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CVS Repository moved to SVN (
     posted by fedor, Sun Jan 29 02:47:57 2006 - 2 replies

We have moved the source code repository to so that we can use subversion. The CVS repository at this location is now out of date.

Submitting bugs/support
     posted by fedor, Fri Jan 13 04:55:46 2006 - 0 replies

Do the increase in spam being sent to our bug trackers and other parts of the project site, all trackers have been restricted so that only logged-in users can submit items. Anonymous users cannot submit anything to a tracker. Sorry for the inconvenience.

GUI/Back Version 0.10.0
     posted by fedor, Fri Jul 22 17:28:21 2005 - 0 replies

This version includes many bug fixes. It is also binary incompatible with the previous version, so all applications that use it must be reompiled. It is also, at least on Windows, only compatible with base 1.11.0 and above.

Base/Make Version 1.11.0
     posted by fedor, Thu Jul 21 20:53:31 2005 - 1 reply

A lot of improvements and bug fixes. Particularly on Windows machines. Psuedo-framework support was added to Make. Improvements and simplifications in Windows path handling in Base, as well as native event handling.
Note that the interface version has changed as well as a linking change in Make so that all libraries, tools and apps need to be rebuilt.

gui/back version 0.9.4
     posted by fedor, Mon Sep 27 02:24:30 2004 - 0 replies

The interface version of the library has changed so that apps, tools and libraries the use the base library need to be recompiled to use it.
The printing classes have been completely reorganized to accommodate different native printing systems (Thanks to Chad Hardin). PPD files have been moved to a separate package.

base/make version 1.10.0
     posted by fedor, Mon Sep 27 02:22:44 2004 - 0 replies

The interface version of the library has changed so that apps,
tools and libraries the use the base library need to be recompiled to
use it. A large majority of the library classes have been documented
thanks to the efforts of Andrew Ruder

Gui/Back 0.9.0
     posted by fedor, Tue Oct 28 03:19:57 2003 - 0 replies

The Gui/Back libraries stable release includes improvements in various classes, include NSPopUpButton,
NSBitmapImageRep, NSMenu, NSToolbar. We also added support for thumbnail images in NSWorkspace.

GNUstep base/make 1.8.0
     posted by fedor, Fri Sep 26 20:01:50 2003 - 0 replies

This release standardizes the filesystem directories and locations of various components. There are also many many bug fixes as well as better support for more OSs (W32, darwin, etc) and Asian languages.

Gui 0.8.5
     posted by fedor, Sat Mar 29 00:13:56 2003 - 0 replies

GNUstep GUI/Back 0.8.5 Libraries have been released. This release includes a complete rewrite of the text system with much better layout and font support, contributed by Alex Malmberg.

Launchpad 1.6.0
     posted by fedor, Sat Mar 29 00:12:48 2003 - 0 replies

Version 1.6.0 of GNUstep Base and the Makefile package have been released. Improvements include native support of MacOSX, and much nicer support on Win32 (MingW).

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