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Version 2.0.8 is out.

Item posted by Richard Shann <rshann> on Wed May 11 09:58:33 2016.

New features:

Copy and Paste
Applies to note/chord attributes
CtrlC, Ctrl-V work for these
Copied marking is highlighted
Selection changes color when copied
Improved Acoustic Feedback
Trill makes a short trill sound on entry
Copy attributes sounds
Improved Visual Feedback
Status bar notices are animated
Characters are highlighted in Lyric Verses
Directives are made more legible when cursor is on them
Cadenza Time
For un-metered music
Music can still display in “bars”
New Commands
Tuplet Positioning
Curved Tuplet Brackets
Cadenza on/off uses Cadenza Time, sets smaller note size, editable text
Notes without stems
Multi-line text annotation
Bold, Italic etc now apply to selection
A guard prevents accidental syntax collision
Updated Manual
More detail
Now indexed
Bug Fixes
Command Center search now reliable
Standalone Multi-line text with backslash editing
Pasting into measures that precede a time signature change


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