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30th anniversary celebration: GNU get-together/workshop on Saturday September 21 in Paris, France

Item posted by Luca Saiu <positrone> on Thu 12 Sep 2013 05:57:55 PM UTC.

Hello.  I'm trying to help the April and Université Paris 8 people who are working to set up the French event celebrating GNU's thirtieth anniversary, on Saturday September 21.  Here's the English version of the announcement:

If you plan to come, and particularly if you would like to help, you can subscribe to the organization mailing list here:
(you can use English or French on the list, as you prefer)

The event is open to the general public but of course we particularly welcome GNU hackers from France, nearby countries, or anywhere.  No formal guarantees, but it's likely that some informal accommodation for the night will be found for GNU hackers, should someone need it.

Please tell us at what time you're coming, if possible; in particular it would be nice to have as many GNU people as possible available in the morning, when students will be present.
People with first-hand experience told me that they are very serious at teaching programming and technical stuff at Université Paris 8, right from the first year.  Students should be a competent and interested audience, and I'm eager to meet them.

If you have concrete suggestions about some activity for this informal GNU get-together/workshop you're welcome to write.  Keep into account that the morning public will be more technically-oriented than the average person coming in the afternoon for Richard's speech.  Richard will deliver a special talk for the occasion, in French.

During the morning and/or in the afternoon, there will also be a
«coding-goûter» session -- an introduction to programming for children and their parents using a visual tool, of course free software, which I also look forward to.

Celebrations will extend into the afternoon and evening, along with opportunities to hack.

Hoping to see you soon.


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