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Version 1.0.4 is available

Item posted by Richard Shann <rshann> on Tue 09 Jul 2013 09:20:08 PM UTC.

New features in this version:

*Playing back repeats in MIDI
**Da Capo and Dal Segno also supported
*Double-Clicking for Help
**Explore the object at the cursor
*Learner mode
*key presses are shown as you make them *the command and its
tooltip is explained
*Note Entry by PC-keyboard Improved
**The duration keys sound the note entered
*They simultaneous set the prevailing duration Audio
**Export to .ogg or .wav files
**Live performance also recorded
**Italian Complete
**French Complete
**Czech Complete
**A few strings still not offered to the translators
*Bug Fixes
**Layout blocks properly supported
**Mouse clicking positioning
**Accessing the space above the top staff

Known Issues for this version:
Windows users should reboot after installing

Here are the compressed sources (from a mirror) :

If automatic redirection fails, the list of mirrors is at:

Or if need be you can use the main GNU ftp server:


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