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Release of remotecontrol Unattended Server Side Automation

Item posted by Stephen H. Dawson DSL <shdawson> on Sat 29 Mar 2014 07:20:27 PM UTC.

remotecontrol now has Unattended Server Side Automation (USSA), accomplished in separate script files. These files are optional to remotecontrol. These scripts are not distributed with a version release of remotecontrol. They are only available through the remotecontrol repository.


svn co svn://

The usage instructions for each USSA are in each script, at the top of each script file. The automation is intended to replace repetitive actions in your day to day usage of remotecontrol. Examples of such repetition are setting the Date/Time on all thermostats, or interfacing with an external system, such as another Energy Management System. The benefit of USSA is to free you of most, if not all, human interaction necessary to operate your remotecontrol implementation.

Please contact us with your questions or feedback.

We hope you enjoy this new capability.

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