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Transcription from Audio

Item posted by Richard Shann <rshann> on Tue 27 Aug 2013 08:22:34 AM UTC.

Denemo can now help in transcribing an audio performance into notation
typeset by LilyPond.
The audio is loaded into an empty score and Denemo detects note-onsets
in the piece and provides a set of beats at whatever tempo you have
guessed at (you can suggest the time signature too).
You can then drag the start of the audio to the start of the first bar
(or, if you want an intro, to the start of a later bar). Then playing
back (at slowed-down speed if need be) you pick out by ear a strong
note-onset at the beginning of a later bar. Double clicking on this
note-onset marks it and then you can then drag it with the right mouse
button onto the first beat of its bar. This sets the tempo and completes
the synchronization of the notation and audio.
I have created videos to illustrate these steps:

I went on to show creating the actual transcription and playing the
transcription and original audio together, but I have run into problems
recording and syncing the audio. (You can hear a poor quality audio on
the second of those demos).
The final step in the full demo is to show that while doing all this
LilyPond has been working away creating a beautiful score, ready for the

If anyone would like to pursue this stuff and create better videos
please let me know. The source code is all in git now.


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