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GNU ease.js 0.2.8 released

Item posted by Mike Gerwitz <mikegerwitz> on Sat 16 Jul 2016 04:30:15 AM UTC.

This is a minor release introducing transparent Error subtyping.

This release succeeds v0.2.7, which was released 26 October, 2015.  There are no backwards-incompatible changes; support continues for ECMAScript 3+.

Changes between 0.2.7 and 0.2.8:
  * Transparent Error subtyping
    - Extending an ECMAScript Error constructor will transparently produce a Error subtype that performs all necessary boilerplate and strips itself from the stack trace.  See manual for more information.

  - Manual changes:
    - Added "Error Subtyping" section.
    - Removed recommendation to always use `public' keyword when defining public methods (which is the default), and warning that it might be required in the future.  Omitting is fine (and preferred by some).
    - Added "Class Caveats" section; documented `this.__inst'.

Release notes for past releases are available at:

More information, including an online manual, can be found on GNU's website:

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