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Another home thermostat found vulnerable to attack
     posted by shdawson, Mon 15 Jan 2024 04:31:08 PM UTC

A network cable connection to any thermostat is still a safer and overall less expensive long term choice.

The Christmas Electric Grid Emergency
     posted by shdawson, Tue 27 Dec 2022 03:09:04 PM UTC

Surrendering control of an HVAC thermostat to an electricity company enables them to change the temperature settings as they see fit.

Maintaining personal control of an HVAC thermostat is a wise choice.

Cost of living: Calls for targeted help to cut energy bills
     posted by shdawson, Sun 20 Mar 2022 04:34:34 PM UTC
"Millions of households are facing a 54% rise in the cost of a typical annual gas and electricity bill..."

We discussed deeply when we designed GNU remotecontrol the reality of rising energy costs pushing consumer purchasing decisions to the point of genuine consumer pain. All energy costs [...]

Corrections & Amplifications - WSJ - October 9th, 2021
     posted by shdawson, Sat 09 Oct 2021 11:42:21 AM UTC

The editor of the Wall Street Journal has retracted their article about the new Google Nest Thermostat feature by issuing a public correction announcement.

Google Rolls Out Emission-Curbing Tools for Nest Thermostat
     posted by shdawson, Thu 07 Oct 2021 03:33:41 PM UTC

This offering from Google is false advertising. There is no means for an electricity customer to select the source of the electricity provided to their premises.

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Version 1.1 is coming soon..... posted by shdawson, Mon 24 Jun 2013 10:37:10 PM UTC
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Release posted by shdawson, Mon 31 Dec 2012 08:52:19 PM UTC

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