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Join the FSF for an online birthday celebration on Friday, October 9th

Item posted by Wensheng XIE <wxie> on Wed 07 Oct 2020 09:28:25 AM UTC.

This Friday, October 9th, from 12:00 EDT (16:00 UTC) until 17:00 (21:00 UTC), we will host a fun and informative live event with guests from all over the world, to discuss the future of free software and learn from their experiences in different fields driving free software forward. You can find the full program on the FSF Web site, but here are some of the highlights we are looking forward to:

    We invited illustrator and artist David Revoy, who also designed our beautiful coral anniversary artwork, to join us and talk about his artwork, the challenges of design in free software, and his work with Pepper & Carrot. You can join us in the IRC #fsf channel on Freenode to ask him questions as well!

    We count on federated social media to keep developing our ethical social experience online, so we asked Pouhiou, co-director of Framasoft, to have a conversation with us about what a program like video sharing platform Peertube can mean for the future, and the importance and challenges of moderating a server.

    We will also be joined by Eda Nano, board member at April in France, who can elaborate on developments of free software in France, and talk about collaboration between organizations.

    A segment focusing on the challenges and successes of local free software activism worldwide will welcome organizers from free software groups large and small, including long-time LibrePlanet speaker Italo Vignoli from The Document Foundation, located in Italy, and Bonnie Mehring, Free Software Foundation Europe's junior project manager.

    Also, be sure to join us for short talks from FSF president Geoffrey Knauth, executive director John Sullivan, and FSF founder Richard Stallman on the last thirty-five years of software freedom, and what the future holds for the FSF.

It is promising to be a fun, educational, and entertaining event. You can join us via, and join the conversation with our speakers live through IRC on Freenode in the #fsf channel; we'll make sure we put the link up prominently on our homepage as well. You can also join the online experience by sending in your own video commemorating the occasion, following the instructions on the LibrePlanet wiki.

This birthday celebration is gratis, and all of our speakers are volunteering their time to create a joyous event where we can share our experiences and knowledge together. The LibrePlanet safe space policy will be followed throughout the event, so please make sure you read it. If this online experience is anything like LibrePlanet 2020, we will have a wonderful event, and we can't wait to see everyone online.

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