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Release 1.2.0 is out now.

Item posted by Richard Shann <rshann> on Thu Dec 4 09:40:39 2014.

New features:
Palette Shortcuts
Execute Palette Commands from Keyboard
Label is typed in
Label truncation allowed
Switch active palette
Works even on hidden palettes
Automatic Cues
Install Reference to Cued Part
Automatically detects difference in clef
Changes are automatically reflected in cue
Fret Diagrams
Can be placed in any score
Can be embedded in text
Can be re-positioned by dragging
Accidental Styles
16 styles available
Apply across entire score
Lyrics Improvements
Choose Font Face
Choose Font Size
Chord Chart Improvements
Interface for Customized Chord Symbols
Page size and measures per line control
One-off arbitrary chord symbol creation
Tailored shortcuts for fast keyboard entry.
MIDI information on double-click
Timing information
Volume (velocity) information.
Default Font Faces
Choose from system installed fonts
Titles, Lyrics etc
Chord Names and other sans serif text
Mono-spaced font
General Improvements
More checks for user errors
Better flow of notes into new measures.


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