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Version 2.0.12 is out.

Item posted by Richard Shann <rshann> on Thu 15 Sep 2016 09:12:33 AM UTC.

New Features
Assign current staff to an instrument
Create Ligatures
Add staff for instrument now sets time and key signatures
Improved menu layout
Custom Templates preserved on upgrade
Direct setting of Mute/Printing status of staffs at staff start

More GUI features
Highlighting objects as the cursor hovers over them
Staff tools in Display expanded
A Movement tools button installed
Tools in Display now sensitive when hovered over
Hidden Staffs indicator now clickable
Bug Fixes
Fix Print View update when changing initial clef/timesig
Fix Print View update when using score properties dialog
Fix WYSISYG beam angle alteration
Fix display update on attaching ornaments without cursor highlighting
Fix visibility of cursor on Denemo Directives
Various fixes to undo
Handle absence of LilyPond more gracefully
Edit staff by mouse interface improved
Known Bugs
Navigation from stale Print View with selection causes problems with Default Score Layout
InsertChord command gives bad display when used after clef change

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