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Item ID up Summary Status Assigned to Submitted on
 #56407 rpctrace fails on statically linked binaries None None 2019-05-28
 #56000 Website postfix is " - GNU" when it should be " - GNU Hurd" None None 2019-03-25
 #49730 /proc/PID/environ returns I/O errors on read attempts None None 2016-11-29
 #49278 fprintf(stderr, ...) returns -1 (EINTR) None None 2016-10-06
 #48864 git/emacs can't restore from CNTL-Z suspend None None 2016-08-23
 #48863 rpctrace crashes (failed assert) when SEND ONCE right is extracted and then sent None None 2016-08-23
 #48464 term in IUCLC aka ILCASE mode does not treat backslash as escape None None 2016-07-11
 #48458 after stty ixoff, term sends XOFF automatically, but not XON None None 2016-07-10
 #48456 mig-generated user code does not destroy invalid reply None None 2016-07-10
 #48438 Cannot replace /hurd/fifo with different passive translator None None 2016-07-07
 #48437 diskfs_S_file_set_translator shortcutting "/hurd/fifo" to S_IFIFO discards options None None 2016-07-07
 #48372 read with size 0 from fifo blocks None None 2016-07-01
 #48371 read(fd, NULL, 0) from /dev/klog blocks until there is data None None 2016-07-01
 #43320 rlimit doesn't get propagated to children None None 2014-09-28
 #41907 Opening pipes RW with bash is blocking None None 2014-03-19
 #35501 Work with memory object before it is initiated hangs the kernel. Invalid None 2012-02-10
 #33850 Loader crashes when used with `LD_DEBUG=files' None None 2011-07-24
 #33566 Hurd fails to (cross-)build with `-O0' None None 2011-06-14
 #32770 /proc/$pid/maps should contain the file names backing the mappings In Progress None 2011-03-13
 #30256 device_close not automatically closed on port closure None None 2010-06-24
 #30096 ext2fs leaks memory on multiple execs from same process None None 2010-06-09
 #29953 libdiskfs: multiple calls to diskfs_release_peropen with mutex already hold None None 2010-05-24
 #29914 *_reply.defs can't handle error replies due to type checks None None 2010-05-19
 #29809 creating a firmlink loop results in memory exhaustion None None 2010-05-06
 #29642 gdb: breakpoints in triggered in other threads result in SIGTRAP None None 2010-04-22
 #29463 Translators output garbage when started with settrans -P and stopped by gdb None None 2010-04-07
 #29048 crash on eth trafic on machines without parallel port None None 2010-03-03
 #28934 execve(path, args) should take path as a a relative path if it doesn't contain slashes None None 2010-02-19
 #28730 Bad Mach object cache reuse None None 2010-01-24
 #28511 string_t is limited to 1024 bytes None None 2010-01-07
 #28446 No checks are made for unteminated strings in RPC messages None None 2009-12-30
 #28408 unionmount doesn't reauthenticate handle to mountee on setauth() None None 2009-12-26
 #28383 Supplementary groups aren't use by access() Wont Fix None 2009-12-23
 #27698 BPF, NPF, pfinet vs. package_header None None 2009-10-14
 #27539 pfinet hangs None None 2009-09-27
 #26960 firmlink opens target with client specified flags None None 2009-07-04
 #26926 _hurd_intr_rpc_mach_msg: Assertion `m->header.msgh_id == msgid + 100' failed. None None 2009-07-01
 #26788 GNUMach crashes after rpctrace exits unexpectedly None None 2009-06-12
 #26585 Assertion failure when signaling zombie pthread None None 2009-05-15
 #26476 rpctrace cannot trace messages sent to the host port Confirmed None 2009-05-07
 #26430 fix rpctrace & interrupt_operation/EINTR with SA_RESTART None None 2009-05-02
 #26425 >128GB disk I/O errors, LBA48 implementation needed None None 2009-05-02
 #25961 fatfs truncating files None None 2009-03-22
 #25283 Dependency tracking for i386/i386/i386asm.sym Confirmed None 2009-01-09
 #25054 Kernel panic with eth-multiplexer None None 2008-12-09
 #24383 ftpfs: Hang if network is down None None 2008-09-26
 #23213 moving a directory in a non-root-filesystem chroot returns EAGAIN None None 2008-05-08
 #22861 bogus answer from pflocal to io_select SELECT_URG None None 2008-04-06
 #21000 VGA palette bogus after X usage None None 2007-09-07
 #20907 storeio: ENOENT on lookup causes clients to use underlying translator Ready For Test None 2007-08-26

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