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GNU gettext 0.20.2 released

Item posted by Bruno Haible <haible> on Tue 14 Apr 2020 12:13:08 PM UTC.

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This is a bug-fix release.

New in this release:

  • Improvements for maintainers:

  - A dependency bug in po/ has been fixed.

  • Programming languages support:

  - Shell:
    o The programs 'gettext', 'ngettext', when invoked with option -e, now expand '\\' and octal escape sequences, instead of swallowing them. (Bug present since the beginning.)
    o xgettext now recognizes 'gettext' program invocations with the '-e' option, such as "gettext -e 'some\nstring\n'"
  - Python: xgettext now assumes a Python source file is in UTF-8 encoding by default, as stated in PEP 3120.
  - Desktop Entry: The value of the 'Icon' property is no longer extracted into the POT file by xgettext. The documentation explains how to localize icons.

  • Runtime behaviour:

  - The interpretation of the language preferences on macOS has been improved, especially in the case where a system locale does not exist for the combination of the selected primary language and the selected territory.
  - Fixed a multithread-safety bug on Cygwin and native Windows.

  • Libtextstyle:

  - Fixed a number of bugs (by upgrading libcroco to version 0.6.13).


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