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GNU Hyperbole Major Release 9 (V9.0.1) Rhapsody
     posted by matsl, Sun 10 Mar 2024 10:22:58 PM UTC


GNU Hyperbole 9.0.1, the Rhapsody release, is now available on GNU ELPA. 
And oh what a release it is: extensive new features, new video
demos, org and org roam integration, Markdown and Org file support in
HyRolo, recursive directory and wildcard file scanning in HyRolo, and [...]

Installing Hyperbole from GNU-devel ELPA Packages
     posted by matsl, Thu 24 Nov 2022 10:33:37 PM UTC

Installing the latest development version of Hyperbole

The latest development version of Hyperbole can be installed directly from the GNU-devel ELPA Packages using built-in Emacs Package Manager.

The Elpa GNU-devel package repository provides a development version of Hyperbole. It pulls from the latest Hyperbole development branch to get [...]

GNU Hyperbole 8.0.0, the Epiphany release, is now available on GNU ELPA
     posted by matsl, Sun 20 Nov 2022 10:28:42 PM UTC


  • Overview


GNU Hyperbole 8.0.0, the Epiphany release, is now available on GNU ELPA.
Hyperbole is a unique hypertextual information management Emacs package [...]

GNU Hyperbole 7.1.3, the Antiviral Release, is now available on GNU ELPA
     posted by rsw, Sat 26 Sep 2020 01:59:28 AM UTC

What's new in this release is described here:

   Everything back until release 7.0.3 is new since the last major
   release announcement (about a year ago), so updates are extensive.

======================================================================== [...]

GNU Hyperbole 7.0.3 is the latest release
     posted by rsw, Mon 22 Jul 2019 04:16:06 AM UTC

Hyperbole is an amazing hypertextual information management system
that installs quickly and easily as an Emacs package.  It is part of
GNU Elpa, the Emacs Lisp Package Archive.

Hyperbole interlinks all your working information within Emacs for [...]

GNU Hyperbole 7, a.k.a the Git Ready for Action Release, is now available
     posted by rsw, Thu 16 Nov 2017 04:46:59 AM UTC

This is the main public release of GNU Hyperbole for 2017 and it is
bursting with new features and further quality improvements.  New
capabilities, including Git and Github object links, are summarized
here: [...]

GNU Hyperbole 6.0.2 for Emacs 24.4 or newer is released
     posted by rsw, Thu 11 Aug 2016 02:02:35 AM UTC

For information on what GNU Hyperbole is, screenshots, download and
installation instructions, see the GNU Hyperbole home page:

The Hyperbole wiki page: [...]

GNU Hyperbole 6.0.1 for Emacs 24.4 to 25 is released
     posted by rsw, Wed 27 Jul 2016 07:33:23 PM UTC

GNU Hyperbole (pronounced Ga-new Hi-per-bo-lee), or just Hyperbole, is an amazing programmable hypertextual information management system implemented as a GNU Emacs package.  This is the first public release in 2016.  Hyperbole has been greatly expanded and modernized for use with the latest Emacs 25 releases; it supports GNU Emacs 24.4 or above. [...]

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