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Item ID up Summary Status Assigned to Submitted on
 #7297 Fixed some '{' and added some history info None None 09/04/2010
 #6856 Declare trivfs hooks external and provide defaults Ready For Test None 06/27/2009
 #6844 fix a bug in init: initialize 'flags' in reboot_system Works For Me None 06/02/2009
 #6840 fix remaining extern inlines In Progress tschwinge 05/24/2009
 #6833 rpctrace: handle mach_port_insert_right() Works For Me None 05/20/2009
 #6830 rpctrace traces all tasks and threads Works For Me None 05/16/2009
 #6625 glibc privdes environment variables to ovrride the default pfinet server. Works For Me zhengda 08/31/2008
 #6622 pfinet uses the BPF filter Works For Me zhengda 08/29/2008
 #6621 pfinet sets the mach device into the promiscuous mode. Works For Me zhengda 08/29/2008
 #6620 pfinet changes its filter rules with its IP address Works For Me zhengda 08/29/2008
 #6619 pfinet uses the virtual interface Works For Me zhengda 08/29/2008
 #6618 Enable boot to use the device file created by devnode. Works For Me zhengda 08/29/2008
 #6088 Entropy Patch None None 07/12/2007
 #5889 Three pages translated to Polish None None 04/23/2007
 #5850 Very small cleanups. None None 04/03/2007
 #5580 rpctrace: more readable output None None 11/22/2006
 #5379 Implementation of condition_timedwait() in libthreads None None 09/10/2006
 #5126 Support for Reading and Writing Extended Attributes None None 05/25/2006
 #5045 Update documentation to reflect current libihash API None marcus 04/17/2006
 #4898 Reassigned item: Related projects patch None None 02/09/2006
 #4897 Reassigned item: Parts of a Portuguese translation None None 02/09/2006
 #4896 Reassigned item: Parts of a French translation None None 02/09/2006
 #4818 Dynamic memory allocation for Linux Device drivers in glue. Postponed tschwinge 01/21/2006
 #4762 ioctl() incorrectly decodes argument None None 01/04/2006
 #4738 Patch consider_lmm_collect: Test always true In Progress ams 12/26/2005
 #4169 POSIX Shared Memory None marcus 07/13/2005
 #3633 Support "get the root capability" in capability server None None 01/11/2005
 #3401 libpager/data-request.c: missing call to _pager_allow_termination; elide unlock relock sequence in the fast path None roland 09/29/2004
 #3330 HURD_IHASH_ITERATE_KEYS None marcus 09/01/2004
 #2797 Starting XFree from the new console None marcus 03/13/2004
 #2756 Add an argument to diskfs_cached_lookup so it can detect if the directory of the node was already locked None marcus 03/07/2004
 #2714 diskfs.h doc fixes None roland 02/28/2004
 #2104 rpctrace: Don't assert that local port names are valid In Progress tschwinge 10/18/2003
 #1865 Add "SVGA" support to the console client. None marcus 08/26/2003
 #1839 Many small fixes in dir-rename.c and dir-renamed.c None None 08/18/2003
 #1810 Adds support for bell broadcasting (console, libcons) None marcus 08/11/2003
 #1808 Add support for task_basic_info without creation_time None None 08/09/2003
 #1800 clean up some more crypt() things in idvec-verify.c None marcus 08/06/2003
 #1790 Implements the routing interfaces in pfinet None None 08/02/2003
 #1789 Add interface for routing support (pfinet.defs) None None 08/02/2003
 #1633 Terminated with C-c rpctrace:d programs hang None marcus 06/16/2003
 #642 simple nfs cleanups None None 11/09/2002
 #332 POSIX record file locking None None 05/27/2002
 #328 TASK_BASIC_INFO members virtual/resident size in bytes None None 05/27/2002
 #312 getting a console early at bootstrap in parsing arguments None roland 05/12/2002
 #311 remap store of multiple runs without store class support None neal 05/12/2002
 #308 convert hook variables into callback functions None None 05/12/2002
 #307 libmemdir, for servers providing mostly static directories None None 05/12/2002
 #306 idvec_merge_implied_gids does not merge in secondary IDs None None 05/12/2002

        49 matching items - Items 1 to 49        

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