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GNU Hyperbole 6.0.2 for Emacs 24.4 or newer is released

Item posted by Robert Weiner <rsw> on Thu 11 Aug 2016 02:02:35 AM UTC.

For information on what GNU Hyperbole is, screenshots, download and
installation instructions, see the GNU Hyperbole home page:

The Hyperbole wiki page:

explains the many ways it differs from and is complementary to Org mode.

Hyperbole includes an interactive demo to introduce you to its features and a
detailed reference manual.

                        What's New in GNU Hyperbole V6.0.2


    - pathname Implicit Button Type: generalized to handle hash-style links to
      HTML files, to Github Markdown # sections and to Emacs outline *
      sections.  So an Action Key press on any of the following links displays
      the link referent:
    "DEMO#HTML Markdown and Emacs Outline Hash Links"
      Even links split across 2 lines like this now work: "DEMO#Social Media
      Hashtags and Usernames", as long as point is on the first line.

      Within HTML and Markdown files, in-file hash links without any file name
      prefix work as well.

      HTML hash-links are case-sensitive; other hash-links are not.  Hash links
      typically use dashes in place of the spaces that referents may contain,
      but if the link is enclosed in quotes, Hyperbole allows spaces to be used
      as well.  In fact, it is best practice to always enclose hash-style links
      in quotes so Hyperbole can distinguish them from other similar looking
      constructs, such as social media hashtags (see "(hyperbole)Social Media").

      Pathnames surrounded by literal non-ASCII quote marks now work as well.
      For example, ‘’.

    - New Implicit Button Type, markdown-internal-link, displays any in-file
      Markdown link referent, aside from pathnames and urls.  Together with
      other types, all Markdown links can now be followed by the Action Key.

    - social-reference Implicit Button Type: Disabled this type within quoted
      strings (all modes) and within parentheses (markdown-mode), so in-file
      hash link references are not matched as social hash tags.  Made the list
      of modes a variable, hibtypes-social-inhibit-modes.

    - New link-to-web-search Action Type: Allows global and explicit buttons
      to link to specific web term searches from `hyperbole-web-search-alist'.

    - org-mode Implicit Button Type: Improved to invoke org-meta-return when
      not on an Org link or outline heading.


    - Added pointer to HyControl video and {C-c \} binding which invokes
      HyControl window control.

    - README File: New Org-mode user testimonial.

    - DEMO File: Added description and exercise using the new Find/Web menu.

    - Added introduction with images combining README, INSTALL
      and HY-ABOUT information.

    - Full set of hand-written changes are now in the file "Changes".  The
      former name, ChangeLog, is now auto-generated from the version controlled
      'git log' but not as complete.


    - New variables, action-key-eol-function and assist-key-eol-function, used
      to control what the Action and Assist Keys do at the end of a line.
      Default behaviors remain as before but now one can set these to do
      something other than scrolling, if desired.  See "(hyperbole)Smart Key -
      Smart Scrolling"

    - When in HyControl, pressing {ESC} now quits in addition to {q}.


    - New submenu, Find/Web, for quick access to major web search engines.
      The Find/Web menu looks like this:
        Web> Amazon Bing Dictionary Elisp Facebook Google Hub(git) Images Maps RFCs StackOverflow Twitter Wikipedia Youtube

      Hyperbole binds the key {C-c /} for quick access to this menu, if it is
      not already bound prior to Hyperbole's initialization. The
      Cust/Web-Search menu, {C-h h c w}, sets the option,
      hyperbole-web-search-browser-function, which determines whether web
      search results are displayed within Emacs or with an external web
      browser.  A short video introduction to the Find/Web menu may be found at

      Advanced users can change the search engines listed in the Find/Web menu
      with M-x customize-variable RET hyperbole-web-search-alist RET.  Changes
      are automatically reflected in the Hyperbole menus once applied.
      Remember each search engine name must begin with a unique letter and each
      URL must have a %s format field indicating where to place the web search
      term when a search is performed.  See "(hyperbole)Web Search Engines".

-- The End --

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