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Item ID Summary Status down Assigned to Submitted
#35545 Gnash treats zero and negative repeat value in Sound.start(offset,repeat) incorrectly Fixed 2012-02-16
#18822 Printing web pages with Flash content leaves blank spaces Postponed bjacques 2007-01-18
#20045 plugins not built with --disable-shared Postponed dossy 2007-06-02
#22132 Movieclip with embedded video plays at the wrong speed. Postponed strk 2008-01-27
#24977 gnash-plugin seems to be very slow in firefox Postponed 2008-12-01
#25132 Speedtest.net does not load correctly Postponed 2008-12-20
#25580 tfd.swf doesn't work Postponed 2009-02-13
#30940 Apt sees no debs in Ubuntu 10.04 Postponed rsavoye 2010-09-01
#32602 FAIL: run_swfdec_testsuite_r: registerclass-previous.swf on hurd Postponed 2011-02-26
#33968 Gnash crashes on Khan Academy lesson videos Postponed 2011-08-08
#37424 libGLESv2 not found properly Postponed rsavoye 2012-09-22
#32619 Cairo renderer doesn't work correctly Works For Me 2011-02-28
#35351 Regression: timers broken when framerate above 12 Works For Me 2012-01-22
#35778 IPv6 problems with youtube.com Works For Me rsavoye 2012-03-09
#37615 heavy load on the system even when not playing video. Works For Me 2012-10-22
#39941 building without jemalloc is still possible, but ./configure doesn't tell you Works For Me rsavoye 2013-09-04
#17915 printing unimplemented Need Info 2006-10-05
#22341 Klash installation does not honor configure's prefix or $KDEDIRS Need Info rsavoye 2008-02-17
#22521 A possible regression Need Info bjacques 2008-03-09
#23300 ERROR: OpenGL: invalid enumerant Need Info 2008-05-19
#29151 configure --disable-rpath is ignored Need Info rsavoye 2010-03-09
#30005 flash movies from youtube and facebook don't work Need Info 2010-05-31
#30870 vaapi acceleration crashes gnash Need Info rsavoye 2010-08-25
#31496 configure script not finding kde installed in /opt/kde4 Need Info 2010-10-29
#33550 'make install' fails to install libgnashsound Need Info 2011-06-13
#34163 error during compilation after all errors of ".configure"-script are solved Need Info 2011-08-29
#35917 Can not (easily) build on x86-64 if /usr/lib32 exists Need Info rsavoye 2012-03-20
#36617 Ubuntu 12.04 64-bit - can not make a successful build. Need Info rsavoye 2012-06-10
#37388 Crash when using OpenVG Need Info rsavoye 2012-09-18
#23063 NSIS script for the win32 version In Progress dossy 2008-04-26
#23284 video fails on news.bbc.co.uk In Progress rsavoye 2008-05-18
#30226 gnash compile fails on aquasup.h In Progress nihilus 2010-06-23
#32195 movieclip-lockroot-loadmovie-6.swf on ovh slave In Progress 2011-01-20
#32588 Some YouTube movies use AVM2 watermark file In Progress 2011-02-24
#34993 [REGRESSION] FB gui support for -j/-k doesn't work In Progress rsavoye 2011-12-05
#38116 Configure auto detect freetype fails In Progress rsavoye 2013-01-18
#38573 Gnash 0.8.11dev failed to build with FFmpeg r11872/libavcodec 51.50.0 In Progress rsavoye 2013-03-22
#39949 ofla_demo.swf: disconnect doesn't work In Progress georgethomas 2013-09-04
#27202 Youtube HD videos doesn't work with latest trunk Ready For Test 2009-08-07
#25456 [regression] gnash not able to play sound from presentation Ready For Test strk 2009-02-01
#25912 gnash in konqueror/svn does not show "click to play" when gnash starts in pause-mode Ready For Test vipw 2009-03-18
#26115 make fails to include Boost (probably BOOST flags not set) Ready For Test 2009-04-08
#31495 gnash depends upon unreleased gtkglext code. Ready For Test 2010-10-29
#31589 Video playback broken with gst and crystalhd driver Ready For Test 2010-11-08
#31782 KDE3 gui doesn't build Ready For Test strk 2010-12-04
#31971 Testsuite test sanetests-runner some times fail Ready For Test 2010-12-25
#32411 ExternalInterface XML parser fails with nested tags Ready For Test strk 2011-02-10
#33393 ld.exe cannot find -llibva Ready For Test rsavoye 2011-05-25
#33624 I want to cross compile gnash´╝îBut I do not want to gstreamer Ready For Test 2011-06-23
#34837 Directories for shared objects still created with shared objects disabled Ready For Test rsavoye 2011-11-15

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