directory in target clean 2022-12-05
 #63467 sscanf duplicates last value when string containing multiple values finished with space Confirmed rik5 2022-12-05
 #63466 Possible invalid memory access in NDArray::dim3() 2022-12-04
 #63462 sscanf reports incorrect number of output values. Works For Me 2022-12-03
 #63460 mean should support operation on more than 2 remaining dimensions for Matlab compatibility Confirmed 2022-12-03
 #63459 Crash while Reorganizing Windows 2022-12-02
 #63453 output dimension of cell2mat with empty inputs Confirmed 2022-12-01
 #63445 inv (NaN) produces different results for Matlab & Octave Confirmed 2022-11-29
 #63444 "if (COND)" is much slower than "if (all (COND))" Confirmed 2022-11-29
 #63442 [octave forge] (signal) - missing function 'poctave' for generating a signal's octave spectrum 2022-11-29
 #63440 [octave forge] (signal) sosfilt - NaN 2022-11-29
 #63437 Null pointer dereference in file-editor-tab.cc In Progress 2022-11-28
 #63430 Command window incompatible with Windows Terminal Confirmed 2022-11-27
 #63423 uitable cellselectioncallback does not work in a user case 2022-11-26
 #63422 uitable columnwidth with a minimum value of 30 2022-11-26
 #63415 Error in fwrite() or rand() or randn(), I'm not sure Works For Me 2022-11-25
 #63412 [octave forge] (parallel) Optim not working with parallel package 2022-11-24
 #63404 Translation files (*.ts) for Octave 8.1 Release In Progress 2022-11-22
 #63402 [octave package] (tablicious): Tablicious package fails to install Confirmed 2022-11-22
 #63400 [MXE Octave] Arrow keys not working in CLI Ready For Test 2022-11-22
 #63393 [octave forge] (control) Bode plot problem. Different results between MATLAB and Octave. Confirmed 2022-11-21
 #63382 [octave forge] (fixed) compilation error under octave-6-4-0 2022-11-17
 #63381 [octave forge] (string) Properly cleanup of PCRE2 data 2022-11-17
 #63379 Implement is* functions Confirmed 2022-11-17
 #63378 [octave forge] (symbolic) Bugs in fourier and ifourier functions 2022-11-17
 #63376 tsearchn quite slow (compared to tsearch) In Progress 2022-11-17
 #63370 Provide configuration/runtime tests for gejsv in svd_driver() Confirmed 2022-11-15
 #63353 Error in fscanf when maximum field width is specified and '%f' conversion used Confirmed 2022-11-12
 #63350 Octave does not use Eigen 2022-11-12
 #63336 Make cursor use system accessibility setting Confirmed 2022-11-08
 #63331 Octave fails to build against ImageMagick 7 Confirmed 2022-11-07
 #63328 [octave forge] (generate_html) Error in generate_package_html() with option 'octave' 2022-11-07
 #63326 [octave forge] (ga) ga function output unbounded results Confirmed 2022-11-07
 #63293 assert skips some type comparisons if a tolerance is specified 2022-10-30
 #63291 var fails to preserve sparseness Confirmed 2022-10-30
 #63286 [octave forge] (optim) fmincon fails for Rosenbrock example Confirmed 2022-10-28
 #63282 Make dec2base accept negative and/or fractional inputs In Progress arungiridhar 2022-10-27
 #63281 bsxfun fails to preserve sparse output for some functions 2022-10-27
 #63240 [octave forge] (optim) fmincon error with Hessian Confirmed 2022-10-19
 #63229 Missing self test for option OutputSel in ode23, ode23s, ode45 Ready For Test 2022-10-17
 #63199 [feature request] add a function to inverse eval() function Need Info 2022-10-11
 #63186 function handle in constructor of a class 2022-10-08
 #63184 [MXE Octave] AMD ZEN AOCL library support for blas, lapack and fftw Need Info 2022-10-08
 #63180 Octave crashes opening a GUI with an indexed object and menu with callback Confirmed 2022-10-07
 #63167 add websave() function Patch Submitted 2022-10-06
 #63160 Octave unable to iterate over object arrays in a for-loop Confirmed 2022-10-05
 #63155 qr() returns a full matrix for Q output for sparse input Confirmed 2022-10-05
 #63154 Implementation of dictionary In Progress 2022-10-04

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