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MIT/GNU Scheme 9.2 is released
     posted by cph, Wed May 21 09:56:52 2014 - 0 replies

No release notes as yet. Download as usual.

MIT/GNU Scheme 9.1 is released!
     posted by cph, Sun Oct 16 05:10:39 2011 - 0 replies

Download in the usual place. Sorry, no release notes yet; if someone has time there will eventually be some.

MIT/GNU Scheme 9.0 is released
     posted by cph, Sun Mar 7 09:26:19 2010 - 0 replies

This new release features native-code compilation for x86-64 machines. Download at the usual place.

New snapshot: 20090107
     posted by cph, Sun Jan 25 05:27:27 2009 - 0 replies

A new snapshot, built on January 7, is now uploaded. Get it from the usual places.

New snapshot: 20080130
     posted by cph, Fri Feb 1 00:04:22 2008 - 0 replies

Another new snapshot; no dramatic changes this time. There's no binary for PPC Macs (I don't have one to build on), but if someone wants to build a binary I'll upload it.

New snapshot 20070909
     posted by cph, Tue Oct 2 01:30:41 2007 - 0 replies

There's a new snapshot available: 20070909. This one has support for current systems, including Mac OS X. 32-bit PowerPC support is provided using the C back end to the compiler.

new snapshot
     posted by cph, Thu Feb 8 05:22:45 2007 - 4 replies

Another new snapshot, 20070205, is now available.

This is the first version of MIT/GNU Scheme to support the Mac, albeit just the new Intel Macs.

I previously stated that this snapshot would have support for the C back end -- I lied. This snapshot was pushed out because it's the beginning of term here at MIT and we need a sync point. The C back end is almost ready for release -- Taylor's working on it -- but it's still a few weeks off. When it's finished we'll release another snapshot.

Next update
     posted by cph, Sat Sep 23 06:56:53 2006 - 0 replies

Thanks to the amazing Bill Rozas, the C back end for the compiler has been revived. This means that MIT/GNU Scheme will run on all of the popular modern architectures, including x86_64 and PowerPC, so those of you with Macs or 64-bit machines will be able to use MIT/GNU Scheme on them.

The next snapshot, due as soon as I can get everything in order, will contain this support.

New snapshot
     posted by cph, Sat Sep 23 06:53:05 2006 - 0 replies

I've posted a new snapshot 20060906.

Download from

New snapshot
     posted by cph, Wed Apr 19 05:06:38 2006 - 0 replies

I've posted a new snapshot 20060414. More fixes, including some packaging errors for the Win32 installer. Also, basic support for RDF.

Download from

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