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 #60986 Mathematical bold script captical rendered incorrectly Fixed Stevan_White 2021-07-28
 #59699 Lam and alef presentation forms should not ligate Fix posted Stevan_White 2020-12-16
 #59696 Please re-base the sans-serif Hebrew glyphs on the latest version of Nachlieli CLM Postponed Stevan_White 2020-12-15
 #59580 Bad Hebrew Niqqud support Need info Stevan_White 2020-11-30
 #58635 Wrong glyph for U+A789 MODIFIER LETTER COLON Fix posted Stevan_White 2020-06-20
 #58310 Suggestions on selected Cyrillic characters. Part 3: the Psi Fixed Stevan_White 2020-05-06
 #58309 Suggestions on selected Cyrillic characters. Part 2: the Iotified E Fixed Stevan_White 2020-05-06
 #58308 Suggestions on selected Cyrillic characters. Part 1: the Omega Fixed Stevan_White 2020-05-06
 #58233 Numerals have different size on display Proceeding Stevan_White 2020-04-24
 #58183 Incomplete 'cv21' Fix posted Stevan_White 2020-04-15
 #57320 [Win 7] FreeSerif Bold marked as FreeSerif regular, so it replaces FreeSerif Regular Fixed Stevan_White 2019-11-28
 #57021 Wrong glyph for U+FE73 ARABIC TAIL FRAGMENT Fix posted Stevan_White 2019-10-08
 #57017 Wrong glyphs for U+A92C and U+A92D Fix posted Stevan_White 2019-10-07
 #56759 Small Caps look like Petite Caps Postponed Stevan_White 2019-08-14
 #56746 Malayalam: secondary glyphs formed by prebase substitution with some matras are broken Fixed Stevan_White 2019-08-11
 #56518 Malayalam in Sans: ligature formation is not working Fixed Stevan_White 2019-06-18
 #56131 Kerning of "lš", "ſt" Fixed Stevan_White 2019-04-14
 #56046 Sidebearing or kernig of hyphens Fix posted Stevan_White 2019-04-01
 #55947 Characters ≝ ≞ swapped in FreeMono Fixed Stevan_White 2019-03-18
 #55450 Free Serif's bold Italic small letter d in cyrillic is rendered as g in latin Fixed Stevan_White 2019-01-11
 #55177 Different lenght of "|", "¦" in FreeSerif Fixed Stevan_White 2018-12-07
 #55128 U+A7B7 LATIN SMALL LETTER OMEGA is missing in FreeSerif Italic and Bold Italic Fixed Stevan_White 2018-11-28
 #55127 U+012F LATIN SMALL LETTER I WITH OGONEK retains dot in FreeSerif Italic when followed by a non-grave combining accent Fix posted Stevan_White 2018-11-28
 #55125 Latin letters precomposed with caron or breve lack upper anchors for diacritic stacking in FreeSerif Bold Italic Fix posted Stevan_White 2018-11-28
 #55117 U+1D58 MODIFIER LETTER SMALL U is badly positioned in FreeSerif Italic Fix posted Stevan_White 2018-11-27
 #55116 U+1D58 MODIFIER LETTER SMALL U lacks "below" and "ogonek" anchors in FreeSerif Italic Fix posted Stevan_White 2018-11-27
 #55115 U+0275 LATIN SMALL LETTER BARRED O misses "below" anchor in FreeSerif Italic Fix posted Stevan_White 2018-11-27
 #55114 U+AB53 LATIN SMALL LETTER CHI is missing Postponed Stevan_White 2018-11-27
 #55112 U+030D COMBINING VERTICAL LINE ABOVE should be vertical in italic Fix posted Stevan_White 2018-11-27
 #55063 dashes forms Fixed Stevan_White 2018-11-20
 #55062 U+0451 (ё) sidebearing Fixed Stevan_White 2018-11-20
 #54997 Bengali incorrect ligatures Proceeding Stevan_White 2018-11-09
 #54911 Bengali top lines misaligned at some font sizes Fix posted Stevan_White 2018-10-29
 #54073 Support copyleft symbol Fix posted Stevan_White 2018-06-06
 #54007 Wrong glyph for U+212E ESTIMATED SYMBOL Fix posted Stevan_White 2018-05-29
 #53954 Arabic lam-alef ligature and diacritics Fixed Stevan_White 2018-05-21
 #53946 Find Problems -> ATT warnings -- when to take them seriously Need info Stevan_White 2018-05-20
 #53608 Problems with U+0272 LATIN SMALL LETTER N WITH LEFT HOOK Fix posted Stevan_White 2018-04-10
 #53607 Missing anchor points for diaeresis in Armenian Fix posted Stevan_White 2018-04-10
 #53367 New Latin letters for Mazahua Postponed Stevan_White 2018-03-17
 #53349 Please clarify license for non-font files and copyright holders Postponed Stevan_White 2018-03-15
 #53289 More weights Postponed Stevan_White 2018-03-05
 #52900 Nonconcentric squares in U+25A3 in FreeSans Fix posted Stevan_White 2018-01-15
 #52885 Missing anchors in Cherokee Fix posted Stevan_White 2018-01-14
 #52670 Medieval notes look wrong after normalization Fix posted Stevan_White 2017-12-15
 #52669 Medieval accidentals are not treated like modern ones Fix posted Stevan_White 2017-12-15
 #52662 Musical combining marks above are too low Fix posted Stevan_White 2017-12-14
 #52572 Musical combining marks overlap the following glyph Proceeding Stevan_White 2017-12-01
 #52571 Superscripts and subscripts do not work in all scripts Proceeding Stevan_White 2017-12-01
 #52566 Misplaced tremolos without stems Proceeding Stevan_White 2017-12-01

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